Middle Guest Bedroom – New Paint Color Sneak Peek


My wonderful, amazing, caring, giving, husband painted our middle guest bedroom Dove white by Valspar. I know that I may seem like I am going overboard, but seriously this man hates painting walls. Like, HATES. So, the fact that while I took my happy self to a scentsy party with some friends & he stayed home to paint the bedroom made me one happy girl! He is such a perfectionist so it turned out way better than if I would have done it. We were both so amazed at how different the room looked when he was done. It went from being dark & dull to bright & sunny with a simple paint change. I will be revealing the whole room with before & afters soon, but I had to show you a sneak peek of the room today because one thing I lack is patience when it comes to sharing here on the blog. Have you painted a room in your home lately? What color did you use? Share with me in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & of course on Instagram! xx


  1. Yep, that certainly is a sneak peek!;) My hubby will not paint. I am the painter and he just watches and sometimes loads the roller up for me. Cant wait to see the rest of the room.

    • hahah yes… had to keep it short and sweet… The rest of the room is coming along great and should be up soon! :) & yes I don’t know what it is, but my husband usually hates painting, this was a treat :)

  2. Ohh can’t wait to see the whole room reveal! I painted my bedroom and the guest bedroom in SW Wool Skien a year or so ago I loved it so much I ended up painting my kitchen walls and cabinets in the same color :) after Christmas I am repainting the living room, dining room and office can’t wait, so over taupe!

    • Looooove that Dria! Isn’t awesome when you find a favorite paint color? Have fun painting all those rooms after Christmas. I love a good before & after :)

  3. I recently painted our kitchen Sweet Serenity which is a very soft grey/green – LOVE IT! The foyer was done in Silver Screen which is a muted silver/grey, the perfect choice for my black and white photograpghy displayed there. My son gets married and moves out next month so I will actually have space for a room all to myself – can’t wait to decorate!

  4. On Sunday I painted 820sq ft. of wall space in our basement, and painting walls is not my favorite thing ever. I used Dutch Boy Route 66 and its perfect!

    • Love that color Courtney.. & no, painting walls just isn’t my thing either. Even though I seem to do it a lot haha. I hope you love your newly painted basement! xx

  5. I LOVE the Dove color by Valspar! I painted the trim in my old bedroom in college with Dove while the walls were a turquoise color! :)

  6. I love how it looks in the little peek! We just painted our new nursery in Valspar Bistro White with a pop of Valspar Mountain River on the built-in shelves. My hubby isn’t the painter either. Mostly because he definitely isn’t a perfectionist when it comes to paint. He is allowed to roll ;)

  7. Love Valspar, great choice. It really makes a room pop. Can’t wait for the full reveal. Great post!

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