DIY 2 Minute Napkin Pillow


Mkay folks if you are looking for an easy DIY project or if you want some quick accent pillows for
a space in your home. This is the project for you. I found these lovely deer napkins at Target a while
back & I knew I wanted them in our bedroom. I thought about framing them, but making cute accent
pillows seemed like the better solution incorporate them in our bedroom decor.

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I am not trying to insult your intelligence with this easy DIY, but this is how I made these pillows. I simply Ironed out the napkins first to get all of the creases and wrinkles out from how they came packaged. I then laid down the bottom napkin for the backside of the pillow with the deer facing down. I then laid down the Iron hem tape down along 3 sides of the bottom napkin & laid the top napkin down on top of the hem tape and bottom napkin. After the napkin was lined up straight together I went around the edges holding the iron down for 10 seconds on each area to activate the heat bond of the hem tape. After it was cooled down, I slid in my pillow insert {You can find pillow inserts on Amazon here: 16″ X 16″ Pillow Insert, or at Walmart, Some craft stores, Pottery barn, ebay, & many other places} & you may laugh at me at this point. From here you can close the 4th side by adding a zipper, using the heat bond tape, velcro, or sewing. Me, being a very imperfect DIY-er, chose to hot glue the 4th side shut. Yes, you read that right. I simply sealed the side with a thin line of hot glue. The reason this works for me is because this pillow is not in a high traffic area. It’s an accent pillow on our chairs at the end of our bed. It looks perfect, works perfect, so it works for me!







Seriously. How simple is this cute little pillow? I’m currently looking for some pillows
for our living room & I’m thinking I may need to make some napkin pillows because
I’m not really in the mood to spend $50 each for 10 pillows. Anyone with me?
How do you feel about napkin pillows? Have you made any before?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below or {here} on the Facebook
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