Michigan House Updates – June 2013

As many of you know I took a trip home to Michigan a few weeks ago to meet my new nephew. You can see the glider that I painted for him {here}. While I was home I stopped in our house {You can see the full post on our home in Michigan here} to see the progress that has been done since we were home during Christmas time. I was sad that I didn’t have time to do any work while I was home or really spend a lot of time there for that matter, but thankfully we have amazing people in our lives that have been working on the house & doing lots of dirty work like drywall, fixing ceilings, & painting just to name a few things. Things are still being ripped out and torn up, but it’s still exciting to us to see it all unfold before our eyes & I have a vision as to what it will look like when we move home next year & I’m getting so excited!

The kitchen before:


Yup, that’s the kitchen. Or what used to be.

What has been done:

-cabinets ripped out

-flooring ripped out

-ceiling repaired

-all walls primed for paint

-wired for a light fixture over sink

What needs to be done? The list is too long for that post… more updates on that coming soon!


The dining room before:




What has been done:

– light fixture removed

– ceiling damaged fixed

-cut out in wall looking onto the lower level drywalled. Bye Bye jail!

-flooring ripped out

-walls all primed

-All trim removed.. bye dark wood trim!


View to the upstairs before:



hat has been done:

-door trim and floor trim removed

-railings removed

-walls primed

-drywall repaired


Upstairs bathroom before:



What has been done:

-cabinets ripped out

-toilet ripped out

-flooring gone.

-trim gone

-primed for paint

Stairs down to the bottom level {Not the basement}:

hat has been done:

-flooring ripped out


That wasn’t the whole house, but the other 3 bedrooms, the basement, & the upstairs living room still kind of look the same minus some new primer on the walls &  I failed to get great pictures of all those spaces. So maybe that wasn’t the most exciting post about the house, but it’s so fun to see progress & see our visions coming to life. Next step is all new windows and doors in the house. New windows and doors are going to make a huge difference not only on the look of the home, but also the energy efficiency of the house as well. After that new flooring, a whole new kitchen, new ceiling on the bottom level, and finishing the basement are the main things we want to have done by the time we move home next year. After that, it will be our home & you know there will be a million DIY projects in that house until we move on 😉 I hope you are all having a great week & to all of my American readers, Happy 4th of July!!!


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