New Kitchen Barstools – Pier 1 Weldon Barstools

Many of you saw my dillema the other day on Instagram about barstools. I sold our last barstools because they were big & bulky & I wanted something more subtle & our of the way. The issue came up when we purchased our new chair for our dining room table & the walkway between the old barstools & the new chairs became really small & annoying. Well, the day the barstools sold I went out looking for some new ones & nobody had any that I wanted.  I went into Pier One & finally I found a stool that I wanted. It was the Weldon stool & it comes in a bunch of colors. I wanted something light & airy so I wanted the vanilla color. & come to find out they were on clearance for $50! Well, of course they were sold out in store, surrounding stores, & online. I was defeated. haha sounds silly, but I was done for the day. The next day I decided to go shopping online & I browsed around, I decided to check back at Pier One‘s website to see what the weldon barstool looked like to compare. & to my surprise they were in stock & still on clearance for half off. Sign me up! I never got to see the white color it in person so I was a little worried about the actual color. When the stools came in I was little taken back about how “cream” they were and not as white as they looked on the internet. I wanted to stools to not stand out and be very subtle, but I did not want them to be the same color as our walls. Well, they are really close in color. I love that the stools are small and are not a focal point in the room, but we are considering doing white beadboard or something under the bar & if we did that the stools would not blend in as much. More on that later. Other than that the metal & the stools are great quality, I got free shipping because they were having a deal at the time, & I’m happy with the purchase so far. I took some quick photos of the stools today to show you what they look like & give a Pier one weldon barstool review

What do you think of the new stools? I’m excited to decorate this space for the holidays so stay tuned for more exciting photos coming your way. Share with me your thoughts in the comments below & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram! xx

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