Master Bedroom “Make Under”- New Bench

I wish I had a bigger update on the bedroom, but there has not been much progress in this space lately, but I feel like it will all be coming together very soon! Currently we have no bedding {we are using a plain down comforter}, no curtains, no rug, no art, & no decor. It is bare bones people just like in this last update {here}. It’s currently under construction, so please don’t mind all the construction & unfinished parts of the room. If you forget what our master bedroom “make under” is like here you go…

From this…. to this….

& then we made our DIY upholstered headboard {full video tutorial here}….


In short, we are giving our master bedroom a “make under” because we will be putting our home on the market soon, & we just felt that we needed to make our bedroom less “taste specific”. Neutral & cozy is are the key words here. We are in no rush to finish the room, just working on it slowly when we find pieces that we love. Well, randomly this past weekend the hubs and I took a trip to a city about an hour away from us to do a little shopping. I never ever ever go into Ross, it’s just not my favorite store {I actually worked at a Ross for a week one time when I was younger. By the second day I started looking for another job & quit when I found one. I guess Ross & I were never meant to be ;) } Anyways, I came across a lovely tufted bench with some great legs with cute little wheels. I checked the price tag and saw $99 & I was sold! I guess Ross & I made up & we can be friends now. Thanks for the bench Ross!

This little guy will sit at the end of our bed. I can’t wait to have actual bedding again, a new rug, pillows, I’m getting excited for it all! The new curtains should be here soon, so those will be on the blog soon. My biggest advice for re-doing a room in your home is start with your staple pieces that you love & move from there. Collect things along the way that you can’t live with out, don’t just purchase things because you want the room to be finished. What do you think of our new bench? Do you have a bench like this? What’s your latest furniture find that you love? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, find me on facebook, & chat with me on Instagram!


  1. janetkkoons says:

    Very nice.

  2. Love the bench! I felt the same way about Ross…until this summer when I was there with a client (at her request) picking items for her home. I found the perfect canvas art of NYC for my daughters room makeover. We too are now friends :)

  3. Gasp! I love Ross! That bench is amazing and Ross is such a great place to find great pieces like that for a good price!! Unfortunately our nearest Ross is still not close enough to check on their goodies from time to time but every time I go, I always see SOMETHING I love that I would be happy to add to our home. Your advice to go slowly and start with pieces you love is great! I always get impatient and want things to be done right away but taking your time to put together a room you love makes sense to me! Thank you for the advice and inspiration! :)

  4. I wish we had room for one of those! Our cats would love it as well :)

  5. Glenda Suzie says:

    I also love Ross. Have found many excellent items over the years, including a comforter my daughter wanted that was $299 retail and we got it for under $50 at Ross, a very cool fireplace screen which I turned into a headboard for my bff’s guestroom and numerous pieces of framed art for around the house.

  6. I def learned the hard way of not rushing a room just to call it finished…. I always ended up with a room that I was not completely happy with that just didn’t reflect my personality or that of my family… Just like everything… live and learn and now I’m more patient and wait for pieces that speak to me or that we find on our trips/adventures… All of your rooos always have that collected over time vibe to them which I luv…


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