DIY Burlap Messenger Bag

DIY Burlap Messenger bag -
So, a few days ago while browsing through Hobby Lobby, after I had just booked my ticket home to Michigan to meet my nephew. I leave next week & I’m so excited to meet the little guy! Anyways I was thinking about what kind of carry on I was going to take on my flight that would fit all of the items I wanted to bring on the plane when I came across this lovely burlap messenger bag that was only $12 {& I used the 40% off coupon from their phone app so the bag ended up only being around $7. Score.} Of course the bag was just plain burlap so I wanted to spice it up a bit. I purchased some fabric markers {found in the same isle at hobby lobby} & went at the bag to personalize it.

DIY Burlap Messenger bag -

Items needed:

>> Masking tape or painters tape

>>Fabric marker

>> Chalk

>> Burlap bag

First I measured out where I wanted my stripes & marked the areas with a piece of chalk for reference. I then layed out the masking tape to form my stripes. I chose to do my stripes in the center, but you can do them on the sides, or anywhere you would like.

After you have taped the bag, simply use your fabric marker to fill in the negative spaces. You can do as many layers as you want to darken the areas. I chose to only do a few layers to have more of an antiqued worn look. When you are happy with how your stripes look simply peel off the tape & voila you have a pretty burlap messenger bag.

DIY Burlap Messenger bag -

DIY Burlap Messenger bag -
DIY Burlap Messenger bag -
DIY Burlap Messenger bag -

I’m thinking my DIY burlap messenger bag will be a great companion for my trip home to Michigan. It fits my laptop, camera, wallet, and other essentials. The price is on point too! Have you DIY’ed a bag like this before? What do you think of my messenger bag? I would love to hear from you in the comments below, my facebook page, on Instagram, or Twitter! xx linking to.

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