How To Strip Painted Furniture

I am not one to be very high maintenance while painting furniture. I like to take the least
steps as possible for the best outcome. For that reason I do not always strip furniture pieces
or choose to buy furniture pieces that will need to be stripped. There are times though that I do
strip furniture pieces & I happened to do one recently for our guest bedroom so I wanted
to show you how to strip painted furniture while I show you the before & after of the dresser for the room.
Remember this is the way I do it & it works very well for me, but each furniture piece is different
and will require more or less steps which you will discover as you are stripping your own
furniture pieces.

When I first got this dresser I simply thought that it was wood with
a heavy shellac on it. I was wrong. This piece had many layers of paint on it  &
the last layer of paint was painted to look like wood. They tricked me! When I saw
this piece I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I simply wanted to strip the
drawers only & paint the rest a very pale gray with my DIY chalk paint.

how to strip painted furniture

These are the items I used to strip this dresser. Again, your piece of furniture may require more
or less things, but this process will work for most items….

1. A pale or bucket. If you are doing this indoors {which I did to test the “low odor stripper that is
safe for indoors.} you will need  a place to put all of your scrapings of paint into.  A pale, bucket,
or container of some sort will work great.

2. A paint stripper. I used Citristrip which I got from Lowes & it worked like a dream! Immediately
after placing the product on the dresser paint started melting off. It smells like oranges &
doesn’t contain methylene chloride so you can use it indoors. ps. I am in no way affiliated
with Citristrip or getting paid for a review.. but hey, call me Citristrip, I love your product! ;)

3. Drop cloth. I did this indoors so I used an old bed sheet to keep any mess off of the floor &
it worked wonderfully, but you can find drop cloths in the painting aisle at your local
hardware store.

4. scraper. I used a plastic $2 scraper from Lowes, but there are many options & again
each one will vary for the job you are needing done. The plastic one I got worked
perfect & didn’t damage the wood underneath the paint.

5. Rags. I applied the citristrip with a rag, you can apply with a brush or another method,
but the rag worked perfect for me. {wear gloves so you do not get the product on your hands}
I also used the rag for the mineral spirits at the end to wipe off all of the excess paint,
stripper, and other materials.

6. Wire brush or steel wool. As you get to the end of stripping the paint off you may come
across a few stubborn spots. At this point using stripper or mineral spirits with a wire
brush or steel wool will be perfect for removing the stubborn paint.

7. Mineral spirits. This is great for cleaning up any leftover paint or stripper off of your
piece of furniture. Again,I did this all indoors & though this says low odor you may
want to wear a face mask or work next to an open window.

how to strip furniture
>> Remove any hardware on the piece. I got a little excited to try the stripper {plus I wanted to remove
the paint off the hardware as well} So I just applied the stripper with a a rag onto the parts of the dresser
that I wanted to strip. The second the stripper touched the dresser the paint started melting off. Also
be sure to test this on a small area of the furniture before you begin.

>> Let the paint stripper sit on the dresser for a while. You can let it set up to 24 hours, but after about
an hour I started scraping the paint off with my paint scraper and all of the many layers came off
at once. I put all of the paint scrapings into the bucket so there wasn’t a mess.

>> Re-apply the stripper to the leftover areas of the dresser that still have paint after scraping & let
sit again. Than scrape again, use your steel wool or steel brush for the stubborn areas. Keep
repeating this process until almost all of the paint is off the piece of furniture. You can
also run some light grit sand paper over the wood at this time to get a smooth wood finish.
With this particular piece using this paint stripper I did not have to use any sandpaper,
but you may have to use it depending on your situation.

>> Use mineral spirits on a rag to clean all of the excess paint and paint stripper off of the
furniture. At this point you can choose what you want to do with the stripped areas of your
furniture. I simply stained the drawers with Minwax special walnut just to give the drawers a
vibrant finish & to seal the drawers.

PicMonkey Collage

Have you stripped furniture before? How do you do it?
Do you use different products or the same? I would love to hear
how you strip your furniture pieces.  Or if you use this method!
Got questions or comments? Ask below, on the facebook page {here}
or find me on Instagram {here} or Twitter {here}. & those
adorable hanging prints? I have a giveaway later this week for
those from Yellow Heart Art. Yay for a giveaway, it’s been a while!
More updates on this guest bedroom coming soon, & in case you missed
it you can go see the DIY headboard {here}.
Talk to you soon!
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  1. That piece turned out lovely! I use a stronger stripping product- but I work mostly outside and in a workshop. I also hit the piece with a sander (40-60 grit) then fine sand it (100-150 grit).

    • Thank you Tricia!! & I like your sanding ritual with your stripping process. I will have to experiment more with this. Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. This is so helpful! We are going to b doing that to our dresser soon, so thanks so much for sharing!! And it looks beautiful!!

  3. Oh my! This is gorgeous! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Wow, gorgeous dresser! Can’t believe that was all paint! How tricky of the previous owners ;)
    Jamie @

  5. Wow, so gorgeous! I also am a path of least resistence person. If it needs a ton of work, I’ll probably pass on it. But if I ever decide that I absolutely have to strip furniture, now I know what to do. You make it sound easy!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one Elizabeth!! haha but seriously if this product works the same on every piece, the paint just melts off the furniture. It’s amazing!! I for sure recommend it!

  6. what a great tutorial, thank you, I am truely inspired to attack a few pieces I have laying around the place.
    Bec x

  7. Melinda says:

    Ok, spooky…I literally just walked back inside my house because I am forcing myself to wait *at least* 15 minutes while I test out a new spray stripper on a project I’m working on…open email and see this post!

    Thank you for the post because I tend to strip a lot of my furniture. I have a hard time just doing the small bit of sanding before primer bit. Something really compels me to go deeper. And, once I’ve started the process of peeling back the layers of paint on a project I just can’t stop! You can imagine what’s its like if my nail polish chips…

    Anyway, I think I also like having that clean slate feeling, and also to see what kind of wood is really underneath and if its worth staining instead.

    I agree with previous poster Tricia that the other must have or to-do when stripping is heavy sanding…and lots and lots of patience! But let the stripper do its work, before wasting valuable energy scraping and sanding away… :-)

  8. Love 2 tone pieces! this one turned out perfectly. I’ve heard good things about Citristrip but have yet to try it because we’ve had good success with Soy Gel. I’m wondering how they compare in price.

    • Thank you Jessica! I believe the citristrip was around $11 for a large container? I’m not positive though. Maybe I should try the soy gel and compare the products.. thanks for telling me about it!

  9. What a sweet outcome. I use the out same stripper helped with my selection by my uber helpful sales guy Tom at home depot. i hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea :)

  10. JaneEllen says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t paint the drawers also. They are gorgeous staine., the pictures really show the beautiful wood. It’s so pretty. You could use that little dresser in several areas of your home. Love it. I had to pin that project.
    We used to strip furniture we found when we lived in San Diego. Hubs did the work as he’s good at so many things. In fact the little table he did so well our landlady wanted and offered us $125 for. We got it at a swap meet for $10. Still have that little table, it’s traveled all over this country with us. No hubs not in the service, I’m just a gypsy.
    Think that little table is gonna get stripped and painted now to use in the house. Been stored long enough. I have a hard time letting go of too many things.

  11. Wow!!! Look sooo good… Thanks for showing us how to do it… I have a sideboard seating in my garage asking for some love… I’ve just decided what to do with it… The room looks 10000000 times more glamourous… Congrats =D

    • Thank you Sammy!!! Doesn’t it just glam the whole thing up?? I’m so happy with it. I hope you have fun with your sideboard & that it turns out exactly how you want it :) Thanks for your sweet comment xx

  12. Thank You SOOOO much for the how to….I have a beautiful armoire that has been in my husbands family for years and years and years….Just going by the chipped pieces there are several layers of paint. I’ve been contemplating the easiest/safest way to strip it and return it to its former glory. I believe you have answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable about “attacking” this project by myself. I can’t wait to get started!!! Thank You Again!!

    • You are so very welcome Penny! I hope your experience is like mine!!! & I’m glad you feel comfortable. Good luck with your project & have fun with it :) :) xx

  13. Good job, it looks great! I love how you left the drawers brown. I would love for you to link up at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase! Just follow this link……


  14. Love this! I’ve got a whole bedroom set that I want to do in a dark stain… but I’m afraid 5 pieces of darkness in my room (though big) will be too much… thoughts??

    • I think if you pair light walls, with lighter linens, and not heavy drapes and textiles & also it depends on how large your room is, but in my opinion I do not think it would be too dark. An idea would be to grab some inspiration photos of rooms with dark furniture for inspiration.

  15. Neat tut, Liz Marie, as always. I have seen many dressers with stripped body and painted drawers, but your reverse of this is AWESOME and the tips/tricks you have told us about are super.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and it’s always great to see creative minds at work. :)

    Visiting from Frugal Friday@ The Shabby Nest linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois

  16. oh this turned out FABULOUS!!!

  17. This is a great tutorial! I would love for you to join the Pinworthy Projects link party!

  18. What a FABULOUS look for this dresser. That wood was never meant to be kept hidden. The touches of white really bring it out. Great job!

  19. Waw What a transformation Liz! I’m yet to give a makeover to a piece of furniture because it really scares me! Silly, I know! After reading your post, I think I might have enough courage to try! :)

    Gaby x

  20. What a great post on stripper furniture. I’m going to work on stripping a piece for the first time tomorrow (just the top). I’d love for you to share this tutorial at my link party – Silver Pennies Sundays –

  21. I love this dresser! I love how the knobs make it look so unique too…will have to try someday! :)

  22. Love this how-to. I am totally pinning for future reference. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Absolutely beautiful transformation! Great choice on the hardware, too. It doesn’t even look like the same piece anymore. (I bought some Citrasolv last month to redo a dresser, myself. I haven’t started on it yet but your post is motivating me to get it done.)

  24. beautiful transformation, I love the contrast!

  25. I love your finished dresser! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I’m visiting from 36th Avenue.

  26. Love this tip… but then I love everything you do my dear!
    Have a wonderful day…♥

  27. Wow, what a difference! Love the two toned finish. I use Citristrip all the time and have had good results as well.

  28. I love how this turned out. I’ve never actually stripped a piece for fear that it takes too much time. I’m like you, I want to start and finish a piece as quickly as possible! This is so beautiful though! Thanks for sharing!

    theMomTog Diaries

  29. I love how this turned out! So pretty, thank you for the directions as well, I am about to refinish/paint some pieces I have, and this will help a lot!
    Kim ~ Simply Living

  30. I have pinned this for future reference. I have a dresser that I need to tackle and the citrus stripper sounds like a must try. I have avoided using strippers in the past because of the horrible fumes. Your dresser turned out just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes

  31. ginger Searle says:

    What a stunning transformation. Cannot believe that was a painted finish on the before. It turned out beautifully!

  32. This piece is STUNNING! I love the two tone look and the rich wood color you added. And those knobs are divine! That previous owner is a tricky one – I thought for sure that was a wood dresser!! Great job! New follower! :-)

  33. I have had many hours of experience working with Citristrip over the past couple of years stripping a staircase, a couple doors, painted flooring, wooden trim, and metal hardware in my early 1800′s house. I have found that latex paint is ready for scraping quite quickly, and comes off very easily, but the older paints sometimes take several hours, or even overnight to be ready for scraping. A good heavy duty metal scraper is helpful. If you have layers of older paint to deal with, be prepared for slow progress. I went through a few gallons of Citristrip getting down to the bare wood on my staircase. I had to apply the product several times to get down to the last layer of paint. It took about 3 weeks from start to finish for that project, and I worked on it several hours a day. I would recommend plastic sheeting on the floor because it can be a big mess. I use a cardboard box lined with 2 plastic bags to contain the paint goo, and empty the bags into a larger trash bag from time to time. Sometimes the paint comes off in dry bits and sometimes it comes off in a messy goo. I suspect that I was dealing with lead based paint, and for that reason I was very careful to contain the scrapings and to get all the paint off before sanding. I don’t want to discourage anyone from attempting paint stripping, but not all paint comes off easily. Be patient and let the stripper do the work, but the issue of timing is important, and I found that it is also possible to leave the stripper on too long and it dries out. So keep an eye on it and test it to see if it is ready for scraping. You will learn as you go. I am still learning, and I guess I am too stubborn to give up, even though it can be hard work. The results can be lovely.

  34. Beautiful, beautiful project to showcase your how-to!!! I love (!!!) the white juxtaposed against the more natural wood. And I love the setting of your project. It has been years and years since I stripped any furniture…but the last time I did, the outcome was definitely worth the work and mess. A curvy-legged oak antique desk…one of my very favorite pieces. I’m ready to take on another project (a short oak dresser covered with endless layers of paint)—I’m so grateful that you painstakingly listed the products and steps you used in your process. I needed a refresher course…and inspiration. Thank you. Lynaea @

  35. Wow- that looks fantastic- amazing job! I would love to link to your tips in my next Revamp Roundup if you didn’t mind.

  36. What a fabulous makeover! It turned out gorgeous!!! Love your style. :) And some great tips, too. Thanks for sharing!


  37. I love that piece. Thanks for the tute! I’m going to have to try Citistrip!

  38. I’ve used Citristrip with success too–but I’ve found it helpful to press a disposable plastic drop cloth onto the surface of the goo while I wait–it seems to keep the goo in better contact with the paint and doesn’t dry out while I wait (and as a bonus, when I lift off the plastic, lots of the paint goes with it). I’ve always done it outside though because the used paint/goo can be really messy and I don’t want to accidentally strip my hardwood floor or melt my laminate. Definitely wear gloves.

  39. yay – featuring you tonight! :)

  40. Thanks for the tips. Have a bathroom cupboard that needs stripping. It obviously cannot be moved outside. I put latex paint over oil base :( several years ago and need to rectify situation as the bathroom is in need of an update. Want to change the colour of the cabinet but the old paint has to go first.

    You make this sound very doable and on my list of things to next month!

  41. I love this piece! Can I ask where you bought that hardware?

  42. Can’t believe that you can transform something so drastically by just renovating it, it is really inspirational

  43. Where did you get the hardware for the dresser?

  44. Age Furniture specializes in hand making custom designed furniture for your home

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  45. trish marzell says:

    this is awesome-bookmarked! you inspired me to go right now and buy the supplies and go beyond the ONE piece i wanted to do. thank you for a no nonsense list and great instructions. we have a old cabin and i cannot wait to trick out a coffee table and dresser back to their original pine finish. the dresser you featured here is absolutely adorable and came out beautiful!

  46. First make sure that your work area is well ventilated as paint stripper gives off unpleasant fumes. Remove all fittings handles, key guides etc, then start brushing the stripper on to the painted areas, work the stripper into all cracks/crevices. When you have covered a practical area, leave the stripper to act for several minutes. When it starts to bubble, remove the paint layer with your stripping knife or scraper, (put the paint shreds into an old paint tin as being caustic they are dangerous) repeat the method until you reach the wood. When all the paint has been stripped.

  47. Once you have removed the paint, you need to wash the residue off the furniture. I recommend using a detergent as well as water to be definite that no residue remains. This step is very significant because leftover residue will prevent you from refinishing the furniture.

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  52. I have been stripping woodwork and furniture a lot lately and I too love citristrip! It works amazing and doesn’t smell awful. For large projects I put plastic over the stripper let it sit a bit then peel off.

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  58. Hi Liz Marie!!!

    I’m just wondering what kind of stain you used to finish the drawers?? It’s a gorgeous color and I’m new to staining. Is there a brand/color you love? Also, did you finish with poly over this? Is that necessary?


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  68. Christine says:

    Although people who do NOT use Citristrip or Soygel should join the new millennium, you’re working yourself to death! Came here indirectly, via Pinterest, BTW.

    I hope, in the time since you wrote this really encouraging, nicely done post, you’ve discovered all you need to do is put the stuff on and leave the darned thing alone. If you put it on thick and leave it on overnight, as it says you can, when you come back in the morning you can peel the stuff off in ribbons. I’ve gotten down as far as 7 layers in one application. Sometimes I cut up plastic grocery bags and press the into the Citristrip. It holds the stuff against the wood, letting it continue to work. The ribbons it bubbles up in lift it away.

    Also, steel wool and wire brushes can gouge the softened wood, so I stick with a simple plastic scraper. It’ll lift paint out of the detail, too, with very little poking. I use an eyeglass repair kit screwdriver.

    You also do NOT need mineral spirits. You can neutralize with water and a plastic scrubbie. It says so in a little paragraph on their site, regarding removing stain. When you put a 2nd layer on and leave it for a few hours, it’ll suck the stain out of the wood. (I have pictures of my antique doors down to bare wood without sanding.) If you neutralize with mineral spirits, some of these old stains (I don’t know) reliquify(?) and soak back into the wood. The one time I bowed to peer pressure and did Mineral spirits, my door restained itself this way only the stain was now magenta. So … test I guess or go with water.

    I’ve turned my door on its side, and using the scrubbie, rubbed the stain right off. That also helped any extra water drain off the door/wood.

    Anyway, there’s always an easier way. Let the old methods of scraping and working so hard (and potentially damaging the wood) go and use the stuff to its fullest, with new tools and fewer chemicals. :)

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