Industrial Gray & Yellow Media Room

OB-YellowGray Industrial Media Room Recently I had a friend who was looking for inspiration for her new house. She was literally starting from scratch in her new house. Fun right? Well, she was a little stressed so I decided to make her a few mood boards to help her maybe get her thoughts together & decided what she did & didn’t like or want in her home. She likes a rustic industrial look with pops of color. She may not say it, but she also is a little obsessed with gray, which I love too. I wanted to share the first board I made for her. This one is a gray and yellow media room. A super cozy space with industrial accents. This would be great for a family room, basement, or media room. I love designing spaces for other people & sharing these spaces with you because they are completely different from my home & that’s fun to see right? I used a gray couch from Ikea because she wanted a sleeper sofa in the space & a bold yellow rug to really become a lovely focal point. To see all of the links for these items you can check out this board {here} on my olioboard profile. O, & guess what? Today is my last week of design school this semester!! I am so relieved and excited to be done for the holidays. This semester has been quite crazy & no school means more time for what I love, the blog & sharing my love for design & DIY on here. I do love school, but the break is much needed. Can I get an Amen? What do you think of this lovely industrial gray & yellow media room? Do you like yellow & gray together? I hope you all have a great day & be sure to keep up with me on Facebook & Instagram so we can chat on there. Talk to you soon! xx OB-YellowGray Industrial Media Room


  1. Definitely inspiration for my dream home!

  2. ;) hehe. I can’t wait to start on this room Liz!!!

  3. love those light fixtures! i’ve been really digging industrial rustic looks lately…. I think it’s the next big thing.

  4. Maria Ward says:

    I really like the contrast between the curviness of the drapes and the angles of the rug. Using gray also allows an easy change out for different rugs for different seasons. I really like your design:)

  5. All that geometric makes my heart happy!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Where did you find that wire basket in the lower left hand corner?! I’ve been looking for something like that.

    • You can click over to my olioboard and I think it will give you the source for this basket.. but I know you can find these wire baskets on Amazon! That’s where I have found them before. I hope that helps xx

  7. Christie Hohlstein says:

    Could you tell me where you found these curtains? We have ordered couches and accents last week that are almost identical!!! I’ve been stuck on what to dress up our windows and you have found the perfect pattern!
    Help :)

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