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It’s that time of year where the DIY projects start expanding to the great outdoors. You can see my post on How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space {Here}. Today we are talking about curb appeal. I’m going to be honest, I rarely focus on the outside of our house. I have this handsome guy who lives with me that loves being outside and getting down in the dirt while doing projects outside. & I’m usually inside covered in paint & glue doing something messy  creative. But once in a while I like to get outside with the hubs & make the curb appeal of our humble abode look pretty. I can feel people judging me right now & asking how can you be a DIY blogger but not want to work on the curb appeal of your home? I do. I really do! I am just learning how this all works. I’m trying to make my green thumb a little greener, flex my landscaping muscles, & get motivation to add the seasonal wreath & make my lovely front porch attractive to passer-byers. While browsing through pinterest for some curb appeal inspiration I was finding some stunning homes that I wanted to share in case you were wanting to do some outdoor projects yourself, or if you just want to show your husband the photos & lock him outside for a day to make your home have more curb appeal. Either way works. & stay tuned for some curb appeal projects from me coming soon. Did I just commit to that? I guess we will have to see.


Windows with character, painted or wood porch floor, a beautiful front door, & some stunning & clean landscaping makes this house’s curb appeal perfection.


A soft and inviting painted front door  adds a homey little touch to this beautiful home.



A simple set of topiaries, a stair runner, & a bright door really add a lot of curb appeal to this charming little home.



A bright painted front door is the perfect pop of color that adds an element of interest to the curb appeal. There are so many different color options to choose from!




A pathway line with pretty shrubs creates inviting curb appeal.







This home is stunning on it’s own, but the retaining walls of slate combined with beautiful greenery adds a natural flare that appeals to everyone.



Keeping it simple with the beautiful wood door as the focal point gives this house amazing curb appeal.


A stunning arrangement of greenery and flowers leading the way to a beautiful home creates the most perfect curb appeal.

All of these homes are oozing with curb appeal in their own ways. From beautiful painted doors, siding, & shutters to flowers, plants, bushes, walkways, porches, lighting & yards these homes really inspire to create curb appeal in your own space. After drooling over these photos I am a little intimated by all of the inspiration, but taking tiny tips & ideas from each photo makes it a little less intimidating & little more easy to obtain. Hope you were inspired & got a few ideas on how to get the perfect curb appeal.


  1. All of those houses have some major curb appeal. Although I love to cut the grass, my outdoor abilities stop there. Thanks for the curb appeal inspiration. Now I’m excited to tackle our outdoor projects list!

  2. Beautiful exterior inspiration – thanks!

  3. Gorgeous! Lots of inspiration to get going on my own curb appeal!

  4. According to feng shui principles, the front door should be red. Of course the red color family ranges from pinks to reds to purples, so that gives a nice variety to choose from.

  5. So nice pictures, simple and the same time is very good idea for outside house and area

  6. Ah, the outside of our house, back and front, needs work. I focus so much on getting the inside looking presentable that I forget about the outside. And I know nothing about gardening so that doesn’t help. It intimidates me too! But I am loving the curb appeal eye candy in this post!

  7. That yellow front door is flippen amazing!

  8. Alexia Jacobson says:

    Love these pictures! I found this site where it would add a great touch of color to any room! Red home decor jar

  9. Great post. So much beautiful inspiration. It makes me want to redo our whole front yard. Popping over from hometalk and pinning this. ~ Angie

  10. Traci Benish says:

    I would love to have seen more ranch/single story homes featured here. I feel it is more difficult to landscape these homes due to the lack of structural height and more often than not, large porches. Oh well, I can go hit Pinterest for some ideas for our home. Thank you though for the inspiration to make a change to what we currently have. Now if the weather will only………..

  11. Sandra Vey says:

    I would love to know where each of these houses are. They are exquisite!! Please send info.

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