Happy New Year! New Year Goals 2014


Well, if you haven’t heard it enough yet, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m feeling very content tonight as I write this. Content in my heart, content in my mind, content with my body, & content with my life. But as the new year approaches I always get to thinking about my goals for the new year. & this years goals mean a little more to me. This year will change our lives forever. We will be getting out of the Marine Corps, moving to Michigan, & their are many important details missing like when we will move, how we will move, if our house will sell here in North Carolina fast or slow or ever, if we will rent here in NC, if we will get pregnant, if our house in Michigan will be livable before we move home,  so many “ifs” that if I start to panic it might get ugly. So I’m choosing to not say “what if” & I’m choosing to say “let’s do this”.  Let’s not worry, let’s be strong, let’s remain calm, & let’s leave it in the Lord’s hands. & tonight my heart feels so content knowing that He is in charge of my 2014. Even though I am content, I still have goals for myself & I wanted to share just a few of those with you.

2014 New Year Goals:

>> be more organized. keep my calendar clean & up to date & stop procrastinating so much.

>> eat less gluten.

>> go to yoga at least once a week.

>> call my relatives & friends back home more.

>> cook more. eat out less.

>> paint more often.

>> read a few books & take more time off from the computer.

>> share more of my personal life on the blog.

>> keep a devotional journal.

>> take more walks.

>> blog more.

>> stress less & let things go.

>> paint one wall another color other than white.

>> swear less.

>> stay on top of emails.

>> drink more water daily.

>> make our Michigan house our new home.

>> sketch more often.

>> stop being afraid to learn new things.

>> start offering design services of some kind.

>> stop being so hard on myself.

Wow. I could keep going. It’s so fun to write out my goals & really think about each one to see how I can accomplish all of them in the next year. I actually wrote all of my goals in my calendar so that I would see them throughout the year & not forget them. Do you set goals for the new year? What is your biggest one you want to accomplish? Leave me a comment below, find me on facebook, or chat with me on Instagram! Happy New Years Friends! xx


Ps. THANK you for following my little blog in 2013 & for all your love you always show me. To see my Thank-you post to you & to see the highlights from 2013 click {here}.


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