25 On The 25th For 25


It’s March 25th, 2013 & I turn 25 today.  I thought I would share 25 things
that you may not know about me. 25 seems like a big milestone. I can remember being
told for the first time what a “Golden Birthday” was when I was younger & imagining what
I would be doing on my golden birthday when I turned 25. I pictured a sparkly grown up
party where everyone was wearing ball gowns & my prince charming was loading all
of my gifts into our shiny new car. All while my friends & I danced the night
away in our fancy dresses. Now that I’m 25 I can top that. Of course my Golden
Birthday falls on a monday {Who does that?} so, no shiny grown up party or ball gowns.
I have class & some work things, but after that I get to spend my birthday with my
handsome marine. I couldn’t think of anything better. Next week we are taking a week
long trip to South Carolina to see my brother in law, visit some friends, & Mr. LMB has a
few baseball games there as well. So that will be my birthday trip & I’m getting really excited to
get away for a week of fun, antiquing, shopping, relaxing & hanging out with my best friend.
Twenty five is already off to a great start so far & I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has to
offer me as a girl with big dreams, hopes & who is now a quarter of a century old.
{That sounds really bad when you put it that way, so let’s never do that again. mkay}


1. >> I am from Michigan, but I live in North Carolina
2. >> Jesus is my Lord & Savior.
3. >> I am a mother to one baby in heaven & two fur babies on earth.
4. >> I’m obsessed with my shitzus Bear & Bella. Bella is Bears mom.
5. >> Cherry coke is my weakness. From Target preferably.
6. >>We are moving home in a year to MI to live in a house my husband grew up in.
7.>> I went to a private school my whole life.
8.>> I was a cheerleader & ran cross country & track.
9.>> I am scared of heights. Like, really scared.
10.>> I used to make beauty videos on Youtube about makeup & pretty things.
11.>> I love road trips, cuddling, & shopping.
12.>> I love every genre of music & I play it all way too loud in my car.
13.>> I am passionate about interior design & blogging
14.>> I am 5’2″ & wear size 5 1/2 shoes. I love being short & having small feet.
15.>> I’m addicted to Instagram , facebook, & Pinterest.
16.>> My husband is my best friend. We met 10 years ago & have been married going on 6.
17.>> I was going to school for business management before Interior design.
18.>> I collect mason jars, anything deer antlers, quilts, & moments
19.>> My favorite season is fall. I’m not a fan of being hot.
20.>> I can’t function in the morning with out coffee.
21.>> I get my hair cut only twice a year.
22.>> I find painting furniture to be really peaceful & relaxing.
23.>> I don’t go a day with out wearing perfume.
24.>> I talk on the phone with my mom everyday {usually my dad too :) }
25.>> My goal everyday is to create beautiful things & to make others smile.


Thank you to all of you who have already wished me a happy birthday here
on the blog, via email, Instagram, facebook, texts, & phone calls.
I feel loved today & I hope all of you do too!


  1. Happy birthday!! I am 5’0 and love being short as well (: Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the twenty five facts on the 25th for the big 2-5 ;) Great idea!!! Have a fabulous day!

  3. Happy 25th Birthday!! I am from Michigan but live in North Carolina, too!!

  4. Krissy Andrews says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LIZ! You are truly an Inspiration at it’s best & I have considered myself not only inspired, but also Blessed by having you placed as a friend into my life. To be honest, I can’t even remember how we met now thinking back on it, but it was obviously for the greater good and it has been going on a few years now! Although not close, a friendship is always nice to have in ones that we look to for inspiration during times of tests & trials and I Thank You for being that inspiration for me! Again, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday. It is my sons 16th birthday today as well. Hope you have an amazing day.

  6. Happy Birthday! I can’t wait until we can meet :)

  7. Aunty Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday to a VERY lovely lady, inside and out!! Love you to pieces!! XXXOOO

  8. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy this special day and I hope this is the beginning of a great year for you!!

  9. Happy Birthday! Quite a few things in common… Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. I totally thought you were like 5’6!! I am short with little feet like you! So funny… Have a great birthday! :)

  11. Happy birthday, liz

  12. Happy Birthday, Liz Marie! Thanks for sharing your 25 things with us!

    ~Abby =)

  13. Sarah Lang says:

    Happy Birthday LiZ! My birthday was 3-3! Being 25 is Good! Have an excellent day!!!!

  14. Happy birthday! I’m turning 25 for the 4th time this year :) I’ve decided 25 is a good point to stop aging. haha

  15. Happy birthday Liz Marie! I am 42, and what I wouldn’t give to be 25 again! I would also do a lot of things differently, but who wouldn’t? The years go by way too fast. Savor every moment!

  16. Happiest of birthdays beautiful girl.

  17. Hey Liz,

    I loved reading all about you! You definitely had me at number 2, and number 24 I do this as well. There were many other things that I saw we have in common but those two stand out. I am sorry about the loss of your sweet little baby, and congrats on being young married. I got married at 18 it’s been almost 8 years if marriage for us.
    I hope your birthday is fantastic.

    Theknottynerd on IG &Twitter

  18. Happy Birthday, Liz!

  19. Happy 25th!!!! Loved your list, It’s always fun to get to know people through random things like that. Enjoy NC! I’m sure you’ll be glad to get back to MI though.

  20. What a sweet list. Happy of happiest birthdays to you, Liz!

  21. Happy Birthday Liz Marie! I love, love, love your blog :)

  22. Happy birthday!! My birthday is this Thursday and I’ll be turning 25 too! Yay March babies :) I hope you have a fantastic week

  23. Happy 25th Birthday Liz Marie..you are truly inspiring <333

  24. Happy birthday Liz! I had no idea you are actually younger than me; you are so mature for your age!

  25. Patty Page says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Liz Marie! Happy 25th Birthday to you! I just turned the big 5-0 a couple of weeks ago. I love reading your blog and being inspired! I am a lover of beautiful things!

  26. Happy Birthday Liz!!!

  27. Happy birthday liz!
    You’re an inspiration, I follow you from Spain and I have a little blog.
    I hope you have an amazing day!

  28. Alison@soiledrotten.blogspot.com says:

    Happy birthday and what an adorable post! I wish you nothing but good wishes, design, and memories this year. (It’s amazing how most of us bloggers are alike)

  29. Happy, happy golden birthday! Thanks for sharing especially number 3, I have two babies in heaven its rough. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday!! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I love your blog, so thanks for sharing all of your projects and insights!!

  31. Happy 25th! woo hoo!

  32. Happy Birthday! Where in SC? Love your blog!

  33. Happy happy birthday! Love following your blog and love that you love Jesus too! :-)

  34. Happy Birthday! Great list! I’m in NC too! Really enjoy your blog, so inspiring!

  35. Happy birthday again sweet friend :) Good list. <3

  36. Happy Birthday again girly!!!! You definitely make people happy and smile with your blog and what you do! So inspiring so knock that off the list at 25 ;) xoxo

  37. Happy Birthday!! Love the 25 things, got to know a little more about you. Thanks for being so inspiring.

    Have a blessed day,

  38. Happy Birthday! That was a fun post. It was my sons birthday on the 25th too.

  39. Happy belated birthday. OMG, my sweet. You are just adorable. Re: #9 I, too, was once paralyzed by heights. I mean, burst-into-tears, gasping-for-breath PARALYZED. As I’ve gotten older (I’m 59 now), I have been able to let go of it. How? Don’t know exactly. Perhaps because I have regretted the fun things I didn’t allow myself to experience by giving in to my fear and became MORE afraid that I’d miss something wonderful if I didn’t Just Get Over It. Thankfully, I just got over it. I hope you find a way to feel safe and experience the wondrous experiences life has to offer by letting go of your fear. Blessings, dear LMB. BTW, love your blog.

  40. Happy Milestone Birthday!!! U r very, very blessed to be married to your best friend; to speak every day on the phone to your parents; and to be such a beautiful young lady :) The coffee and the heights are so me ;) When my mother used to hem my pants, it was easier for her if I was “above” her, so I would have to climb on top of the dining room table – such an ordeal! Crying, Dad holding on to my arm, shaking “dammit, I can’t get the pins in!” – and what was I, two, maybe three feet off the ground ;)?!

  41. Happy golden birthday!!! I had to comment bc my birthday is March 24th. And my golden birthday was …. a few years ago…lol. But I rarely meet anybody with a birthday so close to mine.

    Happy birthday again!


  42. Hi Liz! Just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! I also enjoyed reading more about you! Happy belated birthday! :) Where in Michigan are you from? I was born in Grand Blanc and now live in the Burton/Flint area.

    Can’t wait to read through more of your blog!

    Melissa@Shabby Love

  43. Tara Twiggs says:

    You are such a sweet girl! I loved reading your 25 facts about yourself. I hope you had a great birthday! I’ve been following your blog and your pinterest. You have inspired my own home decor and DIY- thank you! You have created a home decor style that I have always loved but have never been able to create. Thank you for the inspiration. And yay for deer antlers! My husband hunts- and he also loves my taste in anything rustic. Take care!

  44. Caroline says:

    Well liz Marie, I hope you had a delightful and very memorable 25th birthday! I enjoyed reading your 25 things and I love following you on Pinterest. You definitely create beautiful things, and your beautiful pins make me smile. Many wonderful blessings to you! ~ caroline


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