Front Bedroom Reveal- September 2013

Our front bedroom has been many things since we have moved into our house 4 years ago. Ever since I moved my office desk into the living room from the front bedroom, the room has been a “catch all” for all of my projects, extra home decor, and my hoard of craft supplies. I wanted to give it a fresh feeling & make it a room of relaxation where I could go and read a good book, nap, & even blog. In fact I’m currently writing this post in the front bedroom & I’m obsessed with how cozy and relaxing this space is. I knew I wanted the walls to be a fresh and bright color, so I went with Glidden® paint’s Fresh Linen which is a beautiful creamy white that really made the space pop! For summer I wanted to add pops of mints, turquoise, & floral for a fresh and relaxing space. O, & did I mention I wanted to do this all on a budget? That’s right. I literally wanted to spend basically nothing on this makeover & just use things I already had. & I accomplished that with only purchasing a few goods for the space. I think to get a good grasp on this makeover we need to see the evolution of this room…

The bedroom before….


& a few years later this happened with a fresh coat of paint…

After painting the walls with the stripes a couple of years ago, I was a little nervous that it would be hard to hide the stripes with the white paint. Great news! Glidden paint makes paint with primer built right in. Sign me up! I used the Glidden High Endurance Plus™ in Fresh Linen. It took 2 full coats to cover the stripes properly with letting the layers dry in between. & because I’m ocd I put a 3rd coat on just that one wall because I wanted it to be perfect. One of the other main reasons we went with such a bright neutral color as well is because we are going to be putting our house on the market soon so we wanted to get our house ready to sell & I think these fresh white walls are the perfect step in selling our home!






This DIY Fabric garland was so simple to make and really made a bold focal point above the bed. I wanted the room to feel fun & to inspire creativity with pops of color. You can go {here} to see how I made the garland.


I created some art for a large empty wall by using wood planks, wire, & post cards from an etsy shop. This DIY wire art display was so easy to make & added another fun element to the space. You can go {here} to see how I made it .



What do you think of the front bedroom makeover? Isn’t it crazy what a can of paint can do? I love how bright the space is now & how fresh and clean the room looks. Have you painted a room in your home lately?


This post is sponsored by Glidden paint, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Front Bedroom Reveal- September 2013

  1. Annie

    Where did you find the white faux deer head!? I have been trying to find a reliable source for an “online buy” since I haven’t seen any in stores.

  2. Sheena

    I am very curious as to where you purchased the day bed. I have been looking for one that doesn’t look so…….. Designing Women, but can only find a few I like, and their weight limits are under 200 pounds. The guest that usually stays with us is likely closer to 300. So that is an area of concern. :/

    Love the room!

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