Top 12 Succulent DIY Projects

Top 12 succulent DIY Projects

I don’t know about you… but I’m feeling 22… haha just kidding No, but really, I don’t know about you but, I’m really into succulents. Like, some may call it a borderline obsession. I just love the look of them no matter what they are in. & better yet they are the easiest plants to care for. That’s my kind of plant. You can use succulents in so many different ways, & they bring beautiful life to any display. So I wanted to round up my favorite top 12 ideas of how to display succulents. If you have any more ways, or if you have blogged any ways, be sure to share the link in the comments below! Enjoy!

Succulent plate decor.

Succulent wall display.


 Succulent escort card display.

Tiered succulent display.

Dresser drawers succulent display.

2010 Erica Velasco Photographers
Succulent bride bouquet. 

Vintage colander succulent display. Great for centerpieces!

rustic shelving & rustic pots outdoor succulent display. 

Succulent cupcake stand display. 

Live succulent wreath.



Vertical succulent brick garden. 

DIY succulent terrarium. 

& for a bonus #13 here is a DIY succulent planter that I made for our living room!

I hope you liked my roundup of the top 12 succulent DIY projects. If you have any more succulent projects, be sure to link them in the comments below. I would love to see them! I hope you are having a great week friends & be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with me!

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