Eclectic Nautical Living Room

OB-nautical living room


So, I never really talk about my interior design schooling on here & I need to start sharing more often. I am in school for interior design currently in a two year program even though I already have a certificate in residential design. I seriously love school. I used to hate it. Before interior design school I was in business school & man o man that was not for me. I mean I can think like a business woman, but I need to let the creativity out of me at all times of the day or my brain will wander and before you know it I am sitting in a business class imagining what it would look like painted gray with some striped curtains. I mean come on. This is what I was born to do. I was born to make things pretty. Well, since I wanted to start sharing more about what I am doing in school I thought I would share something I am working on right now. The assignment was to get paired up with someone in class & design a room for them. I got paired with a sweet southern girl named Morgan who I adore. We could not be more different. I was so excited because I got to step out of my comfort zone. She wanted a cozy eclectic nautical living room. I stepped up to the challenge & the first step was creating this simple mood board for her on olio board. Now this is only one step to the project. Along with boards, drawings, & a 3D diagram I will actually give her. This was to see if I was on the right track with what she wanted. I put some of my twists on it & of course these aren’t the exact pieces we will be using, but it gives an idea to her of where we are going in the room. To see where all the items are from you can view the board {here}. What do you think? Do you like nautical style? Do you want me to share more of these inspiration boards? Let me know, & be sure to also find me on Facebook & Instagram. Have a wonderful day! xx


  1. Jodi Goodman says:

    Liz Marie, I envisioned you sitting at a desk squirming in your seat in business school. I’d be the same way. Thanks for sharing the board. I think it would be fun to see more. It helps us all to put ideas and concepts together

  2. Nautical is so classic. I love it.

    This collection has some of the best nautical/beachy images I have seen! We are fortunate in our life to always live close to the water. My house is full of Coastal Collection with a very casual kid friendly vibe. I hope you like it too!

  3. While it isn’t my style, I love the room design. I could see this in a beach house. I love the design boards and they help me get ideas of how I would like to design things. Please keep sharing the boards.

  4. It looks gorgeous! I’m an interior design student, too and I think the funnest part is creating fun boards like this (although I don’t enjoy that we have to number every single item, I find it clutters the board).
    I have a coastal theme in my own home, so this is great inspiration, I’m sure your classmate is thrilled!


  1. Beach Blog says:

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    [...] close to the water. My house is full of Coastal Collection with a very casual k [...]…

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