My Top 16 Android Apps & Moto X Review

Recently I was asked by AT&T to review their new google phone. The Moto X. Well, little me has been an iphone user since I can remember so the thought of trying a new phone was a little foreign and might I say scary? That may be a little dramatic, but your phone is a part of you! It’s a huge part of my day, it’s always within reach of me & it’s where I keep my most of my life. My dates, my appointments, my lists, my photos, my contacts, everything! Phones are great for everyone, but for someone that is always on social media & marketing online like myself.. your phone is everything! I like change, I like trying new things so I was up for the challenge of trying this new beautiful phone…

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 1.49.13 PM

Is this phone all me or what? The first thing that intrigued me about the Moto X is the fact that it was customizable… hello! I love things that I can make my own, & add my own style too. I decided to go with a mint color for the phone with white & metal accents as shown above. Another cool thing? The phones are completely assembled in the USA! I love that. It’s the only smart phone assembled in the US. Very cool.  The process of ordering the phone was really easy. I simply went to the AT&T Moto X website and it walked me through ordering & customizing the phone. You can choose so many different styles & the phone is made just for you.


The camera on this phone is amazing. You can shoot multiple shots at once just by holding your finger down, the picture quality is amazing, & if you twist the phone twice the camera comes up automatically so you never miss a shot looking for the camera app! The phone also responds to your voice.. hands free! I mean the phone can be sitting quite far from you & in one command it answers you & does the work for you. It’s kind of creepy & cool at the same time. I made this cheesy little video just showing you that the phone is hands free and tells you anything you want….

moto x weather from liz marie on Vimeo.

The major selling points of this phone for me is the large screen, the speed, the fact that it can be completely hands free, the camera quality, & the camera speed, the phones unique shape fits perfectly in my hands & it’s lightweight, & how easy it is to use! So the verdict is in. I love this phone, do I still use my iphone too? Yes, old habits never die, but I do find myself reaching for the Moto X more than my ipone.. you can do the math on that one.

Top 16 Android apps If you wondered what kind of apps I put on this phone from the Google Play store.. well you are in luck because I wanted to show you my front page & the apps I have used most on this phone since I started using it a few weeks ago. Of course some of the apps are different then I use on my iphone & these are the ones I am loving for android…

1-4 of course I am all over social media all the time.. I mean that’s where I hang out with you guys & get to talk to you about all things home, DIY, and all of that good stuff.

5 I love houzz & viewing other projects, interior designers, & home ideas.

6 Ebay…. because you can find great deals on everything including home decor, fashion, and so much more!

7 Level is a a level right on your phone! Hanging pictures, building something, or anything that you need a level for.. it’s always right on your phone. So handy!

8 Cartwheel. If you are addicted to Target like me, you need to get this app! It helps you save money when you are shopping at Target when you are going to buy the things you were going to buy anyways. Get it. It’s free.

9 Pandora gets me through those long DIY projects.

10 Floor plan creator is a fun home design app {free!} that allows you to create floor plans and design rooms right on your phone. You can space plan for your rooms, & so much more. It’s just a fun app that’s also useful!

11 Pixlr Express is great to quickly edit photos if you need to. I haven’t played around with it too much yet, but it’s very easy to use & does basic photo editing that you may need.

12 Barcode scanner is great to look up products & a lot of people are using QR codes on their business cards, you can find them in magazines & on certain products so this app lets you scan the barcode and it will pull up the code content for you to read.

13 Paypal is how I make most of my online purchases, it’s safe & super easy for me to use.

14 Color capture is a fun app that can help you choose paint colors. You take a photo with your phone, use a photo off the internet, or use a QR code & the app gives you a color pallet from your photos.

15-16 Michaels & Hobby Lobby are frequent stops for me & both apps give you really great coupons so they are very handy apps to have!

What phone do you have? Have you had a chance to see the new Moto X yet? What do you think? What are some of your favorite android apps?? I would love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed my AT&T Moto X review. Leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.

Even though I was sent this phone, all thoughts & opinions are my very own and are not influenced by any company. 

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  1. Brendon

    I was shocked by how usable the features on the moto x are. This is an amazing phone. I’ve always had Galaxy’s, but I’m pleasantly surprised by this phone

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