Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday friends. Today was just an all together wonderful week. Just one of those weeks that you can’t help but smile & enjoy the moment. It’s so nice to have those times in life where you remember to just live in the moment & not think of days to come… just live for the now. For Labor day weekend the hubby and I will be on a staycation around where we live attempting to do things we have never done before to enjoy North Carolina before we move next year. We don’t want to regret not doing anything here before we move. Is that weird? I guess we are all getting sentimental. Don’t mind us. haha. Here are some of my favs from this week. Be sure to leave your favs in the comments below & follow me over on Instagram & Facebook to keep up with me this weekend.

Favorite green barn lights. 

Favorite bathroom cabinet. 

Favorite black windows. 


Favorite neutral nursery.


Favorite look. 


Favorite Desk Area.

Favorite map gallery wall. 


Favorite dark wall paint color. 


Favorite porch. 

Favorite dining room. 


Favorite bed. 

Favorite cottage kitchen.

Favorite small bathroom. 

Favorite coffee table.

Favorite quote.

 I hope that you all have an amazing Friday & and an even better weekend! I hope that Favorite things Friday inspired you & that you get to do something creative this weekend. xx


  1. Kim R. Dykman says:

    Awesome quote! I just love the cottage kitchen …did you notice the unique ceiling? Of course YOU did, but its just so cool! What a relaxing place to be! I hope you enjoy your long weekend and actually get some rest! You are always so busy and I just love what you share with all of us!

  2. Is it weird that the thing I was most excited about was the plug on the side of the island in the first picture?

    That cottage kitchen was darling too. My favorite kitchen I ever had was quite small like that but somehow put together perfectly. Everyone loved it after working in it the first time. So I look at those cozy little kitchen spaces very fondly.

  3. I DO love that coffee table. I feature it on my blog on my “swooning on saturday” post!


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