Project Sneak Peek: DIY Card Catalog Drawers

Remember our DIY TV Console { & yes we are putting the tutorial up soon along with a very fun announcement that we have been waiting to announce for a while now. It will be worth it trust me.} Anyways, you know nothing in our house ever stays the same for too long so you know that our console was bound to change at some point. This week we built some new drawers for the tv console, & even though they are not quite finished yet I wanted to share a tiny sneak peek of them with you, because I myself struggle with patience. True story.

Remember this oldie? Our walls were still gray even! Anyways, a lot has changed in the living room like the painted coffee table that I showed a sneak peek of last week {here} & now we added some lovely little DIY card catalog drawers for more storage…


Also, a bonus of the drawers is that they go with our newly painted coffee table. More on that later as well. We still have a few more things to add to the drawers like labels & a few more other little last minute touches, then I will do the full reveal & tutorial. By the way that lovely card catalog hardware is from D. Lawless hardware, I found them randomly in a google search & these lovely pulls were so cheap, but such great quality! What do you think of the drawers?  I like the added touch so far to the Rustic TV console & I also love that there is extra storage & wires are hidden…. yay! Let me know what you think of the drawers below, &  be sure to find me on Instagram & Facebook too!

e sure to check out the coffee table sneak peek {here}. & stay tuned for the full reveal!

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