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Well, if you haven’t heard it enough yet, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m feeling very content tonight as I write this. Content in my heart, content in my mind, content with my body, & content with my life. But as the new year approaches I always get to thinking about my goals for the new year. & this years goals mean a little more to me. This year will change our lives forever. We will be getting out of the Marine Corps, moving to Michigan, & their are many important details missing like when we will move, how we will move, if our house will sell here in North Carolina fast or slow or ever, if we will rent here in NC, if we will get pregnant, if our house in Michigan will be livable before we move home,  so many “ifs” that if I start to panic it might get ugly. So I’m choosing to not say “what if” & I’m choosing to say “let’s do this”.  Let’s not worry, let’s be strong, let’s remain calm, & let’s leave it in the Lord’s hands. & tonight my heart feels so content knowing that He is in charge of my 2014. Even though I am content, I still have goals for myself & I wanted to share just a few of those with you.

2014 New Year Goals:

>> be more organized. keep my calendar clean & up to date & stop procrastinating so much.

>> eat less gluten.

>> go to yoga at least once a week.

>> call my relatives & friends back home more.

>> cook more. eat out less.

>> paint more often.

>> read a few books & take more time off from the computer.

>> share more of my personal life on the blog.

>> keep a devotional journal.

>> take more walks.

>> blog more.

>> stress less & let things go.

>> paint one wall another color other than white.

>> swear less.

>> stay on top of emails.

>> drink more water daily.

>> make our Michigan house our new home.

>> sketch more often.

>> stop being afraid to learn new things.

>> start offering design services of some kind.

>> stop being so hard on myself.

Wow. I could keep going. It’s so fun to write out my goals & really think about each one to see how I can accomplish all of them in the next year. I actually wrote all of my goals in my calendar so that I would see them throughout the year & not forget them. Do you set goals for the new year? What is your biggest one you want to accomplish? Leave me a comment below, find me on facebook, or chat with me on Instagram! Happy New Years Friends! xx


Ps. THANK you for following my little blog in 2013 & for all your love you always show me. To see my Thank-you post to you & to see the highlights from 2013 click {here}.



  1. Dear Liz,
    I hope your new year is fabulous and I know I have already told you but I truly hope this is your best year yet. You are gorgeous and I can’t imagine what all you have been through but know really do shine! God is going to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. I have had troubles this second time around trying to get pregnant and want you to know I’m here for you! I am praying for you. Thank you for inspiring us! Cheers to 2014!!!!!

    • Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart Sarah!! Seriously, your comment had tears in my eyes. I trust God so much & I trust he knows what is best for us. Thank you for all your support & love. I pray for you as well, that you will be blessed with your 2nd. I know you will be blessed with a little bundle of joy… prayers & love your way!! Thank you again, & happy new year!!!!! xx

  2. Happy New Year Liz Marie, thanks for all of your inspiring posts this year. We have several of the same goals for 2014 – I’m pulling for you, we got this! :)

    • Happy New Year to you too Jenna!!! Thank you for your sweet words & supporting & encouraging me, it means so much!! I’m cheering you on too!! Let’s do this!!!! xx

  3. I am so excited for your year….it has so many exciting unknowns but you have it right…. It’s in the Lord’s hands…& his plans are better than we will ever imagine or plan for ourselves! Love you dear friend!

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    I love your blog! You have a big year ahead of you and it will be fun to watch as you go through it. We were in your position just a few years ago. The “what ifs” can be really hard and overwhelming, but through it I learned to focus on God and letting go of fear. It sounds like you are already on the right track and state of mind though! Happy New year!!

    • Thank you so much Lisa!!!! & Thank you so much for the encouragement, we are really going to need it this year. & that is really good advice.. I am looking to Him for it all. You are awesome!! Happy new year!! xx

  5. I’m dying over your “swear less” goal! LOL! Made me laugh out loud! Here’s to a wonderful year, Liz! :)

    • I’m awful!!!! I will blame it on hanging out with all these marines all the time ;) haha Happy new year friend!! It’s the year I move closer to you :) :) xx

  6. Christine Brown says:

    Reading this makes me miss you more!!!!! I need to see my best friend ASAP!

  7. Lovely post! One of my goals as a blogger for this year is to update my “Blogs you have to read” page to include yours and others I’ve discovered. I began blogging in late September and included a dozen of the larger blogs I read prior to my own blog. Once I started this adventure, I noticed who responded to my comments, who shared and who helps other bloggers grown their own audience. On top of that, it has become easier for me to identify a real, authentic voice such as yours AND I love your style. Best of luck to you as you are in such an exciting year of transition.
    Happy New Year,

  8. I just love what you’ve done with your home this year. Happy New Year and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for you.


  9. Best of luck on all your goals. They are some great ones. Mine is for myself & my family to start eating clean. I’m looking so very forward to this.
    Happy New Year and many blessings.

  10. The swear less is funny. For some reason I can’t “see” you swearing! Good luck with that. It’s a hard one. Hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you & your family.

  11. I love your blog & I always have! The funny thing is, I’m only 14. Not the typical blogger age! I was curious on what type of camera you use? Also, your gallery wall is too stinkin adorable!

  12. I found your blog in 2013 and love it. Your taste is impeccable. Well, except for cherry coke. Coke, yes! Cherry coke, no! :). Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  13. I love your blog! You are so inspirational. My husband gave me Break Out by Joel Osteen for Christmas and we are half way through the cd’s. My husband and I are going to sit down to night to make goals for 2014. I just lost my job and I have always had a dream of making my craft business full time. Maybe now is the time. Thank you again for your great blogs. And good luck in all you do in 2014. I am cheering you on. Brenda

  14. I tried to keep my goal list short and sweet this year: finish all my in progress projects before starting a new one (I have DIY-A.D.D. haha) and take better care of myself. :)
    Loved following along with you, and can’t wait to follow along right from the start when you move!

  15. Sharing your goals on your blog inspired me to do the same! Thank you for your wonderful posts over the year. You’ve helped so many of us make the houses we live in our homes. This is also a transitional year for us ahead as my husband has retired from the Navy and we will finally be moving into our “forever” home. All the best to you and Mr. LMB for a healthy and happy 2014!!

  16. LizMarie you are much braver than me. I kept my list short so hopefully I can have success euthanasia my resolutions. Like you, we have a year of change. My partner is in the RAAF, Australian Air Force, and we are moving to a new city in a new state and in 5 days time, our new rental house. Exciting.
    If you have time you might enjoy my list of resolutions …


  17. Great goals Liz! Loving your blog. I found it through your IG. Thanks for sharing my C.S. Lewis print with the hikers. I’m
    so glad you like it & I’m encouraged by your story.

  18. Hi, Liz!
    Sometimes my anxiety overcomes my excitement for new things and experiences…especially when it involves moving (which always involves financial stress for me!) Buy? Sell? Rent? Big? Small? Old? New? Near? Far? Arghhhh!!! Wishing you continued contentment, peace and many blessings as you transition into civilian life. Dare I say I am not the only one excited to see all your new ideas once you get your hands on a brand new space! You are so very talented! Your hard work is appreciated and inspiring.

  19. Great goals!! Good luck this year with them and your new adventure :)

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