Clearasil Superfruits Face wash Review

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Lately I have been wanting to share more beauty posts on my blog. Posts about my favorite makeup, tips and tricks, and my skin care routine. I actually used to have a beauty channel on youtube, did you know that? I quit because my heart wasn’t in it anymore, but I would love to share my honest reviews, my favorite products, & maybe even beauty products that didn’t work for me on here as well. If you would like to see more beauty related posts & videos  comment below!

Anyways, recently I was contacted to try a new clearsil product called Clearisil daily clear Superfruit cleanser. I was immediately intrigued. Why? Because my skin has been terrible lately! Let’s back it up a little bit. When I turned 21 I started to see my skin change a little, I was getting breakouts on my chin & my skin was becoming more oily, something I never struggled with before. Mind you my skin is not terrible, but I do have to be really careful what I use on my skin & I can tell right away if a product will break me out or make my skin oily. I’m kind of a product junkie & that is why I want to start sharing more reviews here on the blog, because I try a LOT of things for skin. So back to my recent battle with bad skin. Remember when I went on the GMC trip a few weeks back? Well, a few days before I left for the trip my skin went crazy. I developed a huge breakout all around my mouth, my lips were so dry and cracked that they hurt, and I wanted to cry. I had never had a breakout this bad before. I think it was from stress, but needless to say I was devastated. I was about to fly to a different state to meet up with all new people & meet some of my favorite bloggers for the first time & travel throughout the US for a week with a huge breakout around my mouth. Mind you it’s not all about looks & I’m not saying that, but it does hurt ones self esteem when you have pimples the size of texas on your face. Needless to say I had a great time on the trip & I never felt like one person was judging me or even paying attention to my zits {even though I brought it up a thousand times to them… sorry guys!} & by the time I came back to North Carolina my face was clearing up for the most part & everything was fine, but I was still left with some scaring & a couple of breakouts. I purchased the Clearasil superfruit scrub a few weeks ago at Walmart & I was a little hesitant that it would be harsh on my sensitive skin, but I have been really surprised. I use the scrub at night even though it is sensitive enough to use twice a day. I have been noticing that the exfoliating properties in the scrub have helped the scaring fade, & since I have been using it my epic breakout from the GMC trip has died down.. thankfully!!

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Thankfully my breakouts didn’t really show up in photos on the GMC trip, like this photo I took with my phone on the trip, but those of you who have occasional breakouts know that even if you can’t see them, you still know that they are there & it bugs you.

This face scrub has replaced my other face scrubs for now & my clarisonic. My nightly routine lately goes something like this…

– use face wipe to remove all makeup, including eye makeup

– use the Clearasil face scrub with warm water and gently scrub my skin

-use a gentle face wash to finish cleansing my skin

– apply face lotion

– apply night time face mask

-head to bed!

If you want more of my routine/products comment below!

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The texture of the scrub is creamy with more coarse exfoliators, not fine like sand, but chunkier pieces. Not sure if that explains it more to you, but I know to some the texture is important! The smell is lovely & fruity, when I use it it makes me thirsty & to me it does not have a chemical smell at all.


All in all I am really happy with the Clearasil daily clear refreshing superfruit scrub so far & if it continues to be this nice to my skin I will repurchase this face scrub because of the amazing price & the fact that it hasn’t made me breakout. I also wanted to say that if you suffer from breakouts, you are not alone! Find what works best for you and your skin & don’t stress about it, you are still beautiful! Click {here} to get a coupon to purchase it if you want to give it a try. Question: have you tried the superfruit clearasil products? What are your thoughts? What is your biggest skin problem? & if you want more beauty posts leave your questions/comments/post ideas below.. I would love to hear from you!


Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself & all thoughts & opinions are my honest opinions. I was compensated for my time to review this product.

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