Small Changes In The Living Room


This week there was a lot of planning for big changes in our living room. Things I have been
thinking about for a long time now, & I’m finally getting to it. As I was thinking of those
bigger changes I remembered I had forgot to show you a few small changes that have happened
in the living room lately. Like adding this shabby little antique chair, a basket to hold
our cozy things, & we also added a new sofa table, but I will show that to you later.


This chair has a small story to it. My love for design and furniture started
at a very young age. Back when Trading Spaces & Christopher Lowell
were my everyday guides to interior design. I found this chair at a garage
sale when it was oak & had paisley seat cushions. I wish I had a “before” picture!
I painted it black and got an outdoor cushion for the seat at Pier 1 & the back
cushion is a large pillow from Big Lots. This has to be one of my best $5 purchases ever.
I love having pieces in my house with history, pieces that aren’t perfect, pieces that
are comfy, pieces that remind me why I love what I do & remind me of my childhood.


& just to give you a “deal alert” I got this lovely little basket at my favorite
store on the planet, Target, on sale! I believe it went from $40 to $31
& after eyeing it for a couple of weeks I had to snatch it up when it went
on sale. This basket is perfect for a toys, blankets, logs, it’s basically
the most stylish storage you can get for any room.


I love this new basket in our living room, It’s a great place to keep our blankets
& adds an element of cozy to the room too. & if you rush to your local
Target now, you can get one on sale too!



& did you know that this basket is a dog bed too?


Our big changes will be starting this week & I will be showing you the changes along the way.
What do you think of the addition of the chair and the basket? Do you have baskets in your
living room? What do you keep in them? I have a teeny tiny basket obsession, do you?
ummmmm I’m a little too excited to get started, but today is a day full of baseball.
My husband plays on a college team & the season is in full swing so I am off
to go watch him play.. wish him luck! & you can find me on Instagram {here}
& vine {here} & of course facebook {here} for updates from me!

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