Simple Mason Jar Kitchen Organizer

Mkay. I have been such a bad blogger. I painted our living room, dining room, kitchen, & entryway about 2 weeks ago now & I still have not shown you updated pictures on my blog. I have been posting all of these things, but not the new paint color. Who does that? One of the reasons is the new color on the walls made me want to start clean & sell/give away all of our old home decor. Yes, I’m crazy since most of the stuff was new, but this is how I work. There are a few staple items that I always keep, but cycling through home decor is just something I do & I’m sure I will continue experimenting & changing things around our casa for the rest of my life. Thank goodness for an understanding & supportive hubby! So, the house has been changing more than normal around here & things have been going out the door & coming in the door & I promise to have a better update on the wall color soon, but for now you can see the color slowly creeping in to my photos on the blog {like this DIY project}. Ps. For really good sneak peeks head on over to my Instagram {here} that’s where I post all my projects I’m working on, new house photos, & of course pictures of my daily life. After the big “wall color change of 2013” I have been slowing adding color back into the spaces & putting things on our walls. I made this very simple mason jar organizer for our kitchen to add a pop of color & it can also be useful for storage of odds and ends in the kitchen. There are lots of possibilities for this little guy.

mason jar organizer 1

mason jar organizer 7

This seriously is another one of those super simple DIY projects that anyone can do. I started with a piece of leftover trim from another project that I was working on & painted it with a few coats of paint. After it was dry I simply screwed in a pipe clamp {found in the plumbing section at your local hardware store} & a hook {from world market} & placed the mason jar in the pipe clamp. All of these items I already had lying around my house. So this was a completely free project that added a little bit of charm & a splash of color to our kitchen.

mason jar organizer 12

mason jar organizer 10

mason jar organizer 8
Simple. Fun. & a lovely pop of color in our kitchen. & the best part is, you can use this DIY kitchen mason Jar organizer in any room in your home. It would be great in a bathroom for a hand towel & tooth brushes too! Have you made a mason jar organizer before? What did you use yours for? Share in the comments below, {here} on the facebook page, or tag me on Instagram with hashtag #lizmarieblog. I would love to see your projects!