A Lovely Holiday Giveaway

Everything Emily Blog and I have teamed up with a few of our favorite amazing handmade shops to bring you an AWESOME holiday Giveaway! Each and everyone of these shops carry beautiful handmade items and today you have a chance to win one of your very own!
We will have 11 winners who will win one of the amazing items listed below. We love each and everyone of these shops and their products not only deliver amazing quality, but hard work and love! We stand behind these shops because we have worked with them first hand and own their amazing products!

KNITTING NANNIES –  is a beautiful little shop that crochets and knits lovely little items for all ages!
HAZEL BERRY PAPER – is a great paper source for cards, art, notepads, personalized items, and so much more! There darling items are nothing short of lovely and unique!
MOD BY MEL – is your go to spot for amazing high quality modern prints and customizable prints as well!
LWPH SEWS – is an amazing little shop that not only sells beautiful handmade quilts, but adorable little dolls and crib sheets. Their quilts are one of a kind and crafted with amazing skill!
LINEN & LACE – is a beautiful shop that carries hand painted signs. Whether it is a custom order or something you see in their shop, you will fall in love with their beautiful items.
COVER LOVE – is an amazing online pillow source to purchases beautiful personalized pillows for your home, office, friend, ect. They make great little gifts and are a keepsake for precious memories!
STELLA MINDED – is a great little Etsy shop for those looking to decorate their homes or nurseries. They also carry a great deal of personalized items that are great for decor or special events!
FRESHLY PICKED – is an amazing shop that sells beautiful handcrafted moccasins for the little ones. Sizes range from baby to small child and come in an array of amazing colors! Not only are these moccs super stylish, but they are safe for little growing feet. These are Emily’s shoe of choice to put on her little one and she stands behind their amazing style, durability, and safety. Freshly Picked is an amazing company filled with a wonderful mama who strives to make the best shoe possible for not only her children, but others as well!
YARN BOMBED ANTLERS – is a the original yarn antler bomber and their antlers are to die for. Wonderfully handcrafted with amazing quality yarn, their designs are unique and one of a kind. These antlers not only make for amazing home decor, but great little gifts as well!
MULBERRY PRESS CO. – carries hand crafted prints, coffee mugs, mouse pads, cards, and more! Their products are simple and so unique! Great for any little home, office, ect!
KNOTIETIES – is a cute online store that offers super soft luxe hair ties and headbands made with ultra premium materials. Designed to love your hair, not break it! They also offer cute jewelry and stylish accessories!
Knitting Nannies $30 Store Credit
 Custom State Print from MOD by Mel
LWPH Sews $50 Store Credit
 12×16 Cover Love Pillow
Stella Minded $50 Store Credit
A Pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins
 Linen & Lace Sign
Hazel Berry Paper $20 Store Credit
Knotieties Accessories
Mulberry Press Co. Watercolor Mousepad
Yarn Bombed Antlers 2 Point 3 Color Antler Shed
 Use the Rafflecopter to enter below!
US Residents only
Winners will be selected December 13th!

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  1. Listening to Christmas music.

  2. Spend time with family

  3. baking cookies! : )

  4. I just love Christmas music and listen to it long before and long after the Holidays! It always brings back memories of my childhood, my children when they were little and now our Grandchildren. Those are such precious, special times and the music represents this and of course the true meaning of Christmas to me…

  5. Play dorky board games with my family!

  6. What a festive giveaway! Thanks for the fun goodies.

  7. Elizabeth G. says:

    I like to cook for my family and friends.

  8. I love drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the tree!

  9. Jennifer E. says:

    Board games with the kids!

  10. i just love the decorating! and i LOVE christmas eve dinner with my family. it’s the best!

  11. Curling up for some classic Christmas movies!

  12. Cooking and watching the old “Christmas Carol” movie.

  13. I love baking cookies and sitting in the living room and watching Christmas movies with lights off and candles lit

  14. My favorite thing to do is drive around and look at all the Christmas lights with the kids and then making homemade hot chocolate. ;)

  15. Decorating the Christmas tree.

  16. Jessi Haag says:

    Watch Christmas movies with a hot cup of chai!

  17. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is ooo and ahhh over petty lights and decorations!

  18. Christmas activities with my kids.

  19. I love the extra family time and watching Christmas movies!! :-)

  20. My favorite thing to do is drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music over the radio. Perfect perfect perfect.

  21. Fingers crossed!!

  22. I have really enjoyed watching all my fave blogs change their seasonal decor for the winter months and its been fun going through and seeing all the warmth in each one!

  23. Bake, bake bake! And then eat, eat eat!

  24. Hard to name just one thing! Lots of time with family, Christmas gift shopping, Christmas music, LIGHTS, eating! To name a few! ;)

  25. LOVE the Moccs!

  26. Lisa VanDyke says:

    Spend time with my family!!

  27. what a massive giveaway!

  28. Melanie Ann says:

    I LOVE baking with my mom & Grammy!

  29. I love to shop and cook.

  30. ellen ross says:

    i love baking cookies…oh and eating them!

  31. Shannon Rode says:

    I love love to shop, cook, and DIY :)

  32. Bake , decorate and look at Christmas lights!

  33. I love doing so many things during the holiday season but favorite is going to Christmas Eve church service and singing Silent Night. After the service we come home set out cookies for Santa and I read the Night Before Christmas. My boys are 20 and 14 and they still like doing those things. oh and then when they go to bed my husband and I eat the cookies!

  34. Cindy Trobaugh says:

    this Year something new for us,My Adult Daughters and Grandkids are staying over..No Traveling so we can wake -up together.Good Luck to Everyone and thanks having this.

  35. Katie Bugbee says:

    Any kind of family tradition!

  36. 1 word…….wooohooooo!!!

  37. Christmas shoppimg

  38. Gina Helton says:

    My favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends!

  39. I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights!

  40. Wow! Looks great!

  41. What gorgeous gifts!

  42. Love chilling with a book in the breeze!

  43. Katherine says:

    I know it’s a bit odd, but my family has always had tamales on Christmas Eve. Last year I had to run out to the store in the middle of the night on Dec 23rd to grab some, it was pretty funny. :)

  44. Snuggle up indoors with blankets, loved ones, and a good movie!

  45. JenniferB says:

    I bake alot of goodies during the holidays

  46. Susan Turnbull says:

    I love baking for the Holidays and wrapping up the goodies in cute packages!

  47. Susan Turnbull says:

    I love baking for the holidays and wrapping it up in cute packages!

  48. Hannah Hutslar says:

    Spend time with family!

    Hannah Hutslar

  49. Snuggle with my two boys (hubs and dog).

  50. Baking cookies with my children is the best.

  51. One of my favorite traditions is I watch “Love Actually” while wrapping presents and enjoying homemade baileys or lemoncello!

  52. Love a giveaway at this time of year especially. Great way to find new creative sellers.

  53. Our local botanical gardens (Lewis Ginter in Richmond VA) holds a season-long festival of lights in the garden. Then entire garden is decorated. They welcome dogs on one night during the season – its called Fido night in the garden. Hubby, puppy and I eagerly await this night each holiday season, its a great time walking around seeing the happy lights and and talking with other pet lovers and their dogs.

  54. I love to craft and cook. This year I combined both with homemade jarred goods for gifts. :-)

  55. I love to eat!! hehe

  56. I enjoy spending time with family, eating endless amounts of my nan’s homemade chocolate chip cookies & decorating for the holiday’s! This year will be a little different, since my husband & I aren’t able to make it home, but I’m looking forward to starting our own holiday traditions!

  57. Baking cookies and listening to christmas music

  58. My favorite part of the holiday season is hard to pick, but I think it’s the traditions. There’s something comforting about doing the sane thing every December since you were little!

  59. Jennifer Speed says:

    My favorite is going to spend time with my aunt and little cousins in South Carolina

  60. I like to snuggle up with the family and watch movies while sipping peppermint hot chocolate!

  61. I do lots of holiday baking, and I love sitting in the dark, with just the Christmas tree lights on.

  62. I love relaxing in front of the fire and Christmas tree lights.

  63. Watching my favorite Christmas movies w/ the family with homemade cookies and frozen hot chocolate (with a little Baileys for me, just for fun)! This year my 2.5 year old helped picked out our tree and helped put up the oraments so another holiday tradition was created! :)

  64. Caitlin H. says:

    I love wrapping presents

  65. Be Santa (:

  66. Cutting our live tree down every year!

  67. Decorate! And spend time with friends and family.

  68. I love driving at night and seeing all the great holiday displays and lights on people’s homes.

  69. Danna Garcia says:

    My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my husband and kids!

  70. My favorite thing over the Christmas season is connecting with family & friends. This has always been important to me, but more now – especially with a broken family relationship with our daughter. What a heartache for a parent, but we do have hope that things will change soon. Merry Christmas and Blessings to you! Melody

  71. Decorate, eat lots of food and baked goods, and not feel guilty for shopping. :)

  72. It sounds so cliche but I just love being with my family, eating good food, and being thankful for them.

  73. Bake, Bake, Bake!
    Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Pies… I go crazy haha

  74. Spend time with family… watch Christmas movies together, and our silly string fight!

  75. I love to sip hot cocoa and read a nice book by the tree.

  76. awsome!!

  77. Eva McCracken says:

    My favorite thing to do is decorating, and since this is my first year of marriage & our first Christmas in our new home, I am excited to start our own traditions.

  78. Karen Partin says:

    Just love spending time with family and friends

  79. I love making homemade Kahlua with my family….it’s so good

  80. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is decorating the house, baking yummy sweets and spending time with family!

  81. Spending time with family, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and wrapping gifts!

  82. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is curl up on the couch with the hubby and the kitties with a cup of hot tea. Bliss!

  83. I love getting the Christmas tree with my family. We always go and cut one down!! Fun times:)

  84. Andrea Anderson says:

    I love just spending quality time with my family. Playing games, watching Christmas movies, and snuggling on the couch. Taking time to enjoy my family.

  85. Mindy Kral says:

    I love to cook during the holidays and now my little girl is getting old enough to enjoy it with me. PRICELESS!!

  86. Lisa Tobiason says:

    Listening to Christmas music, baking cookies and watching Christmas movies with my family.

  87. I love to shop for christmas gifts!

  88. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is cozy up on the couch and watch Christmas movies! Also, browse blogs for holiday decorating ideas :)

  89. great little shops!

  90. My favourite thing to do during the holidays are to bake cookies for my family and loved ones and to spend lots of time with said people while laughing and enjoying each others spirits!

  91. Drink coffee by the fire and read!

  92. Jennifer Taylor says:

    My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree while watching Christmas Vacation with hot chocolate and cookies!

  93. I love creating new traditions with my boys! :)

  94. Belting out Christmas music with my sister!

  95. waffles and ice cream on christmas morning (:

  96. Decorating the home and baking many deserts that I will hate myself for eating. Oh, the holidays!

  97. Watching Holiday Movies with my Family!

  98. The look on my little girls face when she opens her presents :)

  99. I love to watch my kids play in the snow. Time just stops for a few minutes!

  100. Brittany D says:

    Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas tunes :)

  101. Spending time with family and eating!! :)

  102. Wear matching Christmas PJs with my family on Christmas Eve. :-)

  103. Spend time with my family! This year we are taking our 1 year old to Disney World!!

  104. Shannon Gould says:

    I love to snuggle up under warm blankets with a hot drink – hot chocolate, chai latte, hot toddy, you name it!

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