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The transition in home decor after Christmas is always a little unsettling for me. The house feels empty, the warmth of the Christmas decor is gone, & the glow of Christmas lights is no longer there. I struggle with this time in every year in our home, & I know I’m not the only one who does. We have been making some pretty big changes around here so I have not focused to much on our winter decor. Also in the middle of all that, like most people, we are purging and getting rid of so much around here. I think I have daily pickups for home decor I am selling & furniture I am wanting to get rid of. The house is forever evolving. I wanted to show you a glimpse of the empty, the change, the transition, & some new. & please excuse the lighting changes in these photos… one minute it was bright & sunny & the next minute it was storm clouds & rain. I figured you wouldn’t mind….



This was an instagram picture I took of our empty living room after all the Christmas stuff was taken down. It kind of turned out pink, but I promise you that our living room is not pink ;) But it does feel super empty! Ps. That coffee table got a big makeover today, can’t wait to show you!

The new table runner is from TJ Maxx for less than $20 & I think I need to go back & get another one. The table runner is great for every season & I’m excited that I finally found a neutral table runner that I love. This dining room seems so empty now & I’m getting anxious to bring it into spring or add some more love to the space. See those cute salt and pepper shakers? I’m sure some of you know where they are from, good old Target! I had to get them & I feel like they are season neutral.. kind of like gender neutral? Does that make any sense? Another thing I picked up this week was an awesome lamp from Lowes. I’m pretty in love.

I put this photo up on Instagram when I found it because I was so excited. We got it for an out of box discount & we got our military discount so we got a great deal! Please don’t mind me being a hot mess, I literally left my pajamas for about an hour that day to run to Lowes. It’s real life. It happens. Originally I bought it for our middle guest bedroom {which is done by the way! I can’t wait to show you!} but when I got it home I set it on the new side table I just painted {can’t wait to show you that either!} & I fell in love with it in our living room. More on this space later…


So, is your house feeling empty these days? We surely are making a lot of changes around here this week so I’m really excited to show you how we are progressing over here. Stay tuned. Find me on Facebook & Instagram for more updates. Have a great day! xx



  1. Lamp looks great ;) …I’m with ya on the empty house feel! And it was dark in our living room too because the lights glow was gone! Can’t wait to see the table re-do!

  2. I love the table runner and that awesome lamp! Excited to see the new changes coming. Love your blog!

  3. I saw the picture of your dining room table on pinterest and followed it to your site. I just have to comment and leave you a compliment. I expected to land on better homes and gardens or some blog that highlights someone’s million dollar house. Although I love looking at those I always feel like I can’t re-create the look on a budget and I was so relieved to see a regular floor and kitchen in the background. It makes this design so doable for everyone and really gives your dining room that million dollar look

  4. I love the runner on your table and I adore the lamp!!!!

  5. I’m in the same boat as you with that after-holiday feeling. I just did a post on decorating after the holiday season and I’m happy to say this year I’m not feeling down in the dumps! (But still… missing the sparkles!)

  6. I too scored the TJ Maxx table runner (along with a $400 Michael Kors purse for half price!) after Christmas. My store only had ONE runner (dang it!), otherwise I would have purchased more. LOVE IT!!

  7. Love your blog! Found it on Facebook. I just love your style. I adore your silver Paris cafe chairs,but they are way out of my price range.

  8. I have a question. The metal chairs at your dining table,what is the correct name for them? And,where could I score a couple at a decent price? I adore the look!


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