Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday!!! It’s seriously the most beautiful cold fall day here in North Carolina. I don’t even know if a picture can capture how beautiful it is here today. I hope  you are having a great day & that you find some inspiration in my favorite finds from the week. I know I am inspired by some of them & I hope to use some of this inspiration in our house this weekend.

Favorite Gallery Wall. 

Favorite living room.

 Favorite hairstyle. 

Favorite kitchen.
Favorite cozy corner. 

Favorite look.

Favorite bedroom.

Favorite wood storage. 


Favorite wreath. 


Favorite glass bottle collection.


Favorite sink.


Favorite quote.

I hope you enjoyed favorite things friday this week! & as always I would love for you to share you favorites with me! Share you links below, or let me know which one of my favorites was your favorite. Be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram to follow my daily life, I would love to chat with you on there. Have a great weekend!! xx

ps. a lot of the links were either “broken links” so I used the link where I found it on pinterest. If you know the original source, please let me know so I can change it accordingly :) Thank you!


  1. oh I love that bobby pin situation! I’m going to have to try that :)

    • Tarynn Myers says:

      Hi Liz, I am in love with that duvet/coverlet/bedding. I just ordered an almost identical headboard and think that would look great. Do you know where it came from off chance? I followed the links to no avail. Must. Find. STAT!
      XoxoxT ( of the topiary envy/copy, & about to be the T that asks for your much appreciated & needed advice : )

  2. I seriously needed to see that bottle collection photo! I have been wracking my brain on how to display them that would be beautiful and practical, and now I know how! Thank you!

  3. Love the crochet afgan next to the blue bottle collection do you have a pattern?


  1. […] ok so the cocktail lounge is coming together quite nicely there is just one problem. i cannot decide on a wall art theme. i’m so nervous to drill into the walls that were just painted that..well..i scared. i have lots of collie pieces and i thought maybe that would be a good theme but i feel like it needs to be more sophisticated more…refined…perhaps even presidential.  i drew some inspiration from the pintosphere but while i like the concept i’m not crazy about the theme.  what are your thoughts?  source […]

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