DIY Rustic TV Console


I am so excited to share our DIY TV console with you guys! We have had this console done
for a few weeks now, & I really do not know what took me so long to show you what
my husband created. There are these days that my husband puts on a flannel &
a tool belt & he heads out into the garage & creates these beautiful pieces of art like this
TV console. I can’t get over how smart & how fast he can build something like this
I am a little envious of his skills with a saw, but thankful to have a wonderful teacher
to teach me his DIY skills. Building furniture & woodworking is his hobby & I’m
perfectly fine with that. I guess this is reason #567858 why we were meant to be together.


I plan on putting up instructions for this TV console soon, but in all reality
my husband actually went off inspiration pictures & really made his own
way around while building it. The reason we wanted to build our entertainment center
was because we needed an extra long console due to how long the wall was
that the tv was on. All other consoles looked too small compared to the massive wall.
We also are not mounting the television at this time due to having to put our house
on the market soon {more on that later!} So no wood floors and TV mounting in
this house, but wait until we get into the next place, I may go DIY crazy!
You can’t really tell from the photos, but this is one large piece of
furniture. & heavy. ask my chiropractor ;)







As far as styling this lovely TV console, I keep moving stuff around as always &
it certainly isn’t “finished”, but I like the eclectic look it has right now & that cozy
antique quilt is my favorite find as of lately. The stain on this piece is Special Walnut
by Minwax which is the same stain used {here} on our DIY headboard.




DSC_0703 2

I’m seriously the proudest wife ever & I love that I get to look at his work
daily & that it’s a huge focal point in our home. I’ll stop, but he’s pretty awesome.
What do you think of our DIY TV console? Have you ever built a TV console before?
I can’t wait to see you other changes in our living room, it’s all changing so fast &
I can’t wait to show you around! Even better, just come over for a cup of coffee in our
cozy living room, we love it here & we know you would too! I would love to hear from
you in the comments below, on the facebook page {here} or find me on instagram {here}.
For complete DIY instructions click {here}.

How to build a DIY rustic TV console - so easy!!

Head on over to to see how to build your own DIY rustic TV Console!


  1. It looks amazing Liz! What a wonderful hubby! :)

  2. Liz! This is gorgeous! Like Restoration Hardware worthy! I can’t believe your hubs made that!!! Amazing! Seriously! Sharing now :)

  3. It’s fabulous – lucky you to have such a creative hubby! Does he travel? I could use one of these!!!! Pinning this!

  4. Courtney Lynn says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous! Applause to your husband!

  5. That is amazing! I love it so much…the rustic wood with the new technology of the TV is the best!! Your husband does great work.

    • Thank you Sonya! & yes, the tv to me is an eye sore, but I think this beauty actually distracts from that.. win! finally ;) haha thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. Love it!!

  7. Love this! It’s absolutely stunning =)

  8. Stunning! I love it!

  9. It turned out wonderful! Can’t wait for a tutorial and to hear more details about the new place!

  10. SO beautiful. I love everything about it, but those X-sides are especially calling my name :) What a great focal point for the room, and your styling looks great!

    • Thank you so much Jennifer! I seriously can’t ever stop looking at it.. I’m so proud of him! & you know me the styling changes once a day, but I’m happy with it for now ;) xx

  11. So gorgeous! It fits the space perfectly. Is your hubby taking orders? ;) Happy Monday!

    ~Abby =)

    • happy monday Abby!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment.. & I agree I think it’s right at home in our space :) :) Hope you have a great week!!

  12. Wow! It looks like something right out of a magazine! How talented! Gorgeous piece!

  13. It’s beautiful!! Handy mans are awesome.

  14. This is beautiful! I think I’m going to give a simpler version a try. The “X” on the sides is the perfect touch, but I don’t trust myself in making angled cuts. I don’t have a good miter saw it and I am only capable of straight cuts:) I just make my first big piece of furniture recently. Actually, I make four new pallets and turned them into a bed platform. I’d love for you to take a look and tell me what you think.

    You and your blog have been such an inspiration to me! I’m so glad I found the Liz Marie Blog! Thank you for sharing your talent and time with all of us!

    • Wow!! I don’t like auto-correct! I just reread my post above and found sooo many typos. I’m an elementary educator and by the looks of the post above, my students need help! Many apologies, I was so excited when reading your post, I couldn’t wait to comment and share. I’ll be reading and re-reading next time:) “I made……… (not make)!

  15. Awesome! It fits perfectly with the style you have going on in this room. You are lucky to have a hubby who shares you interests and is so talented!

  16. Yes that is pretty awesome! My husband is quite the handy man as well, we are very blessed! :-)
    I am loving rustic in my one too.

  17. I love it, Liz! The stain, the size, the ‘x’ on each end–it’s just beautiful! And, your styling is nice too. Way to put that handy hubby to work!

  18. Cheryl Norman says:

    My poor husband doesn’t know a screwdriver from a hammer (his talents lay elsewhere) He is waiting for me to fix the kitchen facet today so he can make the coffee. The entertainment center your husband made is perfect. Love it. Now let me get to that facet or I’ll never get a cup of coffee. LOL

  19. It’s absolutely beautiful! He does fantastic work… are really Blessed!!!!

  20. I love this and would love something like this for our home. We hve a dresser now as a tv console because it can house all our (tons of) DVDs. So my question is…. Where are yours?

  21. Love it so much, Liz! He did a fabulous job!! xo

  22. You were meant for one another! Both such talents! I love the rustic with the contemporary of the your beautiful flat screen! You must know how blessed you are! Keep up the good work of making your home a beautiful haven for your family!

  23. It’s simply gorgeous, Liz! I love everything about it, especially the fact that your husband made it. That makes it so special to your family!

  24. You are so lucky! My husband is NOT a DIY guy, at all!!! But he is a meterologist, so if you need to know the weather, just give me a buzz. I always have the scoop!

  25. Rosemary says:

    Well why can’t all Marine husbands build useful furniture like this?! I’m a bit jelly :-) lol. I would love an entry table just like it!

  26. OMG…. You are so lucky to have a husband who can build something that gorgeous for you.
    The X’s on the ends just make it the Creme de la Creme of TV Consoles. He could seriously sell those for a nice sum.
    Women would be standing in line to get one of these. You are a fortunate girl indeed. Tks for sharing with us.

  27. I seriously Loveeeeee this! We might need to make one like it for our home! I love how its pretty AND functional! Wow! Aweeeesome!

  28. That is fabulous, I love it!

  29. I love it Liz!!! The table turned out amazing!! I love how you say that is another reason why you and the HUbbs are meant to be. I seriously feel like every day something comes up that makes me think…YEP, I married the right guy!!! We are so much alike…wish we lived closer to hang out :)
    Your house is coming together so awesome!!

  30. Wow – what an amazing job he did – BUT what an amazing job you did styling it!!!
    Great team :)
    Visiting from SHABBY NEST!!!

  31. Isn’t it great to have a handy, woodworking hubs?! ;) Your hubby did a beautiful job on the console, Liz! I love how it turned out. It fits perfectly in the room!

  32. Liz! I need this table in my life? Can your hubby make me one and send it over? I mean, shipping can’t be THAT much right ?! hehe. I am seriously in love with this!

  33. This is incredible! I would love for you to join the Pinworthy Projects link party!

  34. Love it! What a great console, and you did a wonderful job of pairing the functional necessities with beautiful decorative touches!

  35. Wow this is beautiful! I just saw it over on pinterest and wanted to let you know that I’m pinning it to the Better Homes and Garden blogger home projects board :) Nicely done!

  36. It looks so perfect there!!! He did a killer job, for sure. Love how you’ve styled it too. I’m definitely pinning this :)

  37. Andrea m says:

    Please please give us some kind of tutorial for this. Even type/size of wood. Hubby isn’t handy, but daddy is :)

  38. Me again! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this tomorrow over at Clean and Scentsible. SO beautiful! ;)

  39. What a stunning piece of furniture!!!! Gorgeous.

  40. Hello! I LOVE this and HAVE to have it!
    Did you ever post instructions on how to make it?

  41. It looks fantastic! Can we do husband swap for a weekend? My husband has lots of great qualities but building awesome pieces of furniture like this is not one of them :-)

  42. Love–Love–Love–that console!

  43. wow this is amazing! great job!

  44. I love it!!! Adds so much texture and character!!
    Selene @

  45. What type of wood did you use?

  46. I loved this so much that I asked my hubby to make it. He is out in the garage right now finishing it. What kind of stain did you use? I love the color!

  47. It’s gorgeous! A piece to hand down, for sure.

  48. Wow! That is beautiful!

  49. Caitlin F. says:

    This is a beautiful piece! Do you have the instructions or a list of the materials used? Thanks!

  50. Anything with x’s is sure to make me swoon. The rustic timber finish is the icing on top :-)

  51. Absolutely love this!! Have you posted the specs yet? I found someone willing to make this but I may have missed your posting of the specs. Please help. Thx so much!!

  52. Chelsea Johnson says:

    I love this piece!! I’ve been looking for a tv console and I have the same problem with the wall proportions. I can’t wait for the instructions! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  53. So, I just googled DIY rustic TV stand and this blog came up. I absolutely adore this piece!!!! Please consider posting some specs soon!!!! It would be much appreciated :)

  54. Marianne says:

    Seriously can’t wait for the how-to on this! It’s next on my list of to-dos.

  55. It looks beautiful! I just finished one similar (without the x’s), and it’s one of my favorite builds to date.

  56. I LOVE this so much! My husband and I are in the process of building a house and plan to build a lot of furniture. A media console is going to be on our first projects! I look forward to seeing the plans and directions once you post them! It looks so nice.

  57. It is stunning! I love the color. What type of wood did he use?

  58. I just love this console!
    I have a question. What color is on your walls? I’ve been agonizing over grays for 4 weeks now. This shade (at least in the photos) looks like what I need.
    Thanks in advance.
    ps. Love your blog :)

  59. (Came from Thrifty Decor Chick’s Link Up) Lovely! I really like the shape. I might just take this idea and adopt it for my living room. Do you have the plans/how-to anywhere?

  60. Heather B says:

    Have you posted plans somewhere? I cannot find them!

  61. This is AWESOME! I came across your blog via Pinterest and I love your work! You really have inspired me :) Take care!

  62. Julie McKnight says:

    Hey Liz! Have you posted the directions anywhere? I would love the make this piece and use it as a sofa table in my house. Thanks!!

  63. Stacey says:

    Can you post instructions for your tv console, I wound love to try and make one!!

  64. Anna Leigh says:

    Did you end up posting instructions? My husband loves this console and he wants to attempt it :)

  65. We just built a table like this with plans from Your table is awesome! Did you get your plans from that website? They also have plans for a coffee table and end tables.

  66. Hello! I am IN LOVE with this tv console. Kudos to your hubby on an amazing job done. I would loooooove to get my hands on the instrictions. Please oh please oh please!!!!

  67. Lindsey Jo says:

    LOVE THIS TABLE! Did you ever post how you made it?? I would love to have the link!

  68. Giuseppe says:

    How big is the TV you have shown. I have a 46″. trying to picture how that size would look with my tv.

  69. What are the dimensions of the tv stand? I think it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  70. very clever! stunning!

  71. LIZ! I cannot get over how fab this piece is! Your hubs did an amazing job! Are you still planning to post your plans/tutorial for the console? Would love to do something similar in our home. LOVE your blog! xo

  72. Christie says:

    Hi, can you please send me the instructions on how to build this wonderful table – I lOVE it! Hope to hear from you soon.


  73. Please, please, please post plans or a tutorial for this piece!!! It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it :)

    Great job on the styling too!

  74. Pretty please send a tutorial! My husband just built our dining room table with plans we found online and I would love to give him the dimensions for this tv console!!

    Thanks so much!!

  75. Do you have the instructions or cut list by chance? It’s beautiful and I would live to be able to duplicate it (:

  76. Love this table! Sent my hubby out to get material for it last weekend! But, I was hoping you’d post instructions/dimensions?! I have been looking for a table like this for So long!

  77. Love this table! Sent my hubby out to get material for it last weekend! But, I was hoping you’d post instructions/dimensions?! I have been looking for a table like this for So long! When do you think you’ll post your instructions?

  78. The color of this table is gorgeous! My boyfriend recently built a table just like this one. I was wondering what stain y’all used? I would love to stain ours this color!

  79. I love this and I’m going to incorporate this into my upcoming bookshelves of antique heart pine.
    I have this ongoing love affair with old wood and there is a large pile sitting on my back porch at the moment along with a big pile of antique lath turned columns salvaged from an old hotel that burned down. How lucky you are to have such a handy and artistic husband. The simple lines show case the antique wood.

  80. I think she said it was Walnut by Minwax

  81. Hi Liz,

    Have you had the chance to put together the instructions for the TV Console build your husband made? I love this design. I would to start a new project, but I haven’t come across the spec’s yet. Did I miss them or are the they still not posted?? Thank you, Marcy

  82. Not to be rude, but this is a repost. Ana White did the exact same plans for this table last year in May. She actually did a whole collection including the console table, a side table, and a coffee table. The only difference is that you took out the front 2×4 that is used for support, but really, its the same table and I know this because I made it last year and mine looks exactly like yours cause I left out that front 2x4s too.
    You can find the original plans here, and they already have the instructions.

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  84. Hi there!
    Would love to try and build one ourselves and was wondering if a tutorial post been written? Found this via Pinterest and love it. Also, any idea how much the lumber for this cost? Thank you! It’s so beautiful! We have a very low console right now with a 18 month old curious crawling boy. This would be more than ideal for beautiful things up high and toys down low!

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  86. I love your tv console and would love measurements and type of wood used. Going for a modern rustic and adore your decore.

  87. Beautiful work! It’s so nice to have crafty and amazing husbands! I was wondering what stain you used. Thanks

  88. That is the rustic x from
    Ana white

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  90. I came across your blog via Pinterest and I love your work! Will you be posting the DIY instructions at some point?

    Thank you!


  92. I stumbled on your site looking for a TV solution. As my blog states, your hubby\s creation will mesh well witht he coffee tables I refurbed from the idea my wife found @
    Thanks for the inspiration. If interested, with this year’s NHL Winter Classic having the Toronto Maple Leafs & Detroit Red Wings facing off, perhaps we should have a “lumber face-off” of some sort. Let me know what you think.

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  95. I’m not really sure how I made it here to your blog… but I am SO glad I did. I came across your TV console and I absolutely love it! You said in your post that you would be putting up the tutorial for it soon and since this is from March of this year, I was wondering if I just overlooked it. Can you point me in the right direction, please? I searched your blog for it, but the only pos

    Thank you so much!

  96. Hi Liz – I would love to make this table. Do you have the plans for this yet?

  97. Hi! Love this table! Do you have the instructions/details yet?

  98. Do you know the shade of stain used on this? I’m going to tackle something similar soon…. I think… I hope.. I just need to say “I can do math! I can do math!” over and over again until I believe it and learn how to measure the angles from X frame I want. lol.

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