Inspire Me Please – Linky Party #44

Welcome to this weeks linky party! You know I love this day of the week where all of you amazing people share your inspiring posts with the rest of us! I am so thankful for every single one of you & the posts that you link up each week. THANK YOU! Here are some of my favorites from last weeks party & be sure to check out  Jennifer, JenniferTonya, & Mandy’s   because we all pick different features from the linky parties! & remember once you link up to one of our blogs it shows up on all 4 blogs. Have fun partying!

ClosetDoors2Shaker style closet doors from Cozy Cottage Cute.


Best of 2013 from Decorating cents.


Let your light shine from Crafty Texas girls. 


Before you link up your wonderful posts…

1. link back to the blog!

2. Follow Liz Marie blog.

3. Link up recent posts of work that you have done.

4. Visit other posts and leave them some love!

5. Have fun!



7 thoughts on “Inspire Me Please – Linky Party #44

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