How To Save Money At Target & $1000 Giveaway!

I get asked all of the time how I get deals at Target. I always just answered the questions on my social media, but when I got contacted to do a giveaway post with Target I thought it was the perfect time to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to save money while I shop at Target. If you have known me for a while or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or here on the blog, you know that I am OBSESSED with Target. From their cherry coke to their home decor, to the shoes. Just give it all to me. Maybe I love Target because ever since I remember I always had good memories shopping there with my mom, or maybe it’s because it’s a place I like to meet some of my best friends to catch up and shop. Or it could be just because Target is simply awesome. Anyways, here is how little me likes to save some dollars while I’m there.
How to save money at Target - 1. Visit often. This might seem like a contradiction because the more you visit the more you will spend, but trust me. The more you visit the more often you will find amazing clearance deals or items that you have been looking for that get returned or a shipment comes and you can get it before it sells out. Stopping in often and just doing a quick walk around {& grabbing a cherry coke of course} will assure you find the Target deals you have been looking for.

Target Clearance - thehouseofsmiths.comvia.

How to save money at Target -

2. Shop the end caps. I always walk around every end cap in the store because that is where Target keeps all of their clearance items. Also sometimes these clearance items from a certain department will be found on an end cap in a different department. Keep an eye out!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 12.04.34 AM

3. Use coupons. Target prints coupons out with your receipt, so save those to use when you return! Also you can combine manufacture coupons with their sales that they run to save some good money as well. Target also has a spot on their website {here} where you can print coupons. & also a spot {here} where you can enter your phone number & get the coupons in texts right on your phone. How to save money at Target -

4. Know the Schedule. Target is on a markdown schedule of when they put certain items on clearance & above is the “unofficial” markdown schedule of when items go on sale on what day of the week.  You can read more about how they markdown & how to watch it {here}.

How to save money at Target -  

5. Use the Target Cartwheel app. This is the holy grail right here & my FAVORITE way to save money at Target.

Cartwheel is Target’s new social coupon program. Log in through Facebook; choose the coupons you want; share them with friends; then the cashier will scan the barcode where all your coupons are saved right off your phone. Your barcode will deduct the savings for all of the coupons you selected at the register. Seriously the best thing ever. Mr. LMB pulls out the app as soon as we walk in the store. He is hooked.
A couple nice things about the program:

  • There are more than 700 offers (coupons) in Cartwheel!
  • Cartwheel can only be used on in-store purchases
  • Cartwheel can be used on your desktop, tablet, mobile web or iPhone and Droid apps.
  • Using either the iPhone or Droid native apps, guests can scan any barcode in store to see if that item has a Cartwheel offer on it. This is a very fun feature that guests love!
  • Guests are able to use their Facebook login to sign up with Cartwheel. This enables them to see what offers their friends have on their Cartwheel lists in the app experience as well as via Facebook’s open graph stories. If guests want to use their Facebook login, but do not want their Cartwheel activity posted to Facebook, they can manage that by not allowing Facebook to post on their behalf during the authentication process. They can also manage this at any time via the app privacy settings.
  • Guests can add any offer to their list as “private.” This will keep from any story being posted to Facebook about that offer. As an example, if I wanted to add an offer on tampons to my list, but didn’t want a story generated from the “add” action, I would add that offer to my list privately.
  • Guests are also able to login and use Cartwheel with their login
  • Coupon & discount stacking—guests are able to use Cartwheel with any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturers’ coupons and their REDcard discount
  • Multi-use offers—guests are able to use any offer on their list as many times as they wish until the offer expires, with the following exceptions: limit of 4 items per offer, per transaction; limit of 6 Cartwheel scans per day. So, if there was an offer for 10% off 20 ounce bottles of Diet Coke, a guest could purchase 4 bottles of Diet Coke in one transaction and the offer discount would be applied to all 4 bottles of Diet Coke. That same guest could do this up to 6 times in one day, for a total of 24 bottles of Diet Coke.
  • Single scan barcode—each barcode generated by Cartwheel is unique to the guest and holds all of the offers on their Cartwheel list. All the guest needs to do is simply scan the barcode one time at the point of purchase (after scanning any other coupons, discounts, etc.) and all the discounts on their list will be applied!
  • Badges—badges are a fun way to earn more spots on your Cartwheel list! They are awarded for reaching savings milestones ($10, $25, $50, etc.), interacting with Cartwheel (example: adding an offer from a collection to your list), and via social sharing (an invited friend who joins Cartwheel). For each badge that is earned, a new spot on your Cartwheel list is opened.
  • Offer spots—each guest starts with 10 spots on their list. More spots are earned when badges are awarded.
  • Cartwheel collections—Cartwheel collections are curated lists of offers that make it easy for the guest on the go to add items to her list. The collections are created to support seasonal offerings and categorical offers (grocery, women’s apparel, baby items, etc.). Collections are not comprehensive lists of all offers.

Now for the Sweepstakes!  To enter to win the $1000 to Target leave a comment below saying how you would spend the $1000 if you win! Also, let us know how you save money on Target & if you love the cartwheel app too!

Sweepstakes Rules: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winner will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.   The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28. Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!



  1. SOOOOOO hoping I win! I still need two more Threshold bar stools for my kitchen island and I want some yellow metal stools I saw there for my photo studio/craft room. Plus our new home is still in desperate need of window treatments. That aught to about cover $1,000.. Oh and of course a Cherry Coke! :)

  2. Thank you for the chance to win—I would use for dishware, dishes, knives–kitchen “stuff” I love browsing Target kitchen aisles…

  3. I would buy a DSLR for our upcoming Germany move! I use cartwheel, but need to make a better effort of checking the app daily.

  4. I would buy home decor duh! haha. Like accessories for our kitchen remodel and final touches fo rmy daughter’s room!

  5. Definitely clearance items, that’s just a given! I’d get a new bag, sheets, towels, soap, make-up, food, etc I’d squeeze a little bit of everything out of it!

  6. Having just had our first baby & keeping the gender a surprise until the due date, we have no Baby Girl items for our new little sweet pea! Winning a gift card would give us the chance to deck out the nursery beautifully for our new little girl :)

  7. I am working on decorating our home so I would use the prize on things for our house!

  8. I would totally re-decorate my whole house! I save money by scouring their clearance end caps! They are the greatest!!

  9. Heather Vance says:

    I am currently loving the Closetmaid line of products! Target is full of eye candy!! Love it! Thank you for all of the info about Cartwheel…I had it downloaded, but never knew what it could do.

  10. I would buy organic baby food, clothes for my 3 boys and any home decor that needs replacing after a fun filled day with 3 active boys. Did I say 3 boys, always need snacks and outdoor toys to keep them happy and content. :) Thanks

    • I always check out the clearance section and use my red card to save money, now I will also check out the cartwheel app. too.

  11. I would buy out the home decor section – pillows, ceramic animals, lamps, mirrors – I’ll take it all!

  12. I save money by doing deals with Target online because I live in Germany. If I won $1000, I’d pay off my grad school debt.

  13. Lauren S. says:

    My boyfriend and I are moving in together in 2 months AND adopting a dog from the rescue, so we would be THRILLED to win! This would help us so much! I save money at Target by stocking up on a lot of basics there TP, cleaning supplies, etc.), and I always find great clothes in the clearance section. Target has much better prices than the grocery stores nearby, and I love Up and Up brand!

  14. OYE I LOVE TARGET TOO!! In fact, I live close to one and go often. I love your tops and agree on all of them….especially going often to check out deals. I I win the $1,000 sweepstakes, I will be buying a combination of baby items for little miss, bedding for our master bed and our sons room, and home decor for our new house. If I have any leftover it will go towards much needed post pregnancy clothes and shoes for myself. Excited to win!!!!

  15. LYNDIA RONO says:

    I would go directly to the electronic department and purchase a Samsung Smart TV as well as some Dora the Explorer and Doc McStuffen DVD’s for my very special grandkids to enjoy when they spend the day with me.

  16. Lisa Skinner says:

    Where to begin? I’ve been eyeing a new shower curtain and some towels at my Target. New dishes? New clothes? Patio furniture? Oh the decisions I would gladly have to make!

  17. Oh, Target! I love you so! My husband and I just welcomed our first baby boy but since we’re moving in a few months, we decided to not set up a nusery. This would be SO helpful in making a beautiful nusery for our Benny! In an effort to save as much as we can, we never bought a glider and I am just DYING for one!! The Cartwheel App. is pretty awesome. I usually make my shopping lists based on what’s on the deal, but I need to start going more than 1-2 times a month to catch more deals!

  18. Jess Talkington says:

    I have loads of items saved in my cart online that I would love to buy! Rugs, furniture, curtains, pillows… I’m pretty much obsessed with the whole Threshold line! I am a clearance end cap cruiser. I have been since college. I will definitely check out the cartwheel app, thanks for all the info on it!

  19. I would use it in the home decor department! I am obsessed with their lamps especially. I would also stock up on groceries for my family. I love the Cartwheel app too! It’s a great way to save, because it’s so simple. Thanks for the giveaway- love your blog!

  20. I Love Target! I would get a few home décor items I’ve been eyeing and clothes for my daughter.

  21. Julie price says:

    Remodeling our bathroom so I would love anything from Target!

  22. Thank you for the contest! Target is magical. No one does it better. If I won, I would spend a heavy portion on home decor, then purchase all new bedding for my boys.

  23. Megan Baker says:

    I of course love Target myself I use their mobile coupons along with online and I am a target card holder you can say im a big fan. I would use that Target card to buy some items for my newborn twins that just arrived and since we are getting our first house soon we could use it for house hold goods and decor.

  24. I would pay bills!! And grab a coffee :-)

  25. I would buy the cabinet I’ve been eyeing, as well as some clothes and groceries. I love the cartwheel app, it’s so easy to use!

  26. I love Target!! I’m an end cap kind of girl. Love the savings! $1000 sweepstakes means home decor. We are in the process of remolding the bathroom. I could spend some money on new bathroom digs. A girl can dream right? I love my red card! I love seeing my total saving at the end of the year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Ellen Casper says:

    I use the cartwheel app and mobile coupons at Target. We’re remodeling our bathroom and repair ting our house so new bathroom decor and new pillows, curtains and accessories for the rest of the house.

  28. Cartwheel is new to me. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to check it out. Like you I’m obsessed with Target. I’m even a Target card holder. I love to just wander around and find new things. I would go straight to home decor–my favorite. There are several items I’ve been looking at. Thank you for the chance to win. And thank you Target for being so awesome!

  29. Patricia Lapinsky says:

    Love the Cartwheel app and would love to win the 1000$. I could redo our guest room.

  30. I too cruise the clearance end caps at Target and boy would I have fun with $1,000!!!

  31. candice S says:

    I would buy home decor and shopping spree for me and thw boys :)

  32. I love Target! Nothing gets me more excited then using my Red Card and hearing the cashier rattle off my savings every trip! I’d use $1000 for some home decor, clothes for my daughter who grows like a weed and perhaps a few things for my husband and myself!

  33. Mary Hannah says:

    1000 would help me with my kitchen overhaul and buying clothes, diapers ect. For my two little guys!

  34. I would definitely shop clearance, home decor, shoes, and clothes. All while combining with the use of the Cartwheel app!

  35. Jennifer Blount says:

    Oh, Target is my happy place! I would spend most of it on home decor. Half of our house is styled from their Nate Berkus and Threshold line. I love how on trend but also classic they are. Just the thought of getting $1000 spending money at Target is giving me flutters!

  36. new camera for sure! I use that cartwheel app everytime I shop at target :) Love it! xo Kristin

  37. $1,000 to Target! That would be amazing. I would spend a lot of it on accessories for different rooms of our house. We are just starting to get the furniture in place but still need to add art and decorative items. It would be so fun to have a great starting point with a Target gift card!

  38. $1,000 to Target! That would be amazing. I would spend a lot of it on accessories for different rooms of our house. We are just starting to get the furniture in place but still need to add art and decorative items. It would be so fun to have a great starting point with a Target gift card!

  39. I love their home department so I would probably add some new home decor. Then shop the kids clothes for some super cute spring clothes for the Grandkids.

  40. I am obsessed with Target! I print coupons on line, wait for what I want to go on sale in the store, use the cartwheel app and use my target debit card to save 5%. $1000 would help buy some stuff for our new house. We need some lamps, rugs, chairs, and tables.

  41. Oh gosh. Target. I currently live less than 5 minutes from a SuperTarget and visit it at least 3 times a week. If for nothing else than to wander and dream. Also, it’s a great place to stroll with my toddler on cold days. (Who are we kidding, I love it waaaay more than she does.) I have some redecorating ideas, so $1000 would be amazing. It would be amazing even if I didn’t.

  42. I love the shabby chic decor at Target. I might finally break down and get a flat screen tv too and become a part of this decade. Lol. I have never used the cartwheel app but I’ll have to check it out. I also discovered recently that on some items the Target online prices are cheaper than the in store price and if you check out at the customer service desk, they will give you the online price. I saved $15 on my son’s Lego set when I discovered that.

  43. Jaime gill says:

    What wouldn’t I spend it on! A thousand dollars at Target is a dream come true! I need new bar stools, some accent chairs, I could even get a dress for my sister’s wedding! I could go on and on Target is my favorite store!

  44. That is an overwhelming thought! I would definitely purchase home decor as I always walk by the aisles & drool. We are remodeling our teenage sons room so probably bedroom items mostly. My husband has been wanting a flat screen TV for our bedroom so I would love to make him happy! My daughter would love to clothes & shoe shop and my preteen son would want a video game or some remote control vehicle. Then, if there were any money left….I need some new undergarments ;). Ha!

  45. Oh my gosh – I LOVE Target! I could easily spend $1000 on items from their Threshold line!

  46. My son is getting married and setting up house. This would be a great help

  47. I’d buy a little of everything. Some spring clothes, definitely some home decor and anything from the threshold line.

  48. i would spend it very carefully on home items and home necessities. I love the cartwheel app and the online coupons. You can save so much at target and now they are my preferred store to shop. I say bye to the rest

  49. If I won $1000 to Target I would buy some home decor and new baby items! I am obsessed with Target we go at least twice a week, I save money there by using my RedCard, the Cartwheel App. And the coupons that print after my purchases.

  50. Jessica Hite says:

    I would definitely be going crazy in the home decor section with the $1000! Target is killing it with accessories and small furniture right now!

  51. Lisa Brown says:

    I would buy a bunch of needed household items for the kitchen and bedrooms. I save at target by buying sales and using any coupons I can find, even the app offers more discounts. The app is nice and helpful when in stor and shopping. It alerts you to sales items that you buy and like.

  52. Karen Jerread says:

    Wow, I would love this. I need new linens and textiles throughout the house. New soft fluffy towels. New heets and pillows oh my. I amsure I could find a new rug or two also. It would be no problem giving this money back to Target and bringing home sweet goodies to admire.

  53. To win $1000 would be such a blessing. I’m getting married March 1 and both my fiancé and I will be moving out of our parents homes. Needless to say, we will be starting our own home from scratch and need every bit of help we can get. We already have a list going of things we want from Target (furniture, decor, bedding and bath). I never knew there were ways to save at Target besides catching the clearance items! And I just downloaded the Cartwheel app–I’m already loving the deals! Thank you!

  54. If I won $1000 to spend at Target I would buy new bedding, some furniture, curtains and more to redo both my kids bedrooms. And maybe a few goodies for me.

    I save at Target by shopping the end caps all the time. I think they know me to well at my local Target. I use coupons and I have the cartwheel app on my phone! I love Target.

  55. I would love to win this! I love the threshold line! I would spend it on new bar stools… new bedding… and pick up a few things for my son :) What a great giveaway! :)

  56. Lisa Brown says:
  57. Winning this would be fabulous! I’d buy clothes for my little people, for sure home decor (Threshold and Nate Berkus rock my world), and some cute jewelry for me. Thanks for the tip on when they mark things down!

  58. Kim R. Dykman says:

    Wow – it would be easy to spend $1000 and most of it on new stuff for my kitchen! I would also buy some baby stuff for a new cousin to be born in April (family could use the help) and some of their “at Target only” snacks! Thanks for the great update ! I love Target too only I shop with a Diet cherry coke!

  59. Since we are expecting #4, I would get maternity clothes!!

  60. I love, love, love Target. It’s my happy place. I love to browse their home decor isles and that is most likely what I would spend the money on. I will have to check out the Cartwheel App.

  61. I desperately need new rugs and my daughter has outgrown her little girls room. At almost 13 it needs some serious updating to reflect her age. I would also love to get new dishware, some small kitchen appliances, and of course some new clothes!

  62. Home Décor, Rugs, Pillows, Throws!!! I always go straight to those sections first when I walk in the front door! I love Threshold!! I literally live across the street from Target so I go at least three times a week. I always check the end caps too :)

    Thanks for the tips!

  63. My husband and I having been putting every extra penny away to buy a home in the country (and I do mean every penny!) As a result, many, many things in our house, from furniture to clothes to linens are wearing thin (you should our bed linens – OH MY!) In addition I’m coupon/sale diva and not only do we save tons on groceries and toiletries, but we also donate a lot of things to local food banks and churches. So what would we do with the $1,000.00 gift card? Replace old worn out clothes, buy new linens (especially sheets), stock up on things for local charities and maybe splurge on a couple of wanted not needed things! Good luck to all!

  64. First of all, THANK YOU for explaining cartwheel! I’ve had it for awhile but have never really figured out how to use it! Second, I recently got a cherry coke from Target (i LOVE cherry coke) and realized how delicious it is, you’re right! Now, if I won, I would use my gift card to shop for items for my home, but mainly for items for our first baby that my husband and I are expecting! I’d buy the nursery furniture that we’ve been eyeing :)

  65. love the cartwheel app- I use it specifically when we’re having people over so I know what soda/snacks/groceries are on sale and can base what I serve around that :).
    I’d use the money to help transform my guest room into a guest room/office.

  66. I love Target and their Cartwheel app! I would definitely get some new lamps and accessories for our master bedroom as well as some new threads for myself! Great giveaway!

  67. Thanks for the contest opportunity!
    If I were to win, I would probably have to walk around multiple Targets, hundreds of times to finally decide what to buy- as I would want everything! I have been decorating my house for years, but somehow, our master bedroom has never been touched. I would love to have a comfy and inviting place for us to unwind at night (for baby and dog, too!) Bedding, rugs, lighting, curtains, decor, and books… the whole package:)
    I also, am obsessed with Cartwheel. Gotta love the gratification of seeing savings on the app after a successful visit to Target!

  68. Caitlin Hasselblad says:

    I would love to win this to stock up on all the things on our wedding registry!! My fiance and I are starting from scratch so a lot is needed to start our life together!

  69. Oh Man! A $1000 to Target! Endless possibilities but I would definitely use some of the money to decorate the basement we are going to be finishing soon! Or decorations for the main level, the matching dresser to the crib that should be arriving today, groceries, you name it you can find it at Target! I LOVE my Red Card and Cartwheel as well! What an easy way to save money! Thank you and thank you for all your awesome ideas that most of us can afford!

  70. I would buy stuff for our new house! We’ve been living on hand-me-downs for three years now and I could use some STYLE!

  71. This is truly a heavenly post! :) I love the unofficial schedule of markdowns Liz! yay! If I win $1,000…I’d spend it to decorate our house and nursery…still so much to do!

  72. I am so glad in not the only target lover/enthusiast/passion it’s out there. My Husband and I just purchased our first home so the amazing gift would go towards our home decor. Also we have a baby boy on the way who could definitely be styling in some target gear.
    I am a new avid user of user of cartwheel. Just last week I saved over $40 using the app. And thanks for the tip on the barcode scanning. I didn’t not know that secret!
    Fingers crossed!

  73. Such a great opportunity! I would make the $1000 stretch by purusing the clearance end caps on my weekly Friday Target run. It’s my after work go to spot. Forget happy hour…,Target’s where it’s at! I would love to re-design our master bedroom and bath so I think a good portion of money would be used for that. Our patio could use some TLC as well. Plus, there are some cute new spring shoes coming out that would be an added plus :) I think the cartwheel app is great but I need to use it more frequently! Thanks for the tips. I especially liked the “unoffical” markdown schedule!

  74. First off, LOVE love love Cartwheel AND my %5 off with my red card. Those two things alone have way increased my target shopping!! We are currentley buying a new house and I just know that $1000 would go along way towards making a house a home :) I am in love with all things Threshold and my latest obsession is a beautiful gold bar cart that calls out to me everytime I pass her by…sigh. Feeling lucky!!

  75. Blogged it! Sending people your way. Thanks for the chance.

  76. Vanessa simmetcole says:

    This giveaway is so exciting! :D
    I save money by using the cartwheel app, manufacture coupons & target printed coupons together! I love target! If I win my bedroom needs a MUCH needed makeover :)

  77. If I won I would use the money to start decorating our nursery! I love the Cartwheel app. I also “cruise” the end caps for good deals – much of our home is decorated in things that I’ve found in Target clearance! :)

  78. LOVE using Cartwheel. I check it ALL of the time. I’d use the $1000 to buy home décor, Apple TV, and new workout clothes!

  79. Okay…I rarely enter giveaways but, Target is my absolute FAVORITE store of all time and I go there at least 3 times a week so, I couldn’t resist adding my little comment here. Fingers crossed, I’ll be the big winner and I will spend the money on home décor, clothes for me and the girl child, and new linens for the house. Hooray for Target! Hooray for this post! Hooray for whoever wins (I sure hope it’s me)!

  80. $1000 to Target! I could have a house full of items! especially I know how to use my cartwheel app more efficiently with your tips!! thanks!

  81. kathy harmon says:

    Thanks for the great tips! If I won I would buy a little bit of everything

  82. I love Target. I just signed up with Cartwheel and hope to see some savings soon!! Also, if I won, I would buy new shoes for my kids and some bathroom mats. Ha! Very Practical here!!

  83. Caitlin H. says:

    OH Target, how I love thee! This $1000 would come in handy since I just moved from Colorado to Florida with my fiancé! We have a new apartment to furnish!

  84. rachel cartucci says:

    selfishly I would buy a whole new wardrobe. I lost 100 pounds last year so I hardly have anything to wear.I love Target…and hitting the sales racks!Yea,that app is awesome! THANKS SO MUCH!

  85. i LOVE the cartwheel app, i’ve saved over $45 using it, we have a new house and we need decor in every room so $1000 would be the most fun shopping spree ever!

  86. Dana Summers says:

    I would love to roam the aisles of Target and look for new bedding and maybe an accent chair or two. I love you, Target!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  87. I can’t even imagine how happy I’d be to win $1000 to Tarjay! :) I would spend it on furniture/home décor — we just moved to a new, smaller apartment. Somewhat counterintuitively, we need a bunch of new furniture because a lot of our bigger furniture didn’t fit in the smaller new place & we had to get rid of a lot. Woo! I haven’t used the Cartwheel App but I will definitely need to check it out.

  88. Love Target…and LOVE to save!Thanks for the advice:)

  89. Can’t believe I didn’t know about the cartwheel app! Thanks for sharing – I would love to win…$1000 goes a long way at Target!!

  90. Brandi Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I would love to win this and be able to buy home decor. We need lamps, rugs, curtains, and so much more. I so hope I win!!!

  91. I would totally spend it all on home decor and shoes! Lovvvee Target shoes! I love the cartwheel app too and use it every time I’m there.

  92. I would use the money to buy my son some spring/summer clothes and the rest to update some of our home decor, specifically the bathroom and living room decor. I save money using my Target Red Card and buying clearance items online.

  93. I am obsessed with Target! Even with the recent issues I still stand by them. We even chose them for our wedding registry. I would use the money to buy some decor and storage/organization for our apartment (we need it so bad) and gifts for all the birthdays and events coming up in our lives very soon!

  94. Toni Mahana says:

    I love Cartwheel and the stackable coupons. Home décor and more home décor! That’s how the 1000.00 would get used. Thanks for the chance.

  95. Victoria P says:

    I love Cartwheel! I always search for every item I put in my cart while shopping just in case there is a coupon. I have gotten several family members to start using it as well. We just purchased our first home last fall and I would spend the $1000 finishing up the decorating process. I used Cartwheel to finish the master bathroom and bedroom. Now I need some fun decor for the living room!

  96. I LOVE target!! It is totally my happy place, I could spend hours in there! If I won, I would a ton of home decor and baby products for my little man!

  97. I am DEFINITELY a Target endcap cruiser…my best friend and I love getting together for “target dates” and scouring for deals. I’d love to win the giveaway. My home office is in a sad state (i.e. I’ve lived in my home for 6 months and the office is still referred to as the “toss it in there” room). I would use the money to do some serious revamping and, gasp, maybe even purchase a real desk!

  98. Thanks for this contest! Oh Target how you are the obsession of so many!! :-)
    If I were to win, I’d have to get a new rug or two ( in the process of changing up a few things) Some new towels and maybe whatever happens to be on clearance that I just can’t pass up!! :-)
    I like you, keep an eye on those end caps! Use my target cartwheel when I remember and frequent the clearance racks too! Thanks so so much again for this chance! I am so hoping I win!!

  99. I always use the cartwheel app when I go to Target and why not? The app is a great way to keep track of deals and save money! I am definitely needing a new camera and have been eyeing a few DSLR deals at Target. I also absolutely LOVE the Shabby Chic bedding at Target and would love to get a nice treat of a full bedding set. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  100. I am also a Targaholic. I have been since the early 90′s when I bought all 3 of my little daughters school clothes for the year for less than $50. I remember the pants were $1.49. What’s amazing is 20 years later I still can get clothes that cheap on clearance at Target. Back then they only marked down on Tuesdays. But I still went in a few days a week.

    Love me some Target!!

  101. What a great giveaway! As a teacher, I’m always on a tight budget and looking for ways to save or create a look for less. I love DIY and have been obsessed with the Liz Marie Blog since I stumbled across it over Christmas break. (I even got my mom hooked!) Since then, I’ve been devoting my free time to your DIY projects and to perusing the photos of your lovely home for inspiration. Winning this Target gift card would be such a blessing! I would use it to purchase clearance items, as to get the most out of the money! I’ve been slowly decorating my home, which I purchased 3 years ago, but still have several decorating projects to be completed. With the combination of this gift card , your Target saving tips and the cartwheel app, I think I could make the most of the money and recreate a look inspired by the Liz Marie Blog!

  102. Hey!

    I also grew up loving my MI Target days with my mom and sister… we always had Pizza Hut there (I totally love the pepperoni pizzas that have been sitting there for just a li’l bit… mmm!).

    I would buy furniture/big stuff if I won!

  103. I love Target!!!!! I also cruise the end caps for great clearance items. I would use the $1000 to buy great stuff for my home.

  104. Misty Bragg says:

    Target…oh how I love target!! I would easily spend $1,000 on clothes for my three beautiful daughters! Target has the cutest clothes for kids!!! Oh and I’d probably use some of it to decorate their new rooms once we get moved!!! and baby wipes, yes tons of baby wipes! Lol our whole family uses their baby wipes. :-) to save at target I ALWAYS shop clearance, I use cartwheel & save 5% with my REDcard (I love that it’s not a credit card, comes right out of my checking & saves me 5%!!!!!!) just some of my favs & why I love target. :-)

  105. Adrienne Nevin says:

    I would spend the $1000 on accessories for my newly painted guest room! thanks for the giveaway!! I save money by going to Target often!

  106. I love Target and find myself there at least 4 times a week. I would buy stuff to finish decorating my sons nursery and also buy some clothes for my whole family.

  107. Heather Virts says:

    I would use the money to buy things to re-do my girls’ room. I save money at Target by browsing the clearance sections and using the mobile coupons!

  108. I recently lost EVERYTHING due to a fire and starting over has seemed to be harder then I ever imagined! It seems like the home decor is the area that’s hardest to justify budget wise! $1000 could definitely help in the splurge department!! And what better place then Target?!

  109. Love Target! I’d use it to buy all kinds of baby items. I’m definitely going to have to download that app!

  110. How amazing is this! We have a big move to Oregon soon so lots of redecorating and a new nursery would be GREAT to spend $1000 on. I’m so glad there is a Target near our home because me and my little girl often cruise the end caps just looking for good deals ;)

  111. Love Target! I would love to use the new money for some new lamps and dishes! !!

  112. Keri Tarwater says:

    First, I would use the $1000 on lots of things! Target is where I do ALL my shopping. Groceries, diapers, clothes, etc. So I would use it on my everyday things. : )
    I absolutely LOVE the Cartwheel app! I use it every single time I go along with all my clipped coupons, the Target mobile coupons, AND my Target red card. LOVE seeing how much I save every trip.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win an amazing $1000!!!!!

  113. I would spend the money on collecting more clearance items at Target! I’m an avid clearance shopper and love the Cartwheel app and enjoy even more savings by using my Target Red Card.

  114. Alyssa LeTourneau says:

    If I won the $1000 I would finish decorating my dining room/family room! I refinished a table and need to update everything to match the new antique vibe. I also love cartwheel and also use mobile coupons, shopkick app coupons and manufacturer coupons when I can.

  115. I have saved money everytime I shop at Target! I use cartwheel, coupons and my debit Redcard. It’s amazing!!! My husband and I are expecting baby number one in September! The $1000 would be beneficial to help pay for some things, but save it too! I’d more over save it :) I’ve spent so much time learning the godly principle of saving and trying to be a good steward! The money would be amazing to start a baby college fund!

  116. I am pregnant so I would use the gift card for this gorgeous glider which I am lusting after for the nursery. I would also use it for some sweet maternity clothes and nail polish. A girl has to look good too

  117. anything and everything home decor! and with spring around the corner – some new deck, garden, outside items!!

  118. I would probably save it and use it to get a new patio furniture set for this Spring!! Oh, and of course some misc. decorating items! I would LOVE to win this!!!! I love Target! I had never heard of the Cartwheel app, but will check it out now! I am becoming at SAHM in a few weeks, so I need to figure out ways to save money! Right now I do shop their clearance end caps and I love to shop after the holidays when they mark stuff down. Also, that 20% off coupon they gave after Black Friday was a STEAL, too!

  119. The $1,000 would definitely go towards decorating since there’s so many amazing options for furniture and accessories! The end-caps are my favorite place as well : ) I take my guy in there and he never understands why we walk the back aisle first before going to get what we initially planned on haha. I’ve gotten some amazing deals there lately! Thanks! : )

  120. I love Target! I would put $1000 at Target to good use! Thanks for the money saving tips!

  121. I use the cartwheel app all the time and love it! And if I won the $1000, I’d totally spend it on home decor.

  122. I would probably save some of it and use the rest to shop for clothes and shoes and half if it to fund my DIY projects for the next few months.
    I never save at Target because I only go there when I need a particular thing and end up leaving with a cart-full of items,

  123. oh my goodness! $1000 at target would be such a HUGE blessing right now. We are preparing for our first baby and STILL in the process of setting up our first home. For Target to come to the rescue would be AMAZING!

    • Oh! And I shop the end caps too, that’s mostly how I save! I love using the Cartwheel App, even though that is just more temptation to shop.

  124. I love Target and so does my granddaughter, so I would spend part of the money on furniture that I need and allow her to purchase some new bedding, rug and curtains for her room(and a toy).

  125. I love target and shop there every week. With 4 kids $1,000 would go towards food & maybe a couple home decor items. Love the cartwheel app!

    • I have always loved a good Target clearance item, so this post immediately caught my eye. I’m an avid decorator on a tight, newlywed, student budget. We had a small wedding so there are of things that I’ve slowly been saving up and collecting, it would be oh so nice to truly our decorate–maybe even afford furniture! Needless to say, I get lost in the Home Decor section…and the Kitchen Gadgets…and the Office Supplies… ;)

      I never heard of the Cartwheel app, and will definitely be using that in future!

  126. I would buy all new bedding for every single bed in the house!

  127. Stephanie Stough says:

    I would do a serious overhaul of our master bedroom! L-O-V-E Target! Hope I win :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  128. I’m an end cap gal too. Love the hunt! And I love the Cartwheel app– it’s awesome :) I would probably buy some stuff for our house and diapers, since we have two little ones!

  129. If I won $1000 to Target, I dont even know what I would pick first. Scratch that, I have the smallest TV ever. I would love to get a bigger TV and maybe some new bedroom/kitchen items.

    ~ Joanie

  130. First, I just wanted to thank you (and Target!) for posting this amazing contest! My husband and I got married and bought a house in the past year. Our house is still quite empty, so I would love to be able to fill it with wonderful target furniture and accessories! I would also treat my mother to a gift, as she has been spending her time sewing new curtains for me (something I need to learn to do in the future). Thanks for all your inspiration and tips LMB!

  131. I’d use it to get organized and also buy new silver wear, cups, and dishes. The family is growing and I can’t keep up!

    I do love the app, too!

  132. I think I would spent a little here, a little there. It would be Awesome to spend 1000 at Target!

  133. Ahh!! New bedding and curtains!!! And some random decor! :)

  134. I would love a Target giftcard. I would spend it on home decor and clothing for my kids!

  135. I would get some new sheets and probably a camera. I love shopping the endcaps. I usually go several times a week—my target is just down the street from my office. It’s dangerous having a target 1 mile away. :)

  136. I would love to win this so I could finally decorate my house since most of the rooms are empty since moving in. I love using my cartwheel app paired with manufacturer coupons and target coupons to save on the products I buy at Target.

  137. I LOVE Target also and am there at least 3 times a week! I love trying to see what great deals I can get by using Target and Manufacturer coupons along with Cartwheel and my red card. I just started using the Cartwheel App. a few weeks ago and can’t believe it took me this long to start using it. If I won, I would finally finish up decorating my home, I’ve been working on for almost 2 years, and of course, use some of it to buy my lattes at Starbucks, each time I go:-) Thank you for this opportunity!

  138. TARGET IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE STORE!!! I would get every Threshold item I’ve been wanting!! Lighting, bedding, throw pillows- it’s all sooo gorgeous.

  139. $1,000 to Target! Wow it is like all my hopes and dreams have been answered. There are so many things I would do with a gift card to Target. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in our home I could finish the Living Room and Dining Room. So many goodies; including lamps, rugs, chairs that are needed for our home. What a great give away.

  140. I love target so much!!!!!!!!!! I would buy all the Threshold home décor items I’ve been wanting!! I love it all! How amazing would that be!?

  141. Love, love, love Cartwheel. Once I saved 20 bucks just with the Cartwheel app. Score! I would basically buy everything Nate Berkus if I won the 1000 bucks. Crazy about his line!

  142. Oh I would so love to win! Target is seriously the BEST!! We just recently moved to a home that’s in need of some Target lovin’! Home decor, kitchen stuff, clothes… I think those areas cover it. :)

  143. I am getting married in May and doing almost ALL DIY (my mom thinks I’m crazy, my fiance thinks it is genius!). So I would use the $1000 for the supplies to DIY and anything I didn’t think I could make myself (vases anyone?). I love the home section…. Oh yeah and I need some new throw pillows – those would be my “self” purchase!

  144. I just started using Cartwheel and love it! I also score with saving with my RED debit card. Every last penny of the $1000, should I win, would go to household décor. I’m eager to finish decorating my new house!

  145. My daughter will be 13 next month and has always dreamed of a ‘shopping spree.’ $1000.00 would complete an amazing bedroom rehab for her and I’m sure there would be enough to include her little brother- Target has the best deals!

  146. I loooooove Target. With $1000 I think I would be able to redecorate our living room, which is much-needed!

  147. Home décor, baskets, kids clothes and cleaning supplies.

  148. I would LOVE to win the Target sweepstakes & would happily spend my prize money on redecorating my living room! I am currently loving the cartwheel app and have found that the best way for me to save money at Target is to go at non-peak hours when I can calmly walk through the store and browse over items multiple times before actually putting them in my cart. When the store is packed, I get overly excited and competitive and next thing I know, the whole store is in my cart! Oops!

  149. I bought my first house 2 years ago and just now can afford to do a little bit of redecorating the interior (pillows, lamps, throws, sheets, towels, baskets, art), and Target is a great source of those kinds of items. I actually live about 2 hours from the nearest Target so it’s a big treat to go and shop there. I haven’t used any apps to help me save money but I will start right now! Thanks for the tips!

  150. I hope I win!! I would get furniture for my living room :) I just got the app and I can’t wait to use it…maybe tonight :)

  151. I absolutely adore Target! I am there all the time. I would spend the $1000 on new decor for our master bedroom. We are in the middle of a home renovation and I am dreaming of a place to escape to!!

  152. I would love to win (obvi)… but I would use it on getting little gifts for people! one of my goals this year is to snail mail somebody something each month! Also, everyone is having babies and it would help in buying those items for baby showers!!

  153. Target is my Jam, my bread and butter, the love of my life. I am living paycheck to paycheck but I desperately wish to decorate my bedroom in an apartment friendly way! I am dying to scour Target for this purpose. I also desperately need some new clothes! Pick me, pick me! Love you, T ;)

  154. I would get an iPad or another brand tablet and then baby stuff. SOOOOOOOOO hoping I win this. My kindle is dying and we’re having a baby in a month.

  155. I just learned about the Carthwheel app on Sunday and I can’t wait to try it out! I would use the $1000 on updating our bathrooms and guest bedroom. They are one of the biggest projects that I have left and I love Targets line of towels and linens :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  156. $1000 at Target? What wouldn’t I buy? :) A new printer would be in there though. and some shoes. :)

  157. Kimberly S says:

    This is awesome! I would love to buy all new bedding, curtains, knick knacks, shoes, and kid’s stuff! I love Target!

  158. I love Target – 1st I would probably buy some groceries, then some clothes and then some houseware stuff – for the patio.

  159. Yay! Love your blog and love Target! Oh, $1000 at Target would be amazing! New white dishes, picture frames, bedding, throw blankets,, yoga pants…. on and on and on.

    Good luck everyone!!!

  160. Definitely on home decor!

  161. Allyson Clark says:

    I LOVE target!!! I would buy diapers and things for my kids. Maybe somethings for the house. The possibilities are endless!!!

  162. STEPHANIE says:

    i would use it to furnish my new house!

  163. STEPHANIE says:

    and i love saving money at target by browing the cartwheel app, but i dont live near one so i use my RED CARD for free shipping, plus a retail me no coupon, plus 5% off, plus targets awesome sales!!!! I LOVE TARGET!!!

  164. A $1000 would go a long way with updating our house. Oh, the stuff I could buy for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are endless, but I know I would start with new bedding! I like to save money by using the Cartwheel app, so of course I love it. :)

  165. Gilda Mata says:

    Would love to freshen up my bedroom with linens and accessories.

  166. Probably a new camera!!

  167. i’d use the $ to stock up on diapers and household items for the rest of the year! havent had a chance to use the app yet but i have it ready for the next time im at target

  168. I would buy home decor items to help fill the extra space that we will have in our new home when we move this Summer! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  169. I shop Target for deals at least a couple times a week, sometimes more! I’m so lucky that Tuesdays are my day off and I can shop all the home decor markdowns :). I LOVE the Threshold brand – all but one set of drapes in my home are Threshold (bought on clearance, of course) and so are many of the accessories I have. If I win, I think I would spend it mostly on home decor or household items since that’s my passion. I’d spend it a little at a time so I’d be sure to get the best deals on the things I want rather than spending it all at one time. I need a new set of dishes, so I would definitely use some of the $1000 for that, and I’d get my son a really nice dresser for his room – something he can take to college with him in a couple of years. To save money at Target, I always shop the end caps in every section or go straight to the clearance rack. I use coupons and love the Cartwheel app – that is the best thing EVER!!

  170. Tracy Brown says:

    Would LOVE to buy my daughter and ipad mini and not have to use her birthday money!

  171. Kim Early says:

    I would buy all kinds of things for the house, etc. For the last six years things have been financially tough so I would buy things that I havent purchase for awhile, new towels, sheets, seasonal items, etc. What fun it would be!

  172. LOVE target! I would most likely spend it on home décor (of course) but can’t say some of that money wouldn’t go into my wardrobe, new shoes, and yummy trail mix. Crossing my fingers!

  173. Ashley James says:

    Target is my favorite! I used to think that Target was a little pricey and so I didn’t even look at things there other than clothes & shoes. However, over the past year I have been spending more and more time there and I have found that I was totally wrong! I buy so much there now and I visit at least twice a week looking for mark downs. Target’s quality is great too. I cannot count the number of times I have been walking the aisles of Target with my husband and I have said to him, “oh my gosh, how amazing it would be to be able to come here & buy anything and everything I wanted!” I can’t explain how happy that would make me!

    I use my Cartwheel app religiously and absolutely love it. I also have the Redcard which is also, AWESOME! It feels good combining the savings from these two. Plus, the free shipping for any online purchase is unbeatable! I shop online at ALL the time now.

  174. The military just moved us, so I would totally use the money to make our new house a home. …and maybe a few new outfits for baby McKenzie ;)

  175. Ashley James says:

    Oh! I forgot the main purpose of my post! So Sorry! I don’t even know where to start on what I would buy with the $1,000. One thing I have had my eye on for some time is a certain Nate Berkus area rug. That would definitely be finally coming home with me. Also, I need an area rug for my bedroom so let’s say 2 rugs! I would get some new PJs (target has the bast), some curtains for my dining room and living room. New sheet sets, towels that all match, or maybe a TV for our bedroom?

  176. If I won, I would buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner and a whole new running wardrobe comprised of their C9 gear!

    I haven’t used Cartwheel yet, but I’m downloading it today…and possibly visiting Target after work!

  177. This app sounds great. I shop at Target at least once a week. I love their coupon policy. It’s very flexible compared to other stores.

  178. tweet-

  179. Oh my lanta! I’m so in love with everything about this post! LOL

    I am OBSESSED with my cartwheel app!! I mean it has came to my aid SO many times!! Just LOVE it! I used to go online and print all my coupons out and it has made it SO much nicer and ummm hello, good for those trees saving on paper, right? LOL

    I need some dining chairs for our farm house table! BUT! I also would love to get my living room feeling more “me” with more pillows, wall accents, ect!! But I also would love to give our guest bath a face lift…oh oh wait! My bedroom is in despair! LOL I don’t know! I think I would go and just look for lots of cute stuff, clearance racks and make my home more me!

  180. $1000 could go sooo far at Target! I would get my husband a TV for his ‘mancave’ and the rest would go towards fun stuff for me ; ) I love shopping the endcaps and use Cartwheel everytime I’m there! Target’s the best!!!

  181. I lurve me some Target and the Red Card 5% off + free shipping is my fave!

  182. Lisa Cooper says:

    I would love to update my home decor with a Target giftcard!!

  183. 1st I really LOVE the cartwheel app!
    I would use the $1,000 on everything from food to redoing my children’s bedrooms!!!

  184. Jessica Isaacs says:

    I love Target’s Cartwheel app! $1,000 at Target would go a long way towards furnishing our home. We are in a constant struggle towards getting our home more comfortable, recently with car repairs needing done rather than storage furniture.

  185. I would totally use it to decorate my home!

  186. Sarah Kane says:

    If I won, I’d use it on decorating the house and of course things for the family! :) I use the cartwheel and also have the REDcard to save an additional 5%. I also like to wait for sales on items before buying but that doesn’t always work because sometimes it sells out before I can get my hands on it! I do tend to check out the clearance endcaps, but haven’t hit the jackpot on that yet :) I hope I win… I’m a Target-holic!

  187. I’d use the winning to buy toys for my kiddies and socks! I love the cartwheel app. It’s GENIUS! I save by waiting for food to be marked down and perusing the clearance sections.

  188. I just recently heard about the cartwheel app and installed it about two days ago. I love the idea of saving even more at TARGET! I’d love to win in order to get new sheets for the bed and towels and a little treat for me in the accessories aisle. I save by buying more than just one item when I love it and it goes on sale.

  189. Gina cruse says:

    I would spend money on decorating my house as well as redoing my garden! We just moved to a new house and it small for us( we have 5?kids) I would spend it reorganizing and finding new storage ideas!! When I go to target I always shop the clearance.. It’s amazing

  190. Mattie C. says:

    Would definitely spend the $$$ on furniture and home decor! Need some new rugs, tv stand, and chairs!

  191. Emily R,. says:

    Home Decor! I’m getting married and would love to decorate our space.

  192. If I won the money, I would definitely be spending it at Target. I absolutely love Target. I would buy me some new clothes for sure and their accessories, those are my favorite. I use the same techniques that you do. I use the cartwheel app, I always check the end aisles as well, those are where I tend to find all my deals.

  193. What in the world would I do without Target?! ;o) I just signed up for Cartwheel so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for all the info. I would buy furniture and furnishings for my new home office with the money! Thanks for the chance.

  194. I would but new clothes for my whole family! I just got Cartwheel so I haven’t used it yet.

  195. I would save it towards emergency money

  196. Julie Bonner says:

    Yeah! I can’t even say how incredible it would be to have $1000 to spend at Target. I have 3 little girls to cloth on a single income which can be tough and Target always has the cutest stuff. I also am in need of some serious organization and new bedding. And who can resist a red icie and popcorn ;)

  197. rachel l. says:

    how giddy do you get when you see those little red and white striped clearance stickers?! dude, target obsessed here. i have four littles and a house built in 1943 that we are slowly making our forever-home, so it’s safe to say i shop every aisle of that store. $1,000 would go a looong way toward achieving some of our goals, even longer if i use cartwheel and coupons! :) thanks for the opportunity.

  198. So funny that you blogged about this! I am a Target fanatic, and I often get asked how I save money at Target. I often hear from friends and family that they never find anything at Target, to which I answer “WHAAAAAT?” I use all the methods you list above, and Cartwheel is my new way to add extra savings! If I know I’m going to make a Target trip I usually sit down the night before (or sometimes in the parking lot before I go in) and check out all the deals.

    $1000 would get me far at Target! I’m looking for some barstools, curtains, and general décor. Also, I’ve switched to using the Up and Up brand diapers for my 18 month old so I would definitely stock up on those!

  199. I love the Cartwheel app!! I’d spend the $1000 on getting the rest of the gear for our baby (due in May) and save the rest to help cover diapers and groceries once he’s here and I’m on maternity leave

  200. $1000…I would buy all new bedding. I so desperately need that. Hmm, maybe some new bath towels. I’ve never used the Cartwheel app…where have I been? Downloading now!

  201. Laura Grace Andry says:

    I would give my bedroom a makeover. I am talking new rug, new bedding, new wall art, new curtains, new lamps and more! I would go target crazy. The funny thing is that I have most of it already picked out, I have just been waiting on sales and clearance pricing. I too hunt the endcaps and am thinking another trip is in order based on your endcap picture above!

    I have not heard of this app, but am downloading it now, so thanks!

  202. Krista cheatham says:

    As a mom of two little ones, I spend a lot of time/money at Target. I’m lucky there’s one just minutes away, so it’s easy for me to go. It’s a one-stop-shop for me so I buy almost everything there: clothes, groceries, decor. I would use the money for all these things.

  203. Well for one, I actually day dream sometimes about how I’d spend $1000 at target lol
    I would for one buy my hubby and daughter all new wardrobes.
    I would get all my family gifts, also the homeless people around where we love now some food and clothes.
    I would buy some things for when we buy a place of our own
    And I would finally buy myself a nice dress and purse:)

    I absolutely love being in target, even if I don’t buy anything. The targets I’ve been too don’t normally have BIG sale spots but sometimes when they do I like to splurge a little.
    I also love the cartwheel app, I got it when it first came about and have loved it since

  204. Jenny Castro says:

    I would die if I had that much “free” money to Target…My husband would appreciate it too since half of my paycheck typically goes to Target :)

  205. If i won this fabulous sweepstakes I would use the money to decorate the nursery for my first child. I have had multiple miscarriages and am so excited for the birth of our first child! i love shopping at Target and find my deals my going frequently and shopping the endcaps as well :)

  206. I would love to win!!!! I would use it for new sheets, picture frames to update our walls and create a gallery wall, bedding, the possibilities are endless! Love Target! Always use the coupons and the Cartwheel app!

  207. This is amazing! I would replace the barstools in my kitchen and then buy things to round out every room in our house- one of my kiddos needs a headboard. One needs a new lamp. I’d love a bench for my front porch! And then if there was anything left I’d save if for Christmas!! A girl can dream ;) thx!!!

  208. So much I would want to buy I don’t even know where to start! I would love some new decor!

  209. I love to brows the Target clearance sections! I am always looking for a deal! I will have to check out Cartwheel, I didn’t know much about it before. Sounds really neat!

  210. Jessica R says:

    I go to target every three days without fail. I seriously love to surf the endcaps too. Of course, lets not forget the one spot. My craft closet is full of items that I get from the one spot. I would def buy those nice armchairs for my living room and some nice towels, let’s not forget some cute things from the one spot, if I won !!!

  211. Jessica English says:

    Oh my gosh target is like crack!! I would definitely use the gift card in all departments– a few home essentials, a few wardrobe staples and a few home decor splurges! Between clearance and Cartwheel I never get out of there without spending something!

  212. Holly Barosh says:

    I love Cartwheel! I would totally spend the $1000 to makeover my bedrooms in my home. I believe that your bedrooms are your sanctuary and your safe place at the end of the day. So far, after 5 years in our new home, it just feels like a bare room. Thanks for posting this!

  213. Oh wow, what a great giveaway! We just moved into a new house so it would be spent on home decor and other goodies! I have my eye on some barstools!

  214. I would buy some of the stools you shared on IG for my new studio re do!!!!!

  215. Megan Holloway says:

    Oh my stars!!! Target is like my second home, I swear! All I spend my money is there, especially on clearances stuff!!! We just recently purchased our first house, and getting back on our feet with the bills & stuff. It’s already hard enough to try keep up with everything and wanting to buy new things for the house. $1,000 could go LONG way for me and my family! We probably would be buying new blankets, sheets, towels.. Sadly, we don’t have many of those and really need new ones. Then, of course, I would hunt deep for all cute decors for each rooms! Also, I would buy new kitchen things! Cartwheel is my FAVORITE thing to do before I hit up at target! This is a such generous of you hosting a giveaway.

    God bless you!
    X’s & O’s,

  216. I would spend it on home decor and baby clothes! I cannot leave that place without buying clothes for my daughter.

  217. I love Target and browse the clearance end-caps ALL. THE. TIME. I’m always getting asked by store associates if I need help finding anything because I’m just slowly walking each aisle! HAHA! WOULD LOVE TO WIN! thanks! xoxo

  218. Amanda Taylor says:

    I would probably spend it on home decor! I’m new to the cartwheel app but I’m no stranger to cruising the end caps :-)

  219. Um what would i not use it on!? I buy everything at Target! Home decor, clothes, shoes, kids stuff. I could spend half of that in the dollar spot! Ok maybe not that much :) but a lot!

  220. Thanks so much for the Target tips!!!!

  221. Mrs. J.L.V. says:

    I would share this with my 2 daughters, and for me buy a new tv cabinet. My daughters would love to buy everything from clothing to cosmetics.

  222. I would love to win this!! I would spend it on home decor for our new house, and for the nursery of our first baby due in July! I have been wanting new curtains, dishes and a glider chair(for the nursery). I love shopping at Target and love the Threshold items! I have never used the Cartwheel app but will definitely look into doing so now.

  223. Danielle Maes says:

    I would share this with my family and build my dream photography lady work cave … :)

  224. Well with three kids (two under four), I’m not going to lie some of it would go for stuff for them from Target of course! I would probably cruise the Target clearance stuff (I’m a fellow addict) to buy some home decor to spruce up my house. (I have had the same throw pillows for 6 years.. gasp! We won’t talk about the couch

  225. Jo Ashley says:

    I would buy baby things for my granddaughter who arrives in Feb.

  226. Gina Allen says:

    In my DREAMS would I ever get to spend $1000 at Target! Because of my innate desire for the hunt~the hunting of clearance deals~I would first do my usual walk around the store end cap survey and buy things for me. THEN I would love to spend the rest on my son and sweet fiancé, as they are getting married in June. I need to start her on the right path-the Target path. She is getting ready make her bridal registry, and the only place she is interested in is TaRgEt!!! I could furnish their house on $1000. Getting ready to download Cartwheel App…

  227. Oh my goodness! I could make $1000 go a loooong way at Target! Decor of course, maybe a couple of accent chairs, throw pillows for every season… the possibilities are endless!! Great giveaway! Xo

  228. I shop at Target a minimum of once a week and do just as you described: shop all end caps! I save by also using their coupons and Red card. I enjoy the shopping experience that I get there and always leave happy! I am in the process of completing my living room and still need some key pieces! Would love to win!

  229. If I was to win this awesome giveaway I would put it towards a new rug, lamps, and a console table for my living room makeover. I absolutely LOVE the Cartwheel app!! Can’t believe some of the deals I find!

  230. Wow, what a great giveaway! I would buy a little bit of everything; home decor, linens and towels, the kiddos a few things, storage solutions, and of course the hubby a little something!

  231. This would be amazing! We just found out TODAY that we got the house we’ve been looking at! And at an amazing price! It’s an old beauty, which means it’s a bit of a fixer upper, so we don’t have much money for furniture and decor. I am an extreme planner and already have all the furniture we need picked out and a lot of it is from Target! This 1,000 dollars would greatly lift this burden off my family and I!

  232. Holy buckets, this is awesome! What wouldn’t I use it for?! The possibilities are endless! And, totally love the Cartwheel app.

  233. Oh what a fun giveaway!!! I stop by Target at least twice a week and am always updating my cartwheel app, such a great way to save! I would use the $1000 towards everyday grocery purchases to help us out for a while, and maybe a few fun new home decor items too!!!

  234. Bella Barker says:

    I go to Target at least 4x a week. I cannot get enough of it. Literally my husband and myself are obsessed. Before we leave the house we are already on our phones pulling out the Cartwheel App. The first thing we usually are looking at is the endcaps. If we won, we would spend the money AT TARGET getting new decor for our home. We are first time home buyers so everything we have is hand me downs!!

  235. We moved over the summer and I have a five year old and two year old. With the expense of the move I haven’t been able to really do much to their bedrooms so I would use the money to make their rooms into places that really feel like home. Good luck everyone’

  236. My husband and I shop at Target DAILY! I would scour the store for home decor and furnishings, kids clothes, and kid supplies (diapers, formula, etc…) if I won the sweepstakes. I’m just starting to use cartwheel. I find it a little slow to look thru, but I hope it will become easier as I use it more.

  237. oh my! what wouldn’t i use it on?!?! seriously though we need closet organizational stuff, new towels- things like that! thank you for the chance to win!

  238. Great giveaway! I’m a starving “starving college student” so I would definitely use the money for grocery items.. OOoo I desperately need some side tables in my tiny living room! I ALWAYS shop target using coupons.. especially for my grocery needs. LOVE your blog!

  239. Would love a new camera, and some Spring home decor!
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Blessings always,

  240. What a generous giveaway! Fingers crossed because I NEED a new rug :)

  241. Vanessa M says:

    Mmmm now I’m in the mood for cherry coke. If I won I would def get some new window treatments and maybe update our bedroom since I have yet to put any wall art in there.

  242. I actually don’t even know how I would spend all of this! I would definitely get a super cute lampshade I’ve been looking at! :) I use the Target app and the Cartwheel app: love them! :)

  243. The hubs and I just bought our very first house! Pretty sure every last penny would be spent on furnishing it! And maybe a new shirt or two :)

  244. With 2 little babes and just buying a house less than 2 years ago my family is on the B word. BUDGET. I would for sure spend the $$$ on my little babes and making this home our own! The home decor at Target is awesome and the cartwheel app saves me a ton on groceries. Fingers crossed that we win! :)

  245. Hilary Harris says:

    $1,000 at Target could get my husband and I our dream bedroom. As of right now we have a hand me down bed and one dresser. That is it!! I could use this $1,000 to furnish our master bedroom and make it ours, finally! I love Target because of their amazing home decor selections and all of the awesome sales they have. I am a regular at Target which helps me keep up on all the eye catching sales. I love Target and could definitely put this $1,000 to use!!

  246. I would love to spruce up my bedroom with new target merchandise. I wasn’t aware target accepted coupons… Thanks for the tip!! Love your blog!

  247. Tiffany Foley says:

    $1000 at Target!! What a dream! First thing on my list would be a glider chair. I have a newborn and it turns out he likes to be rocked…a lot! It’s not an easy task on the couch!! I will have absent of steel by his first birthday! :-)

  248. Clara Grace says:

    I would love to use a target gift card to decorate our new home. There stuff just makes everything so much more “Homey”

  249. Clara Grace says:

    I save money at target by shopping their ads, using coupons (when I remember to print them) and I LOVE the Cartwheel App! It always makes it feel like your getting the best deal possible.

  250. Nicole Yachymczyk says:

    If I won the $1000 to target I would re decorate my moms tiny apartment. My mom was left paralyzed and brain damaged from a brain aneurism and a stroke in 2003 and she always says her dream is to walk again but she’s still struggling daily to get motivated. My mom still has all the same decorations and furniture from 15 years ago, I would love to spruce up her place.

  251. I would love to win this! Thank you for the chance! I would spend it on some clothing for me (clearance, of course!) some clothes for my girls, maybe some new shoes and some super cute home decor! I am in desperate need of a new area rug for my living room! I learned about the women’s clothing markdown on Tuesdays from pinterest, but I am so happy to learn of all the other markdown days! And I love to use the cartwheel app. Between that and IBOTTA I will be saving a ton of money on groceries from Target too! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  252. Ali Fretwell says:

    I would use it to get our house in tip top shape before our little bundle of joy arrives. We just moved into a bigger place and some items are falling apart. We need new dining room chairs and some patio furniture as well as some decorative touches in the nursery.

  253. Nicole C. says:

    I would spend the money on getting some big furniture statement pieces! I always can spend money at target on the little things. Decor items, clothes for me the kids etc. But I never pull the trigger on that cute table or chair, or I have been eyeing an entertainment center for months. I would love be able to get those things my budget doesn’t allow for.

  254. Home décor first….then bedding…then kitchen wares….need I go on?! I’m braving the snow to see if my Target has any of those stools. LOVE THEM!

  255. Susan Smith says:

    I would totally buy stuff for my new house!
    I always check the end caps for deals, and love the cartwheel app!! Cha-ching!!

  256. Samantha Palacio says:

    So jealous of the $28 stools, ahhh!

    I’m a single mom of 2 so what wouldn’t I use it on?!? hmmm… groceries, laundry supplies, clothes for the kids, gifts for my daughter’s 2nd birthday…. so many options! We’re having to move soon so I would also try to score an expensive small dining table and chairs (since we are having to downsize) and splurge on some news towels because we haven’t had any since I got hand me downs in college. I’m sure it would go a long way!

  257. I freaking love target and i love cartwheel. I would totally splurge on beauty items, clothes, and home decor if i were to win!! EEEEEE! Thanks!

  258. Ashley Brasington says:

    Love me some Target

  259. As a recently divorced Dad of 4 sons that is starting over, the $1000 would be gone in one trip to Super Target! I would stock up on a few things for our Man Cave bachelor pad (TV, microwave, pots, pans, dishes, a cheese grater, a poker set and as much easy to prep non-perishables that I could get away with) Target is a good go to source for everything I need and everything I don’t realize I need…

  260. Gina Helton says:

    I would probably save it to use to buy stuff for the baby that we plan on having within in the next year. I save at Target by shopping the clearance racks and looking through the weekly ads. I have never used the Cartwheel App. I have always been interested, and now you’ve motivated me to actually look into it more. Thanks! :)

  261. I love Target and so many things I could buy. I would love new bar stools and a rug for the family room!
    I love the cartwheel app!!

  262. Obviously, I’ve been living in “redecorating my home land” AKA The Dark Ages because I didn’t know about the Cartwheel app! EEK!!!! I’m so excited! If I won the $1000, I would probably stick with this saying, “Something I want (a tablet), something I need (new curtains/dishes), something to wear (a new dress), and something to read (a magazine? Or novel?).” Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  263. I never enter giveaways but this one is a must because just like you,Target is my absolute favorite! And this stay at home momma of four is in need of a bedroom makeover! There’s no life in my sad room with the plain white walls and mattress on floor. A $1000 dollars to target would definitely help to make my room become a place I can love to be in! A pair of shoes would be nice too! <3

  264. Geez…I have no idea what I would spend the money on. The practical person in me says groceries. The mom part of me says clothes for the kids. The shopper in me says clothes, shoes, scarves, ans jewelry for me. The decorator in me decor for updating my bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Whew…maybe all of the above. :D

  265. the thrill is in the hunt! love to frequent Target and hunt for the great deals! would love to use the winnings to take a much needed vacation for our family!! cartweel is a great idea! i
    am a fan of the cvs app. where i load my coupons on my phone!

  266. I would buy tons of stuff to decorate my new house! And I’m going to download that app right now cuz it sounds awesome!

  267. Jessi Nash says:

    Oh goodness I would LOVE to win!! If I won the $1000 I would build up my cloth diaper stash for this little baby coming {soon!} by purchasing Charlie Banana one size diapers that are available through! Also I would redo my daycare playroom with some much needed organization stuff :) I adore Target’s baby aisle! I could spend hours there!!!

  268. Charlotte says:

    I would spend ALLLLLLday there if I had $1000!!!!! Oh wait maybe I’d go each day and pick out their sale items for that day!!! Oh wait maybeeeeeee…. Yep I would like to win

  269. Heather Willett says:

    I was REALLY sick with the flu a few weeks ago, so was quarantined in my guest bedroom. If you want to know what your guest room is truly lacking…sleep in it for a few days! Let’s face it, your guests are going to be polite, so they won’t tell you. If I won $1000 to Target, I would do a COMPLETE revamp on my guest room and make sure that all who visit feel welcome, comfortable, and at home!

  270. If I won $1000 feom target I wud def decorate our living room and bedeoom. We have a spending freeze in place until allour debta are paid ofd a d this wud bring such joy to our home!

  271. If I won I’d start decorating my nursery! We’re due in July. I love Target! I haven’t used cartwheel in the past but just downloaded the app amd can’t wait to start using it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  272. Alexandra says:

    I absolutely love Target, especially since it’s right down the road from my house! I shop the end caps at Target whenever I get the chance to go in there, but I am so excited to know their markdown schedule!! I will definitely use that in the future. If I won the $1000 I would use it to update my bathrooms and kitchen accents. I love Target’s kitchen section and the bathrooms accessories are so cute!! I have never used cartwheel but I can’t wait to try it!! Thank you for this opportunity to enter the sweepstakes! :)

  273. I would spend the money on a mix of things — home decor, clothes & groceries!


  274. Curtains, throw pillows, baby clothes, a bookcase. All the things that I pick up and then put back down because I just don’t have the money to buy.

  275. Dani Bearup says:

    I’m a total end cap shopper :)
    I would use the $1000 to make over my sons room! He is ready to transition from a “nursery” to a “big boy” room!
    Where’d my baby go??? Whaaaaa :’(
    Great money saving tips, thanks!

  276. I save money by combining Target and manufacture coupons and by shopping for items on sale. I would like to try the app

  277. Dona Haggerty says:

    I would spend this $1000 on my daughter who is getting married in June. :)

  278. Maria Elena says:

    I love shopping at Target!! My husband and I will be getting a new house soon, and I would like to win so I can use the money to decorate our home! Every time I get a chance I go to Target and browse around to see if I find any deals, and I always chec the end caps for great deals!:) I didn’t know about the Cartwheel app, but I will check it out I’m very interested! Thank you for the opportunity!!:)

  279. WOW!! If I won $1000 probably would begin with bathroom then move on to the kitchen. I adore their home decor and always amazed every time I walk in the door.

  280. yalonda ramsey says:

    I would buy a little of everything from target, and since i’m re doing my 3rd guest room this would sure come in handy

  281. Thank you for hosting this sweepstakes! I am obsessive about Target, aka visit weekly, I would purchase new bedding and bedroom decorations to decorate our master bedroom, the one room in our house not decorated. I just downloaded the cartwheel app this week because apparently I live under a rock so excited to try it out this weekend.

  282. I would love to buy some new bedroom decor for my baby. She’s one and I still haven’t finished her room!

  283. sophie j. says:

    I seriously am in love with target!! How I save money…. I go ALL the time!!! Usually three times a week when I take my son to preschool (then I only have one kid) I buy him a slurpie with a crazy straw & he is set! I shop end caps first & I always find something!!!! I just scored my kitchen chairs for $49 a piece!!!! Eeeekkk they are gorg! If I won the money I would continue decorating my apartment! Pleaae oh please pick me! Either way target is still my go to when I need to get out of the house and spend some me time!!! Hands down fav place!

  284. Hi Liz, I’ve been reading your blog since 2011 when I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in set design and interior home staging. I recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and would love to be able to spend the 1000$ target shopping spree on acquiring new pieces for my collection and graduate life! Pillows, bedding, wall decor, bath rugs, you name it-I buy it at Target! Thanks so much for the opportunity and thanks for your all of your inspirational blog posts!

  285. Megan Sanders says:

    I’d buy diapers! A lot of diapers! …and Mama needs some new shoes! I love Target!

  286. Tracie Hanson says:

    If I would the give-away, I would buy lots and lots of diapers and wipes. I have a 16 month old, it was a blessing when we did not have to purchase any for the first 8 months of his life due to my mother-in-law. Also I would go hog-wild in the home department and spruce up my master bedroom and bath– and new accessories for my living room and kitchen. Love following your blog- we are right down the road in Wilmington, North Carolina.

  287. I would be able to decorate my new house with $1,000 to target!

  288. This excites me!!! We are HUGE Target fans here in the Hillig house! I can (literally) stand in the middle of my kitchen and load/unload the dishwasher, operate the stove, and put away/retrieve from the refrigerator without moving an inch. With an 1100 sq ft house and a family of 5 – and absolutely no storage space, we will definitely use this to add some!!! WOOHOO! I do use the cartwheel app – and I love it!!! I’ve also signed up for online deals via email!

  289. Jennifer Booth says:

    What wouldn’t I spend it on! I LOVE Target! ❤️Decor for the house, new clothes, endless possibilities!! Clipping, collecting and organizing traditional coupons is tough work. I have tried on many occasions to create a coupon book that is organized by store, expiration date and product category. But without fail, I’ve always left it at home when I needed it, tried to use expired coupons or forgot I had a coupon for a product I was purchasing. Cartwheel makes couponing for a forgetful bargain hunter like me a much more pleasant and productive process.

  290. What a steal of a deal. I want them too! Thanks for the chance.

  291. I would replace some of my second hand housewares with my own style. Target style. :-)

  292. Roslyn Foreman says:

    I would re-do all my bedrooms with new bedding, update my towels, buy small appliances and a smartphone if any money was left over. I love the markdown schedule and will download the cartwheel app!

  293. I would spend the $1000 on baby stuff and endless supplies of diapers. You have so many cute ideas on your blog, I might try a DIY project as well. I have not tried the cartwheel app but I always check the clearance end caps at Target. I have found Thank You Notes for $1. It’s always good to stock up on those. Always something to be thankful for!

  294. Love Target-great info!

  295. Great tips, thanks so much for sharing! $1000….hmmm…I would love to freshen up the house for spring! New colorful throw pillows and an area rug for the living room. New bedding and towels for master bedroom and bath. New window treatments for dining room and new kitchen island counter stools. I could keep going on and on which is exactly what happens every time I enter Target…my favorite place to browse!

  296. I’d use it on groceries (mainly), but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying some fun pieces for the spring wardrobe too!

  297. I would spend the $1000 on kitchen stuff and home decor. I also need new bedding really badly! The feeling of walking into target with $1000 to spend would be priceless! What and awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  298. Chelsea K says:

    First let me say I discovered your IG fairly recently and your personal design style speaks to the beat of my very own heart! I was even sharing photos with my hubby. & oh my gracious LOVE target and this would be such a help to us! Currently stationed in EP Texas and it has become our grocery store as well as it has always been my favorite home decor stop. The Cartwheel app is a must every visit :). I would be so tickled to win this but no matter what, hope someone very deserving does! Happy almost weekend!

  299. Target has so many great home décor items, it would be hard to make decisions! I always check the end caps!

  300. Kylee Sills says:

    I JUST got home from target and between a mobile coupon, my cartwheel app, and 5% off with my Target card I save $43!!!!!

  301. Jeannie Scott says:

    I live in a rural town and we do not have a Target but when I am out of town I love to scan all the aisles of Target!! I would use all the money in the Household and Outdoor Departments!!! I plant a zillion (well, maybe not that many!!) containers with flowers in the Spring so I need lots of supplies. I really really want to win!!!! lol

  302. Oooohhhh seeing how far I could make that $1000 go would be so much fun! shoes, home decor, dietcokes, groceries, more home decor, and cute summer swimsuits for my kiddos!!!

  303. How awesome it would be to win $1000!!! I absolutely love Target and all their home decor!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  304. cheryl clayburn says:

    I would buy my daughter a bed. she is tired of her matress being on the floor. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  305. mickey louth says:

    I’d have to travel over 200 miles to get to our nearest target; visit with my 2 daughters who happen to live there and we three would go shopping together. Probably get them something for their new apt, and I saw a retro step stool that I want for my newly painted kitchen. We would have a great weekend together!

  306. I do love the Cartwheel app Liz… it saves a lot of money! I also know the end cap secret… shhhh!
    Love Target and happy to join in on the giveaway… I would use the money to spruce up my home… towels, blankets, pillows, etc!
    Susan Homeroad

  307. I LOVE target! I go in to buy one thing and walk out with a cart full so that money would go fast! I would use it for home decor and to spoil my baby girl!

  308. Angela Smith says:

    I LOVE the Cartwheel app! My husband is in the Army, we just moved to TN and bought our first house together! I see so many empty spaces in our home that I’m dying to fill with target home decor (love the Nate berkus collection!) That’s how I would spend $1000!

  309. Bonnie Boeve says:

    I have a sick obsession with Target! From clothing to baby stuff to home decor. Its a weekly visit for this household! We would spend the shopping spree on redecorating our living room and kitchen. :)

  310. If I won $1,000 in Target I would;

    1) die
    2) resurrect
    3) buy all of those amazing light wood Threshold frames
    4) completely redo my living room and bedroom!
    5) update my very drab mom wardrobe and throw out all my yoga pants.

    I love Cartwheel! I use Cartwheel, the Target mobile app (they have their own coupons you can stack with Cartwheels for double dipping), AND I have a Target redcard that knocks off another 5%. Boom. I can stretch $1,000 far!

  311. Love this post, thanks for the tips! I would use the money towards…a new laptop & of course trips to Target! :) unless it’s a Target card, it would be used toward decor & clothes! :) I haven’t used Cartwheel yet but am looking forward to using this as well as other saving tips! Thanks!

  312. Lacie Rowell says:

    Oh Target…how do I love the? Let me count the ways….hahaha
    Crossing my fingers!!

  313. I would spend the $1,000 on towels and bedding, like new sheets. Can’t have enough sheets or towels, I say!

  314. Kathy Rust says:

    I am soooo itching to redo my kitchen and living room. 1000 bucks would be great! Really enjoyed your Target post. Great info on Cartwheel.

  315. I love the cartwheel app too! I would use the $1000 for new bedding and some other home decor items.

  316. Annette Taylor says:

    Home decor!!

  317. OHHHHH! I would buy a lot! New Towels, Bath Mats, Shower Curtain, End Tables, some Smith and Hawken stuff, some Threshold stuff, maybe a Nutribullet, Spring Clothes, new sunglasses, Essie Nail Polish!!! I would use my Cartwheel too to get more bang for my buck! I love that App!!!

  318. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! Found you on IG and now I’m a follower!

    I would use the Target gift card to buy new furniture, rugs , and lamps. I constantly help others purchase things for their homes but it would be such a treat to get some things for my own home! Thanks for the tips. I’m downloading Cartwheel tonight!

  319. Lindsey Muller says:

    I have been waiting for some extra money to finally get nice bedroom furniture! So I would use the money to splurge on a nice quality set. I love the cartwheel app but I’m not 100% how to use it yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  320. Lauren Swanson says:

    We just built a new house and I desperately need to get to Target to help me decorate our guest rooms! I love the cartwheel app, clearance bins and using coupons!!!

  321. Great tips! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  322. Love the tips!! I’m a total Target junkie also and can hardly imagine the damage I could do with 1000 dollars. I would definitely head to the toddler clothing, home decor and women’s clothing sections. Oh the love…

  323. If I were to win I would spend it on betting the nursery all ready for our first child, and spoil our fur babies a little too. :)

  324. Ashley Porter says:

    $1000.00 at target?!?!?!?!

    as a mom of three target is now more than ever my happy place. i would scour the aisles for hours and hours and hours looking for clearance deals. then i would remember that i had $1000 to spend and splurge on some things without a red and white sticker!! love cartwheel!! love target!!!

  325. Melissa Woodley says:

    Home decor and baby stuff!!!!!!

  326. After I cried and happy danced!?! Master bedroom makeover!!!!

  327. I’m also one of those, end cap people! Whenever I go with my husband, he thinks I’m nuts. I also use the cartwheel app and I’m in love with it.

    I’d love to win this gift card! We live in the cookie cutter military housing, and it’s slowly coming along to make this house a home while we are at this duty station. It would help out a lot!!!

  328. Ahh! This is FANTASTIC! I would totally finish buying items off of our wedding registry (who DOESN’T set up a registry at Target?! The best!) & deck out our apartment with carefully selected clearance items ;)

    Also, are you familiar with the app called Shopkick? It’s literally so easy to earn points just for walking into stores, including Target! You open up the app when you walk in & get points daily. For as often as you and Mr. LMB go there, you would earn points SO fast. You redeem the points for gift cards or other prizes, but I always redeem the Target gift cards (only 500 points for a $2 gift card). Target gift cards are the quickest to earn, how convenient :) I actually made a blog post about it on my very first Things I Love Thursday a few months ago! You’re going to love it if you don’t have it already!

    Yay! Thanks for this opportunity, girl! <3

  329. I’m in dire need of a few new area rugs…I have a feeling this could help with this certain dilema ;) Plus, it would give me an excuse to hit up Target without any questions asked…I call that a win win! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  330. What wouldn’t I buy?! Seriously. I’m always getting suckered into things I don’t really need. But damn they’re so pretty!!!

  331. Geri Barnes says:

    Regardless of why I’m going to Target (pronounced Tar-Jay if you want to sound classy!), I always check out the endcaps for clearance and the dollar spot. Dog food is usually on sale and you can get a $5 gift card with 2 bag purchase. I also used the pharmacy, which gets me a 5% discount for 1 day on the whole store when I fill 5 prescriptions. If I won, I would use it to help furnish my daughter’s house at college!

  332. I would spend it on home decor!!!!

  333. Amazing! I would use those big Target dollars to freshen up all the linens and textiles in my home.

  334. I would update my wardrobe and get some home decor…if there was anything left after buying baby stuff.

  335. I’d get a bed for my daughter and a new computer desk!


  336. Shannon Brey says:

    Love my cartwheel app – every little discount does help and add up! I would probably spend it all over the store – some new clothes for me, a toy or two for the little one and some blue rays for hubby!

  337. $1000 at Target.. I’d buy the store!! Definitly an adorable living room rug ( I saw a few AWEROME patterns today), 3 pairs of sheets, a few fresh towels, a couple wood/chevron frames, and new lamps for the living room, because target definitly has the best lamps around!! . ( have you seen those shades.. Adorable!) and I guess I’ll have to hit the dollar section for gifts for the family.. I mean can I spend 1000 and not get anything for them? :)

  338. Ahh! So exciting!! I would buy my girl a lot more toys and decor for my master room !!

  339. I just shopped at Target today! I personally love browsing the end-caps for great deals. I use my Red (debit) card to earn 5% off my purchase as well as the Cartwheel.

    I would put the $1,000 towards some great furniture pieces for our home.

  340. If I won $1000 to spend at Target, I would totally feel like I won the lottery! I would spend it on home decor, shoes, baby items, and something for the hubs! Thanks for sharing the mark down schedule.

  341. sarah clawson says:

    Oh I love love love some Target. My house could sure use some prettiness!

  342. Jessica Madison says:

    I could spend $1000 at Target EASILY!!!! I’d LOVE to win :) I use the cartwheel app religiously…I have LOVED that thing!

  343. If I won the $1000.00, I would spend it on a nice floor lamp, a Threshold wicker storage basket/chest, burlap curtains, an area rug, two poufs, an accent chair, and wall decor/accessories. Can you tell my living room needs a complete makeover?

    I LOVE Target and save their often by combining Cartwheel (totally love Cartwheel), Target coupons, manufacturer coupons and by using my Target debit card!

  344. Love Target!!! Especially their online clearance,I’ll be heading to Target in the AM to look for those gorgeous green stools :)

  345. I just love Target. The end caps are the greatest! If I won I would be re-decorating my living room. I need a new rug and some new curtains. After buying a few things for myself, I am sure I would spend the rest on my little ones! Thank you for this opportunity!

  346. I love me some Target!!! It’s not the cherry come for me…my three year old and I head straight for the popcorn, fresh made at 10:00 am! I could spend hours in there! I would buy a little bit of everything!! XO

  347. Pamela Hutchinson says:

    Love target ! I could spend a whole day there ! I have baby #2 arriving in less than 6 weeks. I am in need of some baby items and it would allow me to buy things for our new house. I’ve been putting off certain projects bc I can’t justify the cost with a second child on the way. We don’t even have curtains in my bedroom yet, as a mother I get put last, I could actually treat myself !

  348. I can see myself in the home goods department. New bedding, towels, drapes, etc. Love the Cartwheel app and also earn points on Shopkick for Target.

  349. Jessica Merritt says:

    Winning a $1000 target gift card would be a life saver! My husband and our 2 year old daughter just moved out of state into our first home. I have been eyeing lots of things to fill the new house with. We also are graduating our daughter to a big girl room and I’m looking to change the whole theme. Every time I step into target, I always stroll up and down the isles checking for a win on the end caps. I would love the oppurtunity to find more deals and fill my house with decor so it’s more of a home. Thanks, I love your blog!!

  350. Sarah Ollis says:

    I LOVE Target! That’s my go-to store for home decor, clothes, shoes…. pretty much everything. :) My husband and I are in the process of buying a new house, so I would definitely use the $1000 to decorate! I always find great deals on the clearance endcaps. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m the lucky winner! ;)

  351. Thanks for the chance to win! I would use this for home decor!! My homey and humble little apartment needs some new stuff!

  352. This would be a dream!! As a huge Target fan and a full house of five, we have many items on the big wish list! I would definitely devour the home goods section, and buy new curtains, bedding, frames, furniture….! Can you imagine?!

  353. Tammy Comeaux says:

    I would use it to furnish a room for our 12 year old niece that we recently got custody of.

  354. Liz Moore says:

    Love, love, love Target! With $1000 to spend, I would update by living room with new drapes, end tables, and pictures!

  355. Cynthia G says:

    I use the app and then print the target coupons – check the end cap for deals and also look for manf coupons – Icould use a new vaccumm and crock pot ; )

  356. Cynthia G says:
  357. Amy Raney says:

    Love all things Target, would definitely put the $$ towards some cute little end tables, also love their field crest high thread count sheets, cardigans, shoes, and the target popcorn in their cafés.

  358. I love Target! I have to avoid that store just to save money. They have awesome home decor at a great price. I have never used the Cartwheel app but I will be checking it out now, thanks for all the info.

  359. Alexandra coffey says:

    I would buy a new computer for work! I’ve used the cartwheel app before, and liked it :) still playing around with it

  360. Kelleen Greenwald says:

    I love target! My husband and I just moved into our first home, I would use the money to buy home decor!

  361. Samantha Dayton says:

    Thank you for the chance to win ♡ I have two young daughters and I’m redecorating my house…so undoubtedly I’d buy clothes and home items!!! I also shop the sales, combined with the cartwheel AND printable coupons ;) maximum savings if you have MANUFACTURER Coupons as well!!!

  362. I would be so grateful for this prize and would be happy to be able to put the money towards our new home we are building or baby #3. I save money with Target and their Cartwheel app on my boys clothes. At 3 and 5 they are constantly growing and each season we hit up Tar-jay!

  363. I love when I can combine coupons, with Target coupons, mobile coupons, and cartwheel! I’ve been able to do it a couple of times and it’s awesome! I would use the gift card to update our master bedroom!

  364. Hope I hit the bullseye! ;)

  365. Target is my fave! I would definitely use it to redo my sons bedroom and get myself some new clothes since nothing fits after loosing 40 pounds! ;)

  366. I love Target! I buy almost everything from Target. Home decor, hardware, clothing, diapers, gold fish and just plain cute stuff…I also love the Cartwheel app and love scanning as I shop to see if there’s a coupon for an item…I walk through the isles and tell other women about it and so far no one i’ve met knew about it so that got them excited too :) i’m typing this as a wear my beautiful velvet black robe that i recently got there…. Honestly if I win the $1000 it wouldn’t last long because i’d buy bedding and pillows and storage bins and lamp shades and diapers, and cherry cola too :)

  367. I would use it to make over my master bedroom! I have a vision of upcycling furniture from SA & Habitat stores. Making my headboard and bedding. My challenge is to do it for less than $600. I would use the left over $ for redoing the master bath. Thanks for having this contest!!

  368. Target is my favorite store, ever!!! I DEFINTELY have the cartwheel app and I just used it a couple weeks ago to get a GREAT deal on a Threshold bookshelf. If I won $1000 to target I would use the money to decorate/finish our house. We bought our house pretty recently and have been SLOOOWLY turning it into a home. I would LOVR to win this giveaway!!!

  369. I would use the money on new decor for our basement and my office!!!

  370. I am IN LOVE with the cartwheel app! I’ve had it a couple weeks and already saved nearly $50!!

  371. Karen Katchuk says:

    Target is my favorite store! I love the Cartwheel app and the Target Red Card, both allow me to save a lot!
    I would love to win a gift card! I would use it for my house redo…. Bathroom, family room and guest room.

  372. My family & I just moved into a larger home. I would use that Target fun money to decorate ” the study”. A room for our books, homework, reading or just quiet time.
    I love Target!!!

  373. Great tips! Never heard of the Cartwheel app, but I’m going to have to look it up now! I would LOVE to get some new dining chairs or maybe a headboard!!! Fingers crossed.

  374. Judy Golden says:

    I love Target! I would use the money to buy an IPad and if any left over, would buy my husband a new bike. Thanks for the chance, Love all of your posts.

  375. What a sweet offer! I love Target, and this offer would go a long way :) thanks for the opportunity!

  376. I am currently visiting my daughter in Texas (I live in South Dakota). They do not have a flat screen TV yet so I’d definitely get she & the son-in-law one of those (as I intend to do with some of the IRS refund anyway. She loves Target also & spent a year unemployed so I’d treat us both to spend the remainder at Target for fun stuff.

  377. Everyone loves Target!! Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do with those 2 stools!!

  378. $1000 would go a long way when it came to Target deals for furnishing my new house!! I love to search the clearance end caps at Target and the Cartwheel app saves me tons of money, especially with all the baby deals!

  379. I’m totally addicted to the Cartwheel app. Love it!
    I’d buy those 2 stools!

  380. Thanks so much for sharing,,, LOVE Target!!! Would purchase more home decor :-)

  381. I save money at Target by shopping the clearance items and would spend the money on items for my kitchen.

  382. I have GOT to try that Cartwheel app!! I would buy some things for my daughters new room (from crib to bed!) and new kitchen stuff (pots, pans etc) oh and then some FUN stuff like new makeup and music!!

  383. What a dreamy thought just thinking about all the target goodies that could be had. I am such a sucker for all the great gold accent items they’ve been offering lately. gold dipped honeycomb lamps, anyone?! swoon! would love to snatch up some goodies to add to my golden collection. thanks for the giveaway!

  384. I love Target! If I won, I would use the money to purchase items for my new home. Decor, kitchen items, bedding, etc.

  385. I would get new clothes (love at Target!) and a FitBit One. Plus makeup and hair products. Oh well…just so much. I love Target too! I love my cartwheel app – I definitely use the scan option and find great deals all the time. Also, I stack coupons and use my Red Card (save 5%!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Replace some worn clothing, get a little something to feather the nest, treat my friend who has been in a difficult patch to some badly needed new clothes, and buy groceries!! My fingers are crossed…. Thanks Liz!! And thanks for sharing about this new app!

  387. Love me some Target…money always seems to disappear even if I just went to look :) My kitchen is in need of some major love and it is plain jane. I know $1000 to Target could help me fix that!!

  388. Jennifer L says:

    Love, love, love the cartwheel app. I am so addicted to target, people actually bought me target gift cards for Christmas. If I won the $1000. I would spend it all in the home goods sections. I need more pillows for our living room and I could find some really cool pieces for my daughters room and also I would have to buy a coke!!

  389. Wow, I have always been an avid Target lover but I didn’t understand the Cartwheel app until your blogpost, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so eager to try it out this weekend! With the $1000, I would definitely spend it on all things Threshold- my favorite home brand!

  390. Thanks for the opportunity! I didn’t know about cartwheel. I’d update our tube TV for new technology. I’m also updating decorative accessories and this would be very helpful.

  391. Amber Nicole says:

    Love me some target! If I won, I could definitely use the money on home decor. I would also buy tons of presents for my new nephew :-) my favorite way of saving is the cartwheel app!

  392. How awesome would it be to win $1000 to Target! We shop there everyweek so I would use the money to buy everyday essestials as well as home decor! I love the Home Decor section of Target!

  393. Faith Pike says:

    I would use the money to buy all the baby items! We use the cartwheel app all the time.

  394. I LOVE TARGET!!!!! I recently got a smart phone and the first thing I did was add the cartwheel app! Love it! I frequently walk the back aisles too, such fun deals there! If I won, I would use the money for groceries. :)

  395. Debbie Worsham says:

    Wow…1,000.00 at Target, a dream come true. I would buy lots of basics, paper towels, Kleenex, tide, etc. Then I would buy some spring clothes. Home decor would be next on the list. Would this be fantastic or what?!?!

  396. Rosina Wachs says:

    Winning $1,000 for Target.. What wouldn’t I buy? It would be a dream come true! I would definitely start with home decor and kitchen items! I would just love to finish decorating my house!

    Thank you so much for telling about the Cartwheel app. :)

  397. If I won the Target giveaway, I would spend it in housewares! I would redecorate a room in my home because of the awesome textiles and lamps and vases and just cool stuff to decorate with. I would save by taking your advice and visit often for deals and use coupons. What a great app too.

  398. I would love some Target bucks to spend on decor for our “new” house. It’s going to need A LOT of work so the decorating budget will probably be pretty slim! I’ve never heard of the cartwheel app. I’m going to have to check it out!

  399. Sandi Allen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I would buy household items that I desperately need, like bath towels, sheets for the bed, new comforter, some socks, and stock up on things like toilet paper, paper towel, etc…

  400. Sandi Allen says:

    I shop the end cap clearance items at Target and use coupons

  401. Judy Shepherd says:

    Would love to win! I have already looked up the bar stools that you showed today
    sale price$94.99
    Carlisle Metal Counter Stool – Set of 2
    They are sooo cute and 95.00 for 2!

  402. I love target, I always check the endcaps for clearance items. I also love when I find great deals online at target, especially because they have free shipping with the redcard. I would love the $1000 to spend on furniture & storage for our house. Our basement is completely empty & I would love to redo it & put new home goods down there & make it an extra family/hangout room.

  403. Ooh. I would get a new laptop and a keyboard, and some camping gear.

  404. Wow! 1,000! I would buy my husband a new laptop (his is like 8 years old!) A few new small appliances, some spring clothing, new plates, and maybe a new chair for the living room.

  405. I got married last April and Target is my go to store for decorating our first house! I could spend hours just browsing!

  406. Man, I need to go to Target ASAP. I am obsessed with their line of neutral-toned decor – I’d buy it all! Plus a stand mixer… and a DSLR lens… and shoes… and some dresses…

  407. Karrianne Drury says:

    I love Cartwheel! i also love saving 5% on using my REDCard!!!

  408. I would pick a room and redecorate it!

  409. Target has such great stuff…a better question might be “what wouldn’t i buy”! ;) Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  410. If I won the money I would use it to buy groceries, my kiddos cute clothes, and some home goods. Target has everything!! And, I love the cartwheel app. Another great way to save on our favorite items!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  411. Sarah Hart says:

    My husband and I want to decorate our apartment, but we’re newlyweds and just barely getting by. We would use the $1,000 for lots of things! Like decorating our little home, food, new jeans for the hubs, and some new toys for our puppy! And maybe even a new movie for a date night ;)

    - Sarah

  412. Sarah Baish says:

    I absolutely love Target!!! I always make sure I have some great coupons with me before heading into the store, and I ALWAYS browse the endcaps for awesome clearance offers! I’ve found some of my favorite home decor pieces that way. I’d definitely use the $1000 to purchase more home decor items, and probably some of their cute kitchen items as well! If I had any leftover, I’d buy some clothes and shoes!

  413. How fun!! Threshold for all!

  414. Gail McMurray says:

    I love Target and their coupons. I would décor to fix up my bedroom.

  415. BeeStockdale says:

    Organize and update! That is my plan for this epic $1000 Target giveaway. I would be sooooo excited to win this! I never win anything, and this would be the ultimate. I’d say sorry law school, you have to wait, I’m going to Target! Woohoo!

  416. What a neat opportunity. I’d be hitting the Target clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and probably the cosmetics! I’m always looking for the classic red lipstick, and this might let me achieve it!

    ps. Love the green bar stools. Perfection!

  417. I have been dying for a kitchen aid mixer for YEARS! I would buy one asap, if I won. I also need a camera, dishes, towels, the list goes on and on! LOVE TARGET!!!

  418. Love this post! So helpful, as I am always cruising target for deals and treasures for our home.

  419. I would use it toward a new camera. Thanks for sharing the cartwheel app. I’m really looking forward to using it.

  420. Thanks for the great advice on saving $$ at Target! I know we can all use it and winning the $1,000 would be epic – I loooove me some Target! :) Going to download Cartwheel now…

  421. Where would I even start?!? Definitely the clearance!! Then add on a new wardrobe and some accessories!

  422. I love target! I would buy some organizing items for my craft room!

  423. Awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love Target? I don’t even know what I’d do with $1000 to spend – I’m sure I could find plenty of pretty things :) I’ll have to try out the cartwheel app, now, too! Thanks!

  424. I love Target! I always use Target’s cart wheel app, mobile coupons and the printable coupons for max savings!
    I would love to win this, We’ve been planning a wedding so this would help us a great deal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  425. I would spend the entire $1,000 on home decor! I have been dreaming of updating my craft room and would love to get my hands on some organizing supplies for that. I would also love to decorate my totally boring dining room. A new rug, buffet, and accents would definitely be going home with me! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

    Hannah Hutslar

  426. Entry #2

    I would spend my $1000 on food shopping/ household things and maybe a few new outfits for the up coming honeymoon :)

  427. I would refinish the kids’ bedrooms. They’re in a constant state of 75% done with moving we have to do because of the military.

  428. I don’t even know where I would begin, lots and lots and lots of home decor. When I worked there I would spend my whole break browsing the end caps, so addicting haha.
    I love the cartwheel deals, especially using them with the gift card deals.

  429. Katie Bugbee says:

    Of course, I’d pick up a few things for the house, especially the kitchen…getting ready to paint our cabinets! And also some goodies (e.g., new swimsuits, sunscreen, etc.) for our trip to FL/Disney this spring…things can get pricey for a family of 6!

  430. Shannon R. Griggs says:

    Awesome post!!! I LOVE Target, and with our baby due in a couple of months, we’ve been doing a lot of on-line shopping and cartwheel searches. We still need to buy soooo many things for our baby boy, so $1000 would be such a load off of our minds!! Thanks for the contest!!!

  431. I would use this giftcard to decorate my new house! I love target and used to work there once upon a time, so most of these tips I knew a bit about, but I still enjoyed the read! and Cartwheel is AH. MAZE. ING.

  432. I would love to redecorate my master bedroom. This would be AWESOME!

  433. I would love to redo my living room!! It needs help and the gift card would be just AMAZING!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  434. We bought a house and have slowing been fixing it up the past few months. I would love to add some life and design to our house with $1000 from Target! I could walk around Target for hours just looking all the new and clearance pieces they have!

    Thank you :)


  435. I use the Cartwheel app! In fact, I just got home from using it to buy some clothes for my daughter! If I won, I would use the money to buy drapes, drapery hardware, picture frames and birthday presents!

  436. I could definitely put $1000 to good use at Target. A little of everything is usually in my cart after a trip to Target…clothing, home decor, food, household items! I had heard of the Cartwheel app before, but never really checked it out. I’ll have to download it and start using it…thanks for the tutorial! I save money with my Target RedCard (5% discount on everything!)

  437. What a wonderful giveaway. Crossing my figures toes and anything else that can be crossed… We just finished construction on our new master bedroom so that means new bedding, lamps, rugs, curtains, decor. I am sure winning $1000 could really help out on my LOVE for some target decor.

  438. I am a huge target fan…and I love shopping the endcaps! Which reminds me I need to go there this weekend!!! I would spend it on updating my living room. It is in need of some much needed love and I could totally make that $1000 go a long long way! I love the cartwheel app. I have used it a couple of times on everyday items and on special items too!

  439. Aryn Miller says:

    Being recently married all but 6 months we are still struggling to make our house, OUR home. My
    Husband and I have different tastes when it comes to home decor, therefore I would use the $1,000 to go shopping with him and get new items for the house that combines our tastes :)

  440. Love their Simply Shabby Chic line.

  441. We are in the middle of remodeling and redecorating our home and $1000 from target would really come in handy. There are so many of the home furnishing that I love…especially the Threshold line. As far as savings go I love using the cartwheel app…my sister turned me on to it and I love the deals.
    Thanks for the chance

    Kim Bolyard

  442. Whitney D says:

    I would redo the master bedroom, new everything, from top to bottom. Make it feel like a getaway every night. Thanks!

  443. I am a hardcore endcap shopper too! I would love to buy lots of storage options like bookcases, baskets, paint, and more because the plastic bins are just not cutting it!

  444. Master bedroom redo :)

  445. Wanting to start a blog and would love a good camera. Target is my go-to place for years!

  446. WOW, Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  447. I absolutely love the cartwheel app. It’s my favorite.
    I would spend the money on baby food, diapers, dog food, and human food ;)
    We actually just took a huge leap of faith (and pay cut) with my husbands career. We know its a God thing, so we are sticking with it, but it’s still scary. (God’s way normally requires God sized faith)
    I hope whoever wins, thoroughly enjoys the money. What a blessing that could be for so many.
    God Bless.

  448. I am blessed to be a stay at home wife and my husband and I are trying for our first baby. I am desperately trying to do all that I can to help out with the added expense. That being said, I would use every last drop to buy the things we will need. Crib, car seat, stroller… you name it. Target has amazing prices on everything and yes I love the cartwheel app to save even more. THANK YOU so very much for the opportunity!

  449. I would use it make over my guest room, I am in love with their bedding and window treatments

  450. Oooh, Target! My daughter and I recently moved to Kentucky and we’re filling our weekends with Target dates – It’s so hard not to fall in love while daydreaming about their home decor! And, the Threshold and Smith & Hawken line? Love, love, love! I’d be grateful to make this new home “ours” with such a generous giveaway!

    Although, if you ask my daughter, I’m pretty sure she’d be bragging about their popcorn! ;]

    And, cartwheel – amazing! The app is so easy to navigate – I’m always excited to see their newest offers!

  451. A new camera! I used to use the Target app when I had my iphone, but when I switched providers, I couldn’t use my iphone with it. So now I just print off Target coupons the old fashioned way. Ha! ;)

  452. Jody Carr says:

    For a family of 7, the possibilities are endless, what a huge blessing a $1,000 gift card would be! Can’t wait to use the cartwheel app!

  453. Melanie C says:

    I would buy storage units and shelving to make our apartment friendly for our insanely mobile 1 year old. It would mean so much. Thank you for the opportunity!

  454. Erin Young says:
  455. Erin Young says:

    i would buy diapers and wipes and baby stuff – one on the way!! :)

  456. I would totally get the big ticket stuff off my baby registry and then get something cute for me!

  457. home furnishings! there are so many unfinished spaces in our house….

  458. Chrystal D says:

    I like shopping there for sale items and the cartwheel thing is cool!

  459. Home décor and clothes for the family.

  460. Susan Smith says:

    I’m a huge Target fan! I love this app because you can stack coupons. I’m always finding ways to save money.

  461. Susan Smith says:
  462. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We bought a “new” (older) home last year and are working to update the whole place. I’d use Target for all kinds of home decor, kitchen, and bath. Even window coverings.

  463. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  464. Margaret Smith says:

    I shop Target all the time and would have no problem spending this gift card. I’d use it mostly for clothing and shoes for my family and I.

  465. Margaret Smith says:
  466. I think I’d buy a portable computer stand and some bedding for my son’s room. And a hundred other things! I love Target’s endcap displays. Thanks for the contest!

  467. If I were to win, I would use it to buy household items, dog food, and Christmas shopping. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  468. If I won I would buy groceries and clothes.

  469. Whitney Lindeman says:

    I would buy all kinds of randomness! I do love the Cartwheel app.

  470. Whitney Lindeman says:
  471. I’d use the $1000 for clothes, white dishes, and groceries. I would have no problem spending that!! Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to check out that Cartwheel App…learned so many new things today!

  472. I would buy groceries and I save money by using coupons at target.

  473. On Target with Cartwheel!

  474. D Schmidt says:

    I would use the money to purchase furniture for my Son’s room to transition him from a baby bedroom to toddler room.
    I have downloaded the app and think its great because I can scan the savings! I also have a Red Card and adore it.

  475. D Schmidt says:
  476. Stephanie V. says:

    usually wait for sales and stack coupons to save. Now that I know about this app – going to use my next shop at Target! Would buy clothes for my family of five, home goods, some new home decorations and birthday gifts for the kids
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  477. Rebecca TerMeer says:

    I would thoroughly enjoy winning that gift card to Target. I would purchase all of the beautiful things I admire there but never buy. I would also buy special gifts for people.

  478. Love Cartwheel! The search feature is awesome. I use coupons all the time, and it saves our family lots of money. I like using it on clothes, baby things, groceries- everything! If I won, I’d love to buy furniture/home decor.


  479. I’d buy a new lens for my camera. :)

  480. Where would I even start since Target has become my one stop shop for everything from diapers and wipes, to groceries, to home decor, and toys! Oh my goodness I would have a field day if I won. I’d probably use it on home decor and outdoor patio decor. I usually have to keep myself in check when I see this stuff, but I’d be able to go wild! Wish me luck!

  481. My youngest daughter is coming home with our 1st grandchild…Princess Peyton to stay several months while her husband is re-classifying in the army. My other adult children have moved back home as well attending college, and all the “rooms” are full in the Inn. So, I am converting my dining room into a bedroom for them. I would use the $1000 for curtains, bedding, a pack & play, area rug, and such to make their space comfortable while they are waiting to join him. I’d use any remaining money to re-do my bedroom, and bathroom. Good luck to everyone!! :)

  482. Thanks so much for the awesome tips, Liz Marie! We are currently redecorating our main living area and the $1000 would be so helpful! LOVE Target! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  483. Where to start! I would use the money for home decor and improvement! My husband and I have been married for 4 years, 2 years in the Navy, and now finishing up college! I love our home, but I would LOVE to be able to upgrade some of our ‘newlywed’ decor and hand me downs from family and friends. We also have a 9 month old son, and I would love to decorate his room more! It’s very simple right now, and I’m just dying to turn it into fun nursery for him! As, college students on a budget, $1000 do be able to make our house more of a home would be simply amazing!!

  484. I ADORE Target! It’s Chic,Affordable & Stylish! I’m a ‘New’ Home Decor Blogger & it feels like I’m constantly shopping Target for awesome deals. I tend to shop & make list of what I {Need} or {Want} then check back periodically threw the week for the -things- I made a list of. If I won the $1000.00 I would of course use some on my house & DIY projects ECT.. A lot of it I would use on helping my sister & her BF on their first new place. She has a BFA & is out of work. I also would donate some goods & necessary items to a charity of my choice. Winning the money inst everything, being able to help others with much less is so much for satisfying.[ "Pay it Forward" ] saying comes to mind. Good Luck to Everyone & the Winner!
    With Love from the

  485. soha molina says:

    I’d do a bedroom make over.

  486. soha molina says:
  487. I adore the Target Cartwheel app! I usually browse through it before I hit up my local Target.. that way I know what to look for! It definitely is the holy grail! I’d use the money to make furnish/decorate my new soon to be home… My boyfriend & I are first time home buyers & I am so excited about the planning/decorating stage.. when it finally gets here! Winning would definitely be a big help!!!! Great tips on saving monet, btw! I love your blog.

  488. A $1000 Target gift card????? that would be a dream come true! I’d buy a few gifts, bathroom accessories, a couple things for the kids, dishes for the kitchen. I would LOVE to win~ thanks for a great blog.

  489. Kim Ripley says:

    If I won I would love to buy my family new clothes and I would also buy my daughter some Lalaloopsy dolls.

  490. I’d buy clothes, some shelving for our basement, and stuff for the bathroom and bedroom. I love Target!!!

    • Thanks for the chance to win $1,000. Well, I am sure my husband would like a new TV. I’d probably look for home decor items. I could use an upgrade on home decor. Something I never spend money on. Thanks again.

  491. Target is a great place to shop and to save money. I love their clearance sections. This is a great giveaway.

  492. Tracy L Davis says:

    I would spend it on workout clothes at Target. Love the app!

  493. I would get some new pots and pans which i really need right now. The cartwheel app seems great! Will be downloading it!

  494. denise burton says:

    AS a teacher – I always look for great deals at Target! What a wonderful way to be able to buy them! :)

    Thanks for the schedule of when they do markdowns – such great info!


  495. I need to win this! I love Target!! I can do some serious saving on diapers there! I love that you can double target coupons with other coupons and with the app! Is it weird that I love their plastic shopping carts as well haahha! XO!

  496. Jamie Lemieux says:

    My name is Jamie and I am a Targetaholic! I have a serious problem and I like it. I always dream of having endless amounts of money to spend at Target. I would shamelessly buy lots of clothes and shoes, home goods and baby things for my precious girl!! #numberoneTargetfan

  497. Jennifer Dunaway says:

    I would love to win this. We are starting over after moving so we really could use home decor items since we had to sell everything before we moved. I’ve used the app once. It did save me a little money. I need to use it more to figure it out. Thanks for the information.

  498. I have a ten month old son so of course I would spend some of the money on essentials for him. I also have been eyeing up some rugs and new dining room chairs for our home. I love the cartwheel app! Sometimes I play a little game called “I can only buy something if I have a cartwheel for it” who am I kidding, that never happens at Target. :)

  499. I love Target and LOVE the cartwheel app! We saved a bunch of money the other day when we bought a few clearance clothes for my daughter and I realized that the cartwheel app had that brand at 25% off! So they were even cheaper than we thought! I was so happy! :) Definitely loving this app!
    I’d love to win the Target gift card. We are in the process of updating our basement and the money would be a huge help in filling the space with some awesome decor! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, Liz!

  500. Janice Cooper says:

    This would be a blessing for us. We desperately need to finish remodeling our living room, bedroom and den. We would be able to get some home accessories and much need kitchen appliances. This would also come in handy for Easter shopping. I make baskets for the family and this would be a huge help financially.

  501. Janice Cooper says:
  502. Love Target! After Holidays and end of seasons is my favorite, But sometimes I just pay full price because they have such cute stuff.Need to get the app.

  503. I would love to win and buy all new things for my home!!

  504. What a THRILL that would be! Lots of rugs and lamps!

  505. LOVE the cartwheel app! I would absolutely redecorate my entire apartment, and add some nice new pieces to my wardrobe! Oh, and maybe let the husband take some to use as he wishes ;)

    Also, here’s my tweet!

  506. I love finding home decor items at Target.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  507. Dwayne Berry says:

    I have not tried Cartwheel

  508. Rebecca Durand says:

    I could really use it for my home.

  509. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would buy my baby nephew a new stroller.

  510. As an interior designer and realtor, I would scour the endcaps for bargain accessories/furniture to stage my listings so they sell quickly!! I’d also scoop up all clearance hats/mittens for the local homeless shelter. It’s brutally cold here in Michigan. (I’d get the shovels too, but I’m sure they’re already sold out:)

  511. Lorena Keech says:

    I’d buy furniture and home decor for our master bedroom. I don’t shop Target much so have no savings tips other than to check the end caps. And I haven’t tried Cartwheel yet.

  512. DESIREE H says:

    I love buying baby toys and diapers at Target.
    I have downloaded the app, but not tried it yet.
    I save money at Target by shopping for their clearance items.

  513. DESIREE H says:
  514. I like buying video games at Target.

  515. Lost job after 28 years due to medical condition boss has so would definitely use it on their clearance items.

  516. haven’t tried the cartwheel app yet, but want to! love target for their great deals in a nice atmosphere. I’d spend the $1000 on small furniture items and bedding.

  517. Hmm what wouldn’t I get?!?! lol I need a new tv for sure

  518. Hmm what wouldn’t I get?!?! lol I need a new tv for sure

  519. Cathy Truman says:

    I would spent the gift card for our bathroom which we are updating and could use a lot of things for,
    I save by purchasing items on sale and with coupons
    I have not used Cartwheel yet but I would like to,

  520. I think I would buy a bunch of decor items that would really wake-up my home like a rug and some lamps and a chair.

  521. If I won I’d FINALLY decorate our home! We got married right before my husband went back to school and had to be very careful with money, and after having two kidlets since then the time has been sparse! Amazing giveaway!!!!

  522. Anastasia says:

    I would use the money toward clothes and shoes for the kids, household stuff and, of course, fun stuff! We’ve been eyeing an Xbox One lol :) I save money at Target by shopping the clearance and watching for sales. I’d LOVE to combine that with this Cartwheel app and see how much more I could save :)

  523. Anastasia says:
  524. I would buy a kitchen-aid mixer and some furniture!!

  525. With $1000 I would buy some furnishings for our new house and groceries!

  526. I would probably spend most of it on groceries!

  527. I would love to buy things for the house!

  528. Oh my! New sheets and towels are at the top of my list. Definitely a new blender and other small kitchen appliances are next. My garden/patio is desperately in need of attention too. Wait – shoes! Thank you!

  529. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I would buy a Sony PS4 system and some games. Maybe some clothes and food afterwards. I have seen the app but I don’t use it

  530. Heather C says:

    On our baby, for sure!

  531. Kristen516 says:

    I would/use the money to accessorize my hall and family room. I would buy a new lamp…a slipper chair for me desk…heck..maybe even a desk

  532. Monica Parkhurst says:

    I would spend the money accessorizing my kitchen and family room which are going through a small renovation. I have never heard of this app before today. I will have to check it out.

  533. I would be able to get all my daughter’s college supplies with this gc.

  534. Sarah Hirsch says:

    if i won, i would use the $ for groceries and household items mostly, and some clothes and shoes for the kids and stuff. i haven’t tried cartwheel yet, but it sounds like a great way to save. i do always check out target’s clearance area, as well as heir dollar spot

    • Laura Love says:

      I have the Target Cartwheel app and I use it all the time and love it! My favorite department to shop is cosmetics and housewares! My email is laurabethlove [at]

  535. Laura Love says:
  536. Jennifer Sorensen says:

    My $1000 would be gone in an instant! I love everything in there, but it would mostly be spent on home decor, shoes, and clothing.

  537. um, wowee! what an incredibly generous giveaway.

    our family is moving this weekend *eep* and also planning to expand our family in the coming months… so, i would grab a few decorative doodads but would mostly use it to stock up on staples: sheets, cleaning supplies, nursery items, toiletries, seventh generation diapers, etc. and perhaps, a cute outfit or two for moi.

    and, my hubby and i have a household benevolent fund that we designate every month for random acts of kindness…family, friends, strangers. when we hear of a need, we do what we can to discreetly meet it and bless others. a good chunk of this could go A LONG WAY.

    many blessings!
    xo, rachel

  538. Katherine says:

    Accessories for my newly repainted living room

  539. Katherine says:
  540. I would love to win. Could use it towards some home decor to update our place. There’s a lamp there that I love. Love using the coupons and Cartwheel is awesome!

  541. I love target as well. It it just the most wonderful place to spend time unwinding, destressing, and getting ideas! If I were to win, I would spend the money on a combination of women’s clothing, little man cub clothing, makeup, and home decor! Oh, and maybe some tools for the hubby. :] Thanks for the amazing opportunity. Whoever wins is going to be so blessed!

  542. Lisa Marie says:

    I would use the money to finish decorating our home and of course baby items :)

  543. Ashleigh Winkler says:

    Thank you so much for this chance to win! I love target and shop much like you! I would use the money to buy clothes for my kids, a bike for my daughters birthday, and probably other birthday gifts for family! or Fun stuff to decorate my home!

  544. I would redecorate my bedroom.

  545. Thanks for the tips. I have the schedule and I use Cartwheel but I didn’t know about the coupon texts. I would buy clothing/shoes/toys for my 3 kids, kitchen appliances, new bedding, some kind of technology gift for the hubby, stock up on essentials and groceries and some fun stuff for me. Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  546. I love target’s cartwheel app. I get all giddy when I find a high percentage offer. I would use $1000 to get the kids spring/summer wardrobe.

  547. Love target! My redcard is my favorite way to save money. Just got a android phone for Christmas so just starting learn the cartwheel app. So many choices of what I’d do with $1000 – an I-pad would probably be on the list.

  548. Ahhhhh how I love Target! I too go there at least twice a week and always find new deals on the end caps! I would probably spend the gift card all over the store. I would definitely buy something that I normally wouldn’t buy because of the price. Cartwheel is seriously the best app on my phone! I just saved 40% on my kids valentines for their classroom! SCORE! Thank you for this opportunity!

  549. Michelle Gasiorski says:

    I would spend it all on Threshold items!! And shoes! And clothes! And…

  550. I would see how long I could make that $1000 last for groceries!

  551. I would use it on a love seat + home decor, and new clothes for me and my daughter. I havent bought any new clothes since before I was pregnant and my daughter is now 17 months old! I too, love the cartwheel app! Very simple way to save! Anyone looking to use coupons on their purchases should also try the Favado app! Seriously, the easiest coupon app that adds in target coupons, manufacturer coupons and cartwheel discounts.

  552. Holy cow! What wouldn’t I buy with $1000 at Target!?! Clothes, home decor, cute clothes for my kiddos…

  553. I LOVE target and use the coupons, cartwheel, manufactors coupons sling with the red card! With a 1000$ I could update my kitchen,buy kids clothes, update kids bathroom, get a new bedding set and curtains for my room. The options are unlimited! It would be awesome to when!

  554. whoo-hoo! I’d use $1000 on decor, furniture, curtains, towels for our new house! and maybe a few cute outfits… I have a REDcard, but will be signing up for the Cartwheel app after reading your post!

  555. I am 100% confident that I could spend $1000 at Target pretty fast. From kids clothes to home decor I would love to have a hay day spending that money.

  556. I would get clothes and groceries.

  557. this is a HARD DECISION!! I would say buy clothes for our little ones BUT going into target I always find a million other things to buy! ;)

  558. If I win I’ll get some new towels & kitchen wares, and maybe a new t.v.! Looking forward to summer, would head for the seasonal dept. for some great outdoor items!

  559. Rebecca Scott says:

    Oh I hope I WIN $1,000 from Target! (Seeing I have already spent that x 5 more there already!) What would I buy? What wouldn’t I buy? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Target! p.s. There Cherry Coke is the BEST!

  560. tina reynolds says:

    I would use it too buy stuff to redecorate my three kids rooms. Thanks for the chance

  561. tina reynolds says:
  562. Kelsey Moore says:

    I would use it to finish out my wedding registry!!!

  563. I would buy home decor! I’ve been working on a gallery wall and my kitchen needs some love too. I’m going to have to try out Cartwheel! It sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  564. Jennifer Juliano says:

    My husband and I are having our first baby in a couple months, and it’s a boy! I would love to have the extra money to use to get everything prepared for him to arrive! I love Target and I’m always shopping there. Plus, we registered there. I take advantage of Cartwheel and Target coupons to help keep everything in our budget. I have yet to find another store that can match the deals I get at Target!

  565. Kelly Sneed says:

    I would love to win $1000 to Target so I could furnish the nursery for my baby girl due in June. Our theme is yellow, grey and chevron and right now Target has tons to match our theme. I love going there for my “retail therapy” anytime I need some ME time.

  566. Thanks so much! I would certainly put a gift card to good use with clothes for my two boys (who will NOT STOP growing!!) and new vacuum cleaner for me. Maybe even a Dyson, while I’m dreaming… :-)

  567. Brittany D says:

    I’d spend that money in the home decor, clothing and fitness apparel sections! I’m a big fan of cruising the end caps, as well. I just downloaded Cartwheel last week, but have not used it yet. Thank you so much for providing the markdown schedule – great info!

  568. Bianca Merrell says:

    I would totally re-do my guest bathroom with $1000! I would love to win this! I use my Cartwheel app EVERY time I am in Target, and shop those endcaps religiously! Love me some Target! <3

  569. Laura Simpson says:

    I LOVE TARGET! If I were to win the $1000 gift card, I would have a hard time not buying clothing and home decor items for myself because everything at Target is adorable. But I would probably spend most of it on groceries and other home essentials like paper towels and trash bags, because living on student loans is hard work. It’d be great to have a little more money to buy a wider variety of foods and better quality food!

  570. If I were to win the $1000 gift card I would buy a Kitchen Aid mixer, first thing!!! I have always dreamed of having one. I would use it to buy shoes! I literally just bought a pair of gray slip ons this morning. I have heard of the cartwheel app but have never used it. I would also use the gift card to buy new bedding and room decorations.

    Pick me! Thank you!

  571. Kelly Eident says:

    Manufacturers coupon stacked with Target coupon and cartwheel is how I save especially if the item is on clearance. I would spend the gift card on some new clothes (mom does not get this luxury anymore) but most of it would be used for my daughter.

  572. Jessica Doane says:

    Liz Marie, you are my savior! I do 90% of my shopping at target (grocery, home goods, clothing, etc), and this post just made me the happiest person on the planet! Being a full time nursing student, as well as working full time and supporting a family, money gets a little tight around my house. It would be such a blessing to win the $1,000. I would clean out my fridge and improve it with some ‘healthier’ food, get some school supplies that I’ve been needing but putting off due to money, and do some much needed pampering. Maybe get a head start on some spring clothes, a pair of new shoes, and something small for the hubby of course (;

    Thank you in advance!

  573. i’d buy a spring wardrobe

  574. Such great tips! I have the cartwheel app but was confused on how to use it!! Now I might have to go tomorrow! I’d use the money to buy furniture my little girls bedroom :)

  575. Rebecca groeschen says:

    I would buy clothes for the kids, some stuff for the house, and scrapbook supplies for me. $1000 can go a long way at target.

  576. I am obsessed with Target as well. I have 5 Targets within 15-20 minutes from me, and I try and visit them all at least once every week or two. I get SO MANY good deals! If I won, I would buy new rugs for my living room and all of my bathrooms and most likely a million little trinkets for around the house!

  577. Our second baby is due in April (a girl this time!!), and we still need a lot of the essentials. Target is the perfect place for all of it, from a car seat to a crib and cute new baby girl clothes!

  578. We are expecting baby #2 soon! and will be practically living at Target!! $1000 would be awesome and a great help!! I love to save with the clearance items and being a “regular” like said! :) I also love to cruise I haven’t tried the cartwheel app but will try it this wkend when I’m in the store!

  579. tracey byram says:

    I use coupons and shop sales to save money at Target. I haven’t used the app yet.

  580. Great information on coupons and apps. There is so much to this whole world of Target savings and you are amazing to share. I am digging on Target furniture as of late. They are rocking the cool looks. I also started following on instagram #targetdoesitagain and she shows what is cool at Target as of late. I don’t have a tweeter account but just wanted to comment as your post was awesome!!!

  581. Heather Inda says:

    Amazing giveaway!!! I am target OBSESSED. Target clearance is the absolute best. I recently found out I’m pregnant with baby #2 so if I won I would definitely be using the money to buy baby stuff! We need a monitor, double stroller, bedroom set, etc!! Crossing my fingers ;)

  582. I loooove Target. I’m obsessed with trying to save more money with my Cartwheel app and other coupons. I would definitely use the $1,000 to reorganize my tiny place for my family and buy the kiddos summer wardrobe. And maybe a little something for myself ;)

  583. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would spend it at Target buying household items and home decor.

  584. Rebecca Graham says:
  585. I could use the 20% off bedding discount!

  586. Mary Calabrese says:

    I don’t even know where I would begin to spend $1000 at Target. Oh, I know! I’d get some of their jumbo shrimp and crab legs! Yum!

  587. I would spend it on items for the twin grandchildren coming in the fall

  588. I LOVE Target and Target Clearance! I save money by using my RedCard when shopping both in store and online. I haven’t used the Cartwheel app yet because I don’t have a Smart phone. However, I did just receive a tablet for Christmas and was pleased to read that I can use that instead of a phone!

    I would use the $1,000 to buy some clothes for new job I will hopefully soon get (I just graduated from graduate school), some makeup, some personal essentials (shampoo, soap, etc.), and some organizational stuff.

  589. I love their Smith & Hawken line at Target. Basically, anything having to do with home decor. Thanks!

  590. I am moving into a new apartment and don’t have any furniture so would love to spend it on new furnishings and decorations!

  591. Well since there’s a baby on the way I’d so spend 2/3rds of the money on baby-related items! Esp the 3 in 1 crib I’ve been dreaming of!

    The rest would be used for new cookware, kitchen utensils, and an abundance of other necessities to finally improve this home of ours :)

  592. Jenni Carlisle says:

    I would buy work out clothes and save the rest for NEW clothes….30 pounds down in my weight loss journey and this would be awesome!

  593. I loved this list! If I won I would buy the Threshold barstools Ive been eyeing!

  594. I’d use the money to get clothes for my kids for summer!

  595. janna johnson says:

    I would use the money to buy a new laptop for school! If there was some left I would put it towards a new tv.

  596. I shop at Target all the time! If I won, I would definitely get some kitchen gadgets. :) I love the savings on Cartwheel. I can scan an item to check if it;s on cartwheel for extra saving. that’s simply wonderful.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  597. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would use the money to get new towels, shower curtains and decor for our bathrooms as well as new bedding. I’d just love to make our house feel more like a home!

  598. Would definitely finish our kitchen remodel with new accessories and curtains!

  599. ANGIE MCKENNA says:

    I would use the money to purchase a digital camera and a cell phone. My son is going to graduate college and would love to take photos that day.Also my cell phone is shot. Never heard of cartwheels before this article. My cell is a flip phone.definitely will be downloading cartwheels on my future phone.

  600. Christine Weyerbacher says:

    I LOVE TARGET!! I would spend the $1000 on things for my home. I am in the middle of a bedroom and kitchen update. I am also constantly updating the rest of my house too! Its an addiction! :) I usually try to go many times and also look online for sales on the things I love. I’ve never used the cartwheel app but I have hear its great!

  601. i would buy an ipad from target. i use cartwheel all the time on groceries.

  602. I am a college student and I would use the $1000 for groceries and an apartment redecorating!

  603. Mary Hannah says:

    Me, me, pick me! :) I have two little boys who always need something. I would definitely buy some organizing baskets for the whole house, and new stuff for my kitchen, I am preparing it for an update now. Also stuff for my son’s room, curtains, shelves, bedding…..the list goes on and on!

  604. Cindy Trobaugh says:

    Wow Love all the INFO..Thank-You! End caps and Dollar Bins Yippee, Gifts for Family..Can’t wait to try the Cherry Coke

  605. Hilary mercer says:

    We’re in desperate need of adorable furniture that won’t break the bank since were military. DANG those military MOVERS!’ I’d also get new big boy sheets and a few adorable outf

  606. I love Target! I downloaded the cartwheel app a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. I would probably pick up a few home decorating items I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Maybe some new bedsing and towels as well :)

  607. I’d love to win and spruce up my accessories in my living room.

  608. I would use the 1000 to get accessioes fot my living room.

  609. I would spend it on clothing and home goods! I haven’t tried the app yet – but it is downloaded and ready!

  610. If I won, I’d use Cartwheel and make that money last even longer! How awesome would that be? :)

  611. I would use it on new clothes, groceries, books, and maybe a few DVDs :)

  612. like the Mossimo Supply Co. Yoga Pants

  613. I am working so hard on our patio makeover-we are in need of some great outdoor decor from Target!!

  614. Oh so many options! I think I’d make an attempt to decorate one of our 2 sparse guest bedrooms. One of them has a twin bed on a steel frame and that’s about it. It could use some serious help!

  615. megan baker says:

    I would use the card to buy much needed items for my newborn twins! :)

  616. Jennifer Barnes says:

    I would love to win the $1000 Target gift card. I would buy a little of everything. Really need a new tv. There’s this black line on the screen that is starting to drive me a little crazy. Loved the markdown schedule you provided and definitely going to look into cartwheel. Love your blog and thanks for the opportunity!

  617. Kim medley says:

    I would use the $1,000.00 on groceries. Imagine how much money I could save if I had groceries taken care of for a few months! ;) And I’m sure I could find some fabulous home decor items as well.

  618. Kim medley says:

    Almost forget! I love to save at target by using the cartwheel app, coupons they send in the mail, and by stalking the clearance racks. =)

  619. Bethany Aten says:

    If I won a $1,000 gift card to Target, I would finish buying supplies for our baby due in May. I also would like some decorating items for our home (throw pillows, rugs, lamps, etc.) I love saving money at Target and use their text coupons, website coupons and Cartwheel discounts!!!

  620. oh my, where to start?? I love everything at Target! Really loving the threshold line.

  621. I love Target too! It is one of my happy places :-) I would spend the $1000 on two things I love: My baby and decorating my home. The Cartwheel app is the way to save money at Target. I absolutely love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  622. Ashley Fitzgerald says:

    I would buy some furniture pieces and some new home decor items (like decorative pillows!). I have the Cartwheel App and love that you can combine multiple coupons for big discounts!

  623. Melissa Velez says:

    I LOVE Target the best place to shop, I swear you can find any thing in that store. If I were to win it would go towards spring shopping for my kids. They grow to fast and I have 4 so it would help tremendously. About the app that’s new to me thanks for sharing I am definitely getting that app NOW. Thanks :)

  624. Winning this would be such a blessing! With three little ones, clothes and shoes would definitely be on the list as well as a few home decor items for our first home :)

  625. I haven’t used the Cartwheel app much but it sounds like I’d like it! And I love shopping for anything and everything at Target, especially their clearance racks! If I won, I’d buy myself a GPS running watch, and then save the rest for school shopping!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  626. Nicole porter says:

    I would buy home decor. Our house needs lots of stuff for the walls and we really need new bedding for our master bedroom and our spare bedroom needs an overhaul!
    ❤️❤️❤️ all your tips to save money at Target! Love that store so much:)

  627. The $1000 would go a really long way for some of the redecorating that I want to do in the house–curtains, bedding, etc.

  628. Betty Baez says:

    I would buy my sons spring clothes, and stuff for the house. I like to shop the clearance racks find coupons, the cartwheel app is great so easy to use!

  629. Betty Baez says:
  630. Christina Sparks says:

    I moved to a house that was completely furnished and sold all my stuff and now I am not living there anymore, I need a dinner plate set, vacuum cleaner, pot and pans, tumbler cups and all kinds of stuff.

  631. Jamie Nickell says:

    Target is MY WORLD! You know how sometimes when you’re driving and you daydream and can’t remember where you are even driving to…well when that happens to me, my auto pilot turns on and I end up in the target parking lot! Even when I didn’t intend on going there! I would buy stuff for our home because I love the home decor! My favorite part of Target is the dollar aisle and the clearance and I use the cartwheel app all the time!!!!! Please Pick me!!!

  632. I’d use it on a nice shopping spree! I’d get some clothes, a new TV, and the rest would be groceries probably.

  633. Tanya Bartlett says:

    I would get clothing for the whole family. I save at target by using coupons. I haven’t tried the app yet.

  634. Wendy Rozema says:

    I’d use my $1,000 on clothes, groceries, home furnishings and toys for my kids birthdays,. I love using the cartwheel app, it’s very convenient for me to use and I love that i can save money.

  635. I need a new wardrobe!

  636. I would spend it on home furnishings.

  637. Sonya Morris says:

    First of all, I would have to pinch myself really, REALLY hard! I haven’t been able to splurge in what seems like forever so I would buy things for my house, clothes for my kids and the rest on groceries.

  638. Sonya Morris says:
  639. maria cantu says:

    What wouldn’t I buy. Clip coupons to save money. The app looks great.

  640. I would spend the money on some new pieces for my deck!

  641. RICHARD HICKS says:

    Would save it to pay off property taxes!

  642. RICHARD HICKS says:
  643. Terri Moore says:

    I always shop the perimeter of the store to catch all those clearance shelves. If I won I would work hard to make that go far by hunting for sales and I love that Cartwheel lets you just scan the bar code to see if there is any coupons on it.

  644. My husband and I just got married a little over a month ago, and have been “furniture shopping” by “Value Village hopping.” I would love to start our new lives together by having a unified, calm, and up-to-date space to spend time together and host guests. Thanks for having this sweepstakes!

  645. Mary Cloud says:

    I would probably hold onto it and buy my kids some great Christmas presents next year
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  646. jessica holybee says:

    I would spend half on myself and save the rest of the money for xmas presents

  647. I would get a new blender and some other household and kitchen items!

  648. Barb Stenby says:

    If I win I will buy a Big Screen TV for my birthday! Our TV is OLD & we need a new one but don’t have the extra $$$. I will download the Cartwheel App & hopefully save some money on my TV! I LOVE Target they have great jewelry too!

  649. Barb Stenby says:
  650. I’d use the $1000 to do my grocery shopping at Target.

  651. I’d buy electronics, e.g. TV, with the $1000.

  652. Cartwheel and Coupons, a great mix. Savings galore

  653. If I won, I would get a nice laptop. I save at Target by using my Red Card (automatic Discount). I do love the sound of the Cartwheel App, especially knowing how many offers there are to choose from.

  654. susan smoaks says:

    If I was the lucky winner I would use the gift card to get furniture. My husband and I haven’t ever had new furniture.

  655. i’d use it for grocery and household needs thru the year to stretch husbands paychecks! wow!

  656. The Cartwheel App sounds wonderful! I would use to prize money to buy some new kitchen items and a new set of dishes.

  657. Allison S. says:

    I’d use it to pay bills. Boring!

  658. I save using coupons since I don’t have a cell phone.

  659. I have never used that app but am going to have to look into it. I would use the $1,000.00 toward redoing our home décor and clothing for the kids (a couple birthday gifts for the kids too). Thank you so much for such an amazing giveaway!

  660. brittany says:

    Wow, I would love love love to win this. I would definitely use it to buy food for my house and for others who need some in my family. I would buy diapers and summer clothes for my kids and my niece and nephew. I like to shop at Target and use the coupons to save money. They have a lot of deals when you use coupons like that.

  661. If I won I would spend it redecorating my home! I looooove target home decor. I would also buy tons of towels to make hooded towels!!

  662. i would use the winnings for clothes home decor etc… and I absolutely love the cartwheel app.

  663. I would love to freshen up our décor and get some new clothes for the kids. : )

  664. Alicia W says:

    I just started my using the cartwheel app and love it! Target is my go to shop for EVERYTHING! I would love to win the Target gift card! I am due with my first baby in August and will need that to buy clothes, diapers, room decor, and everything else that comes with having a new baby! We’ll maybe even a little treat for my husband and I!

  665. I agree with all your money saving tips! My husband always wonders why a Target trip takes so long, but I have to check the end caps! If I were to win I would go for a DSLR camera, clothes for the family, maybe think ahead for some birthday presents, and some home decor items.

  666. My husband and I both need this. We both need clothes badly, but we keep putting our needs off for the kids. Would be great to be able to get everyone what they needed :) Thanks

  667. I would use it for our family’s summer wardrobe! Any extra would go towards decorating our new apartment. I love the cartwheel app!

  668. Corrie says:

    I would love to win! I love Target!!! As a newlywed, we could use the gift card to finish making some purchases to finish up our house. We use Target furniture and all housewares at our house!

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