Guest Bathroom Makeover – Part One

As many of you know we are getting ready to put our house on the market this spring. That means getting it ready to sell. One major thing on our list was our guest bathroom. 3 years ago I thought it was a great idea to paint it a super dark olive green. I loved it then, but the space needed to be freshened up. A lot. So yesterday we started on this journey of re-doing the guest bath & I’m pretty excited about it. Of course since we are moving out in a few months there will be nothing major like new flooring or breaking any walls down, but there will be some exciting things I promise! So let’s get on to the good, the bad, & the ugly. If you came here today for beautiful after photos, sorry, I can’t help you. Unless you go up to the “project gallery” tab up top. Here we go…

This photos was taken about 2 years ago. Not my favorite space in the house. I guess I never just wanted to work on the bathroom, but today that changed. I can’t believe I let this space go untouched for so long!


Step one was taping off the space. Everyone tapes off their bathrooms on Sunday morning in their PJ’s right? haha the hubs has no shame in me showing his painting clothes here on the blog thankfully 😉 Of course bathrooms prove to be tricky with tons of corners & small spaces so the tools we used for this projects were a small roller, large roller, Scotch blue painters tape & an angled brush to cut in with. & the bathroom is now primed and ready to be painted…

bathroom makeover part one -
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& we even put one layer of paint on the walls today too. The color is my favorite, White dove by Benjamin Moore. No surprise here. I wanted to use this color to make the bathroom very light & bright & appealing to buyers. More on that in the next update.

& I promise I actually worked today, but look at Mr. LMB practicing yoga & while he paints. He’s a good man! Can’t wait to show you how bright & fresh the bathroom is looking in the next update. What do you guys think of the guest bathroom freshen up so far? I hope you all have a great day!! xx

Ps. Happy New Years Eve!!! & if you missed it yesterday I posted my “Best of 2013” post. Come see some of my best posts from this past year {here}.

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