Favorite Things Friday

Welcome to Favorite Things Friday, where I share my favorites weekly
to inspire you, to show off my finds from the week, and to show you a little
more about me and what makes my heart flutter. It’s also a chance to get to
know you! Share your favorites in the comments below, or share with
me what you like about my favorites…


Favorite Table.

I’m loving the addition of this rustic table in the midst of the formal
textiles and structure of this room.


Favorite Layout.

I love the use of space in this layout. There is so many seating areas & so much room
to move around. The space feels light, airy, & clean.


Favorite buffet.

210332245068816980_BwQEwlpy_cFavorite Dishes

I love these quirky gold accented coffee cups, I feel like they are the perfect
accent to a set of dishes.

140385713355037001_vGSE3yVY_cFavorite Space

I am in love with this space. Great for lounging, sleeping, coffee dates,
family game night, eating, the possibilities are endless! All of the natural light
the cozy furniture, and those awesome bunk beds make this the perfect room!

129126714285796971_ls0AmZPj_cFavorite Kitchen

I love the rustic touches like those light fixtures and that island in this lovely
farmhouse kitchen. I also love that the ceiling moves down into the


Favorite cleaner

We have granite all through out our house & have I have the toughest time finding a great
cleaner for our countertops. I have yet to try this recipe, but I’m excited to see if it works
as well as everyone says!!

IMG_3937Favorite outfit.

I am pretty obsessed with Dearest Lou {you need to check her blog out!} She’s a sassy dressing momma with
amazing style, & she’s beautiful! I’m loving this combination of patterns and those boots are to die for!

76490893643090215_222rfmMs_cFavorite collection

If you don’t know. Now you know. I’m obsessed with all things White.
This collection of winter whites is inspiring and dreamy.

279856564314934836_57HkaNHS_cFavorite bedroom.

I featured this lovely bedroom on my facebook page {here} this week & I can’t stop looking at it!
Every detail is stunning & that rug is amazing! I think I need it in my life 🙂

113786328056676211_jYdzh421_cFavorite Quote.

With our lifestyle, this is a great quote for me. I’ll never forget it.

103231016428145684_TsGak5Js_cFavorite Bathroom.

I love the His & Hers sink in one on this smaller counter top. It’s a great solution
for a smaller bathroom if you don’t have the room for two separate sinks.

280067670548095997_WotUin4M_cFavorite fashion accessory.

I’m obsessed with studs lately on everything. Shoes. Shirts. Phone cases. Check
out one of my instagram photos {here} to see my new favorite studded t-shirt.

Those are my favorites from this week. What are your favorites?
Share them in the comments below…

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