Life Through Instagram- Updates on me, Liz Marie

I realized today that not all of my followers have Instagram & not everyone who has it follows me. Instagram is one of my favorite ways of updating social media on my life, projects, thrifty finds, and of course the occasional puppy photos. Who doesn’t love cute pictures of fluffy puppies to brighten their day? Anyways, I had the idea to share my life through Instagram here on the blog once in a while to keep everyone up to date. & of course I won’t bore you by showing you every Instagram photo so if you want to see everything you can follow me over on Instagram @lizmariegalvan.

The hubs and I finished our back patio makeover & we are so thrilled! It was a lot of hard work in this humid hot weather here in North Carolina {wait until you see the “before” photo.. it’s embarrassing to say the least} & the reveal will be coming soon. Can’t wait to show you.


Jose had a little helper while taking some photos of our back patio 😉


We bought a church pew! We did not realize it was over 11 feet long until we went to pick it up, so yes, that is Jose laying on top of it in the jeep while I was driving. Funniest furniture pick up EVER. Right now it’s on our front porch. No plans for it yet, so there it sits!


My Ebay deer head purchase ended up on the wall in our front guest bedroom. He looks a little different since this photo was taken, but I’m kind of in love with him. I named him Buck. I know, very original.

I thrifted a wicker chair for our living room, she needs a little work, but I’m kind of loving her in that new spot! Blog post on her coming soon. & yes, she’s a girl.

 went home to Michigan a few weeks ago & met my nephew for the first time. He has stolen a piece of my heart & I love him so much it hurts. Being away from him stinks. But being an aunty is amazing!!

I’ve been having some pretty good times with friends the past few weeks & I have been crafting as usual. I made some canvas covers for some ugly flower pots out of scraps and twine. More on that her on the blog later.

Bella & Bear got groomed. They are looking & feeling fresh for the hot NC summer. I have yet to get a picture of Bears new doo, but let’s just say he has a mowhawk. A shitzu with a mow-hawk? does it get any cooler? Nope.


So there you have it, a sum of my life the past few weeks in Instagram photos. Be sure to head on over to Instagram & follow along. I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far & I have a fun new series all about Etsy tips & tricks starting on Monday, so stay tuned for that. I have an Etsy shop owner who will be spilling her inside info on how to run an amazing shop on Etsy. Talk to you then!