Favorite Store Alert: Arhaus

I am sure many of you have heard of Arhaus before. Arhaus is an amazing furniture & home decor company that creates beautiful things for the home & office. Well, I  have forever dreamed over their catalogs, drooled over photos, & have been inspired by them from afar because I had never been to one of their stores before. Well, this past weekend the hubs and I went on a little getaway to Raleigh, NC. While we were there I got to visit an Arhaus location! I can not tell you how beautiful the store was. I was wishing that I had my camera with me, but alas It was me & my phone & I was so in awe of everything I was seeing I didn’t take the time to take any photos. I was so inspired that I had to blog about it today to share the inspiration with you. I found some Arhaus store photos from their websites & I shared them below. Mr. LMB & I got so many ideas for our Michigan home & we even picked out some furniture pieces. If you don’t know anything about Arhaus, it’s a high end furniture & home store that has handcrafted pieces that are one of a kind to their stores. The quality of their pieces are amazing & they make their furniture to be used & not just pieces to look at. Durable frames & fabrics, slipcovers, & much more. One of their main goals is to build furniture that lasts generations. I love that! I could go on about how much I love Arhaus, but you can go to their website to read more & check out the photos & videos below to find out more & get inspired. I simply googled Arhaus to pull some photos from their store locations and catalogs…




Arhaus – Store Experience from Arhaus Furniture on Vimeo.

Do you love Arhaus as much as I do? Even though the husband and I have talked about buying a few staple pieces for our next home from Arhuas, a lot of things can be pricey, but I recommend browsing for inspiration, ideas, & to find those quality pieces that you use daily in your home. What do you think of Arhuas? What is your favorite inspiration photo on this post? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Store Alert: Arhaus

  1. Jimmy Kumar

    I was approached by a salesperson, I think Robin was her name, who I assured I did not need help at that moment. She was so overly persistent and insisted on refering to my wife as ‘honey’. Too familiar and very rude. When we did ask a question she asked us where we lived and other probing questions, I did not reply. Asking if we needed to finance the purchases, if we rented and how long we’ve lived in the USA. I then realized what she was doing. It was a extremely racist tone and her line of questioning was very insulting. She gasped when I told her we lived in 4 floor Beacon Hill brownstone and need to furnish all four floors and would pay cash At this point I had already decided that any firm that had racist staff like this was not going to have any bit of my business. I will be telling all of my friends and acquaintances of this racist experience at Arhaus. As a south asian family of considerable means perhaps I should buy Arhaus and sack the racist salesperson.

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  3. lee

    HORRIBLE!!! I purchased the Baldwin Sofa. Loved that the one in showroom was so soft and comfortable. They failed to tell me that only comes with years of use. The one I got is hard and very uncomfortable. The fabric, after little use, has pilled all over…you know those annoying balls you get on cheap sweaters? They are all over the sofa and are dark, the sofa is a light caramel. Now it looks filthy. I purchased the “covers all issues” warranty with the sofa and it was not cheap! However, now, they say they don’t cover this. Customer service has told me I have to shave the sofa..that pilling is normal? So now I guess I am going to have to shave my entire sofa every month? BS! BAIT AND SWITCH! LIES and more LIES!!!

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