Natural Skin Care Routine – How I Healed My Skin!

How I healed my skin the natural way!

So I will be the first one to admit that I don’t have perfect skin { Even though lately it feels pretty perfect compared to what it was.} I’ve been on this journey for a few years trying to clear up persistent breakouts & I am not lying when I say that I have tried EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I am finally at a point in my journey where I have found a routine that finally works for me & has kept my skin super clear & healthy. I know that I can’t be the only one who has struggled with hormonal breakouts & oily skin so I wanted to share what has worked for me in hopes that it can help someone else as well. Remember that I am not a dermatologist so I have to say do your own research & your own caution when changing up your skin routine. I just have to say when I went natural with my skin, my skin started loving me back & I finally got the results I had been wanting for so long.


Here’s a little back story about my skin. When I got into my twenties I started noticing lots hormonal breakouts on my jaw line & chin area. My skin became very oily & the breakouts wouldn’t stop. Ummmm seriously? Wasn’t this supposed to happen when I was a teenager? Apparently not. So forever I was using makeup wipes & products with harsh chemicals in them. My skin was just getting worse, I had large sore breakouts & they would never really go away. I would use makeup & concealer to cover it up, but you can still see bumps through makeup & if you know that the breakout is there you become self conscious & it can effect you emotionally. I would have maybe a week with clear skin & then another large breakout would start again. I was thinking that I was just stuck. This was my skin and I had to deal with it. I had prescriptions, every face wash on the market, & even expensive tools Until one day when I decided to go mostly natural for a while & see what that would do. I mean it couldn’t hurt right?


First things first I cut out the makeup wipes. They were causing my sensitive skin nothing but irritation and adding unnecessary scents & chemicals causing breakouts. In place of the makeup wipes, step one of my skin care routine is to use coconut oil & a wash cloth with warm water. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial so it combats all of the bacteria that can be on your face from your long day. I use ogranic coconut oil {you can find it practically anywhere!} I rub a tiny bit all over my face & then with a wash cloth that is damp with warm water I wipe all of it off. This step removes almost 100% of the makeup & my face feels so soft and clean. Coconut oil has also been known to shrink pores, fix fine lines, & it’s a seriously amazing moisturizer. After a week of cutting out the makeup wipes I noticed that my skin was no longer red & irritated. I think coconut oil is one of the biggest factors that has made my skin better these days.

Second step changes from day to day depending on what I feel like. I’m usually only wearing tinted moisturizer these days so sometimes I will repeat step one & then move on to step three. But, if I’m feeling a little dirtier or that my skin needs some more love I will use the Pacifica sea foam complete facewash which is sulfate free & super gentle. I love the smell of this stuff & it foams up so nicely that I feel like it makes my skin so clean & fresh. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser I for sure recommend this one.

The third step in my nightly skin care routine is Thayers alcohol-free Rose petal witch hazel {I purchased mine at GNC}. This toner is seriously so gentle & one of the only ones I have ever used that calms my skin down. It refreshes, shrinks pores, & is a great last step that ensures I have removed everything off of my face. It has aloe & vitamin E so it soothes my skin perfectly & preps it for moisturizer.

& last but not least I moisturize with grape seed oil { I purchased mine at GNC}. I place a tiny bit in the palm of my hand & use it all over my face. Grape seed oil has anti-oxidents & anti-inflammatory properties that really combat any breakouts & soothe the skin as well. It also tightens pores which also helps prevent further breakouts. Grape seed oil is great for people with oily skin. You may think you need to dry your skin out if you have oily skin, but that only causes your skin to think that it needs to produce more oil. Therefore you will just be an oily mess. So after washing your face add a great moisturizer to your routine. The grape seed oil has changed my life. I have noticed fading of my scars, smaller pores, less breakouts & my skin is not a hot oily mess anymore like it once was.

For when I do get a breakout or a pimple I have been using tea tree oil {mine is from the Body Shop}. Tea tree oil is a great alternative to other topical acne creams with lots of harsh chemicals. for my dry lips I have been loving this hemp oil chapstick that I got in my Birchbox last month. & for eye cream when I’m feeling like I need it I use all about eyes from Clinique.  For nights when I want to put a mask on my face or I feel a breakout coming I will make a mask with honey, nutmeg, & cinnamon. All the ingredients combat bacteria, help with scarring, fight breakouts, & much more. The mask is amazing. Try it 😉


In the morning I use oatmeal to wash my face. Don’t laugh. It seriously works! Oatmeal contains this scientific word called saponins which is known for it’s cleansing properties. Oatmeal also contains lots of vitamin E & is recommended for those with sensitive skin {i.e. my sensitive acne prone oily skin} To cleanse with the oatmeal I put a tiny bit in my palm & run hot water over the oatmeal to soften it. I then use it as a scrub all over my face and rinse with warm water. You can blend the oatmeal so it becomes finer, but usually I just use the whole oats that I store in a small container in our bathroom. I seriously just use regular oats, I mean any brand out of the grocery store.

After I cleanse with the oatmeal in the morning I use the Thayers alcohol-free rose bud witch hazel as a toner with a cotton ball all over my face just like I do at night. For day lotion these days I am OBSESSED with boots number 7 beautiful skin day cream for normal/oily. It is non-pore blocking & it has zinc in it which controls oil. I seriously don’t know if I ever will switch from this lotion. If you have oily skin I would try this!

I should also add that I have tried to add more water to my diet & cut back on the caffeine a little which are both factors in healthy skin & hormonal breakouts. I also take daily vitamins {I have always done this}. As many of you know your skin is not only how you treat it on the outside, but the inside as well!

c49159ea5a1211e38e691281ffd27b69_7My skin has been so different lately! Less oil, minimal breakouts, scars are diminishing, & my overall skin tone is healthier. Like I said before, I am no expert & I still get breakouts. I mean, I’m only human. But I do feel like I have become an “expert” at my own skin recently & for that reason I felt pushed to share what I have discovered by using all these natural products. It’s funny, now that I am 25 I have completely changed the way I view products from food to my skin care & I really wish I would have know about it sooner! If you want me to share more skin care & natural masks I use leave a comment below.  I would love for you to weigh in! Do you have a natural skin care routine? What products work best for you? Do you have a certain line or brand you like? What skin issues do you have? I would love to here your opinions and experiences. Leave me a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram!



  1. Hey! I also have PCOS and am planning to try this routine, but I’m seeing mixed things about refined and unrefined coconut oil and which you should use. What kind do you use? Sorry if this was already asked….I can’t see any of the previous comments.

    • Unrefined coconut oil is best. The properties that make it so wonderful decrease through refining. As long as your using organic, your on the right path!

      Best regards!

    • That is a great success story! Thanks for sharing it.

      I always like to think of the skin as a reflection of what is going on within. People with persistent skin related issues who don’t improve doing the kind of things you have mentioned (a lot of which is actually basic stuff ie. cutting out the harsh chemicals, etc) should consider seeing a holistic/functional/integrative doctor who can look at the organs and digestion. Digestion related issues can often affect the skin, and the skin is also an indicator of the performance of other organs. Often skin conditions can be rapidly improved simply by avoiding certain foods (gluten is a common one).

      • ….and just to add to my comment above, sometimes emotions can have a role to play as well. Consulting with a kinesiologist can often quickly help you identify which emotions may be perpetuating your condition, and the energy around these emotions can be released using a range of techniques.

        Once again, thanks for your great blog.

    • Coconut oil is definitely not for everyone. I have had luck with extra virgin coconut oil, but it too isn’t for everyone. I now use avocado oil, which is great for drier skin. Here’s another guide on troubleshooting the oil cleansing method–

  2. Hi. I am definitely going to try your skin care ideas. But for the coconut oil I’m a little confused. How do I know which one to get? Does it come in a liquid form or a semi-solid form?

  3. I’ve used a similar routine with great success. Similar story, oily skin and breakouts despite being in my late 20s! I took Accutane as a teenager, which cleared things up for a few years, but it was a horrible experience overall. Once I stopped fighting my skin and nourished it my whole world changed. I now use raw honey as my cleanser morning and night and witch hazel as a toner (I also only use tinted moisturizer most days, no heavy makeup).

    I’ve used an oatmeal scrub before and loved it but I would add a word of caution: be careful where you use it! Cleaning out oatmeal gunk from a clogged drain is gross and inevitable if you use the scrub over the bathroom sink. I even had it ground quite finely and only used a small amount, but daily use will still cause buildup in the drain. Instead I’d recommend using it over the kitchen sink and running the disposal afterward. Love how oats make my skin feel, hate clogged drains.

    Oil cleansing every few days is what really saved my skin and “reset” my oil glands so they weren’t freaking out all the time. I only need to use it occasionally now, but when I do I use a combination of castor oil and jojoba oil (more castor if I’m oily, more jojoba if I’m dry; 1-2tsp total). I rub it all over my face, rinse a washcloth in hot water and let it steam on my face for about 30 seconds, then wipe the oil off, rinse cloth and repeat the steam/wipe once more to ensure there is no oil left on my skin. Softest, most wonderful skin ever.

    With the exception of an occasional hormonal blemish (which I treat with a dab of lavender essential oil 2-3 times a day), my skin has been clear and happy ever since I made these changes.

    • Just wanted to add – be careful with jojoba oil. I jumped on this bandwagon and used jojoba oil and had terrible cystic acne as a reaction to the jojoba oil. If you do end up breaking out while trying this, you may need to switch the type of oil you use.

      • I’ve never had a problem with jojoba oil, but I know some people do. I’ve also used avocado oil with great success – there are a lot of oils that will work, it is just a matter of finding the one (or more) that work best for your skin! :)

  4. I have PCOS as well and I get the cystic type breakouts. They aren’t all over my face but usually on my chin – hurt, are hard as a rock, sometimes red, very hard to cover and take forever to go away. I am starting coconut oil for antibacterial purposes but want to know how you treat your cystic acne spots. Is their a trick a do not know about. I have three right now and it’s making me feel terrible about myself. Usually I do not use anything crazy – no makeup wipes etc – I have sensitive skin so I just use the cetafil my dermatologist recommended. They tried giving me meds for the acne but they made me deathly ill and nothing topical they’ve prescribed works either. Thanks!

  5. I use Dove hypoallergenic bar + organic cold press coconut oil + a couple of drops of lemon essential oil (especially over trouble spots). I bought my lemon essential oil at a local health food store. It was less than $10. When I follow my regimen, people remark on my skin and I have had cystic acne for over 20 years.

  6. I have fallowerd these steps and for me I have found it has worked … I use the oatmeal that’s amazing on skin! Coconut oil @night I bought it on amazon it’s the semi-solid amazing. Had dark spots on face due to my pregnancy recently and it’s clairing out!! So these were worth it the grape seed oile I used one from grocery store but I’m. It sure if it was right one ….. And n7 I bought I like it as it’s nice for day!!! Hope this helps

  7. Hi! First I want to say that I Love your Blog! Just recently found it and am so happy I came across your cleansing routine! I was fortunate as a teenager and never had a huge problem with breakouts but as I’ve gotten older they’ve gotten worse. I’m now in my mid-thirties and am still having breakouts but am also trying to battle aging (fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and blemish scars). My struggle is finding an anti-after that doesn’t break me out. Maybe following your routine will get my skin balanced out and under control, then I can incorporate natural/paraben free anti-aging products. (Fingers crossed!)
    I have a question regarding morning routine. On the mornings I’m heading to the gym I only splash face with water and wipe with a wash cloth then when I get home I shower and wash my face. So question is will the oatmeal wash be enough to remove the sweat from workout?
    Thank you!

  8. What type of tinted moisturizer do you use?

  9. Venita Michelle says:

    Hello! I’ve tried this regimen for about two weeks now and my skin had broken out worse than ever! Did yours get worse before it started improving? Thanks!

  10. Awesome post!! I have a very similar background story, tried EVERYTHING, but should note that I tried OCM in the past – and the first time around, I think the type of oil/ratio I used was a bad combo. Went back to benzyol peroxide, salicylic acid…was still having breakouts. Then I rediscovered grape seed oil, and this time tried it on it’s own, as a pre cleanse and night time moisturizer. LIQUID GOLD, this stuff. in a week my skin has seriously transformed. More even & toned, breakouts have cleared, and I have that “glow” that I had only dreamt of. Tip: if you have a cystic pimple, try some grape seed oil/tea tree oil and put it on overnight. I tried this and woke up and the pimple had drastically reduced in size and didn’t hurt or feel sore to the touch! I also use raw honey/baking soda when I need some exfoliation, and you can spot treat with raw honey as well. doing all of these things has made SUCH a difference in only a couple weeks. Natural is better!! :)

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  12. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  13. Great post! I found your blog from Pinterest. I have the same problems: oily skin plus hormonal breakouts on my chin and jaw area. Yikes! I’ve been switching my skin care routine for the past few months and I’ve noticed my skin improve tremendously.

    My morning routine:
    1. Cleanser: Organic Aid Vitamin E Cleanser but sometimes I opt for Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser.
    2. Toner: Homemade ACV toner and Thayer’s Unscented Witch Hazel.
    3. Any kind of serum and tea tree oil to treat pimples, etc.
    4. Moisturiser: I rarely use one, but if I need to, I’ll put jojoba oil. I’ve yet to find a good moisturiser for me.
    5. Sunblock
    To freshen up my skin during the day, I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel (the same one as a toner) as my facial mist.

    Night routine:
    Almost similar to my morning routine except I do double cleansing method (oil cleansing + facial foam). I’ll put on mask 2-3 times per week.

  14. I love these suggestions. I’m getting married in TWO weeks and my chin area decided to break out.. not even pimples really.. but like bumps under the skin. HUGE RED AND IN CHARGE… I’m in a time battle. Do you have any quick fixes that could help these render less scary before my big day?
    XO-Future Mrs Marchner

  15. I have adult acne and never saw any long-term results with any of the many products that I tried. A friend recommended using a soap called “The Works”. It’s a colloidal silver soap on etsy. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and have to say, it’s the best thing I’ve used

  16. I’ve been using this routine for about a week now and the difference has been crazy awesome. I’m not using the exact same face wash or daily moisturizer, but am using some stuff that I picked up at Whole Foods. I’m still using the oatmeal, toner, coconut oil. grapeseed oil, tea tree oil and am just seeing results! My sensitive skin is no longer super oily and dry at the same time and the irritation that I used to see all the time is all but gone. Still seeing some pimples, but instead of growing bigger before they finally shrink, I see improvement right away!

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  18. Wow! I have been doing this regimen for a week and the results have been astounding! My face prior to starting was a disaster. Horrible adult acne that I’ve been dealing with for 2+ years! After 1 week my face is completely smooth and clear and I have not had to wear any make up AT ALL. This is huge for me b/c I am a very low maintenance girl and I despised having to wear makeup due to acne and now I can finally go fresh-faced! The coconut oil feels so good and really works. The witch hazel makes my face feel amazing and I feel like in particular is really helping my skin. I love using the grapeseed oil as a moisturizer instead of a thick lotion…it’s so light and is doing a great job of keeping my skin hydrated! I have done the oats a few times…but they are a little too messy for me. Otherwise, I am obsessed with this regimen and also feel so great about all the products being natural! Thank you!

  19. I’ve been using this for about a week and am so far very happy! I do have a couple questions… How often do you use the tea tree oil on a breakout? And do you have a natural way of cleaning makeup brushes? Thanks!

  20. Love this so far! I am in college and my face has been breaking out like crazy lately (most likely stress related). I had everything at home already so I thought I’d give it a try. I love the way my face feels when I use the oatmeal and coconut oil! I really like the grape seed oil at night because it doesn’t leave my face extra oily, but it does mousturize my skin enough. I had witch hazel from the dollar store that I have been using on my face for a long time. It didn’t have the rose petal and it isn’t alcohol free, but I made do with what I had before buying more. I did have some Mario Badescu rose petal hydrating spray from Ulta that I spritz on my face occasionally, so I poured a little of that into the witch hazel. It has seemed to be working ok so far. But is there any reason I should be using alcohol-free witch hazel specifically?

  21. GREAT post! I am 25 as well, and just experienced the same thing you did- minus the fact that I had TERRIBLE acne as a teenager, that got better, but never totally disappeared. Well, just graduated from my MA program, married my army husband, moved to a new state, and while I am looking for work…time to experiment with my face! It was trial and error for a while, the oils made me have comodogenic acne, but I am using the same things you mentioned, minus that I also use a betonite clay mask or castile soap every other day in order to clear out any excess oils from my sebum, grape seed, or coconut oils that may have been stuck in my pores. It is working wonderfully! I also love a honey, baking soda, and cinnamon face mask! An egg white once or twice a week also does wonders, your skin will be tight and glow beautifully after applying it. I too have witch hazel with alcohol, and am going to use it up before buying the Thayers. A good use for alcohol witch hazel is to add it to a hair mask and rub it into your scalp- gets rid of dandruff and clarifies! Importantly too is diet. I noticed a huge change by taking fish oil, probiotics, and ACV in water 3 times a day- as well as running daily to flush out toxins and boost that circulation! I also use a natural powder foundation I made from kaolin clay and cinnamon- my oily skin LOVES it and it looks so airbrushed!

  22. I’m glad you have found a routine that works well for you. However, I have to reprimand you on this post. Despite your disclaimer that you are not a dermatologist, you go on to make claims about certain ingredients that are just not true. If you had done even a little scientific research before writing this post, it would have shown you that. Many of your claims about what certain ingredients are “known” to do are misleading or just plain erroneous. Tea tree oil does have antibacterial properties against p. Acnes, the bacteria that commonly causes acne. In a study that was shown to do that at a 5% concentration though. Important detail because 100% is too strong and sensitizing to skin. Google the peer reviewed study. You do your readers a disservice to talk about a subject you are uninformed about, like you have done scientific research, when clearly you haven’t.

  23. Actually Kelly, if you look anywhere that suggests tea tree oil for acne it doesn’t say you cannot use tea tree oil directly on the skin. It does however, say that it is suggested to put the tea tree oil somewhere unnoticeable like your arm, wrist, behind the ear, etc to see if your skin can tolerate it. If you notice that your skin is too sensitive to 100% tea tree oil, then they suggest diluting it down with water. But it isn’t misinformation to say that using pure tea tree oil is useful if your skin can tolerate it. Everyone’s skin sensitivity is different.

  24. hey! I’m so happy for you! You should definitely look at this all natural and organic beauty line :)
    I really like the mud mask so far. :)
    And you should also check out 100 percent pure they sell chemical free make-up :)

    I’m definitely going to try the oats, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. :)

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

    • Heather Clark says:

      This all sounds really wonderful! I think I may give a shot, but I was wondering. How much money overall do you think you spend on your skin care treatments? Also, I usually get breakouts on my back as well. Do you have any remedies for that? Thanks :)

  25. Heather Clark says:

    This all sounds really wonderful! I think I may give a shot, but I was wondering. How much money overall do you think you spend on your skin care treatments? Also, I usually get breakouts on my back as well. Do you have any remedies for that? Thanks

  26. I tried going “natural” first when a friend recommended the oil method. I did some research and started using castor mixed with Jojoba oil. I didn’t see improvement really and actually started getting more of those ingrown cystic pimples (I think that’s what they’re called – it’s those ones that are bigger and hurt) whereas usually just have many pimples that come to a gross whitehead.I might have been using too much oil or not mixing it correctly, but I never found really good specific advice on how to do that. So I stopped that and started using the Lush “Dark Angels” scrub. I am finding that at night with just a cold water rinse in the morning is having okay results. I still break out but my skin seems more normal. Now I just started another “natural” trick my friend turned me onto (yes I still trust her haha) which is raw organic honey to remove blackheads. I use a little in the morning and just tap it on my nose and chin where I have the most clogged pores for about two minutes and it gets really sticky. I’ve heard of this trick a lot so I’m hoping it actually works. It hasn’t been a week yet so I’m still waiting to see results. (Also I started birth control not that long ago so that throws a wrench in everything haha) Have you ever tried these methods and was there anything that made them “work” for you?

  27. I also use Coconut oil daily and its perfect for my skin

  28. WOW! Thank you, Liz, for taking the time to post this. I came to this post through Pinterest and I’m so thrilled. My story is the same as yours. I mean, I’m 20 .. What is my face doing?! Lol I’ve tried everything. I’ve begged and pleaded with God for an answer to my acne problems. Here it is! Thank you :)
    ps. already tried the oatmeal and I love love love it!

  29. So glad to see I’m not the only one with the over 20, oily & sensitive skin woes :) It took far to long to figure out that Benzoyl Peroxide was not my best friend for acne. ACV/H2O mix toner, Emu Oil, and a mask made with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and ACV have been in my regimen and work great. Wondering now if the almond oil would work as well as the emu for cheaper.I think I’ll give the Coconut oil wash a try. What do you use for a SPF? I’m hoping to find a more natural alternative that won’t cause breakouts.

  30. Monique S. says:

    The is a great blog BTW. You’ve convinced me. I will try your regimen. I am 30 years old black female and I am still suffering from acne. Right now I’m using proactive plus. Although it works great for me, it doesn’t always work for my pocket. So lately, I have been researching alternative ways for overall beauty care. I am trying to go the natural route because it has worked for years before all these chemical products came out and it is easier on your pockets. Can you share more natural regimens you normally use?

  31. hey Liz! Just went to sprouts last night and got coconut oil, thayers, and Now Grapeseeed oil. I have regular oatmeal at home already and I am so excited to try your routine. I’ve been starting to go organic and natural . I use dr bronners as a body wash and face wash and cetaphil wash and lotion and that has dramatically changed my skin. But I think this routine is exactly what I’ve been missing. Thank you so much for your testimony. You seem so sweet and genuine. Love your blog! Live your story! Hope I hear from you soon and I will let you know how the regimen goes with me!

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  34. I love oatmeal as a face scrub! It’s so balancing for any skin type. I use 2/3 oatmeal and 1/3 ground almond, for an extra moisture kick. Great post!

  35. Just ordered most of the products on this list! Excited to try a more natural approach to skincare. At this point I’m just desperate for ANYTHING to work!

  36. Hi! I loved this article and went out and bought coconut oil, oats, and witch hazel the day I read it. I’ve been doing that portion of the routine for about 4 days now. My skin definite looks clearer! I’m so happy! BUT… my skin has just started breaking out in some sort of rash. It’s not visible or itchy but I can feel small raised bumps around my face and neck. Has anyone had this experience? I was using a different Vitamin E moisturizer so I stopped that. I was also using witch hazel pads that seemed kind of scratchy. I’m really frustrated because I love how clear my skin is looking but I don’t want these little bumps either! Hoping someone else had this experience and it’s an easy fix! Or just goes away…

    Thanks :)

  37. Hey, I’m so glad for you! I think you should have look at these natural, radiant and organic skin or beauty products :), I really like them.
    Thanks for the such a nice information.

  38. I have always had the same problem with my skin until I started using Perfectly Posh products! They have amazing makeup wipes (all natural) they don’t use harmful chemicals or fillers (bad) in any of their products! They have an amazing grapefruit and peppermint face wash that cleared my face just within a couple days! I posted my website, you should go look at their amazing products!

  39. Hello! Thank you so much for posting this!! I too have oily acne prone skin (and i’m 26!!) and i’ve tried nearly everything with less than fantastic results.
    I just recently got my coconut and grapeseed oil in the mail!! I had a few questions if you wouldn’t mind!

    So i’ve been using these for about 3 nights now.
    The first night seemed good, felt like my skin was instantly nicer!
    but now (the 3rd night) i feel like i’m getting a few breakouts D:
    I’m not sure why this is, though. My skin has been being troublesome lately as is, so it might just be that.
    ANYWAY my questions are:
    when you first started this routine, was your skin initially breaking out? I know there’s that ‘adjusting period’ that your skin goes through almost any time you switch a routine… should i just stick with it? I don’t want to freak out! It’s not terrible, just 3-4 new zits, but you never know i guess.

    My second question is how long till your skin started adjusting to this and clearing up? Not long i hope!
    Thank you so much in advance.

    The only step of yours that i do differently is that i’m using up the rest of my herbalism pot from lush, then i’m going to switch back to african black soap, it seemed to do wonders for me and i think it has oats in it as well!

  40. I’m a guy and intend to try this, I have the worst oily skin, especially nose that breaks out all the time in pimples, blackheads, all that bad stuff. Hopefully it works, I’ve been stuck using all sorts of chemical crap, never does anything, pore strips, clearisil, nothing works, hopefully a natural approach will!

  41. Thank you for sharing this. Like most, I too share the same skin issues (oily sensitive acne prone scarred skin abused by every brand sold or prescribed) but am in my 30’s still searching for a solution and finally found some potential relief. Seriously, thank you.

    • You need to try the herbal face wash by Mission Essentials. It is almost all organic and does a great job in cleansing the skin. Try it and let folks here know what you think – just a small amount will cleanse your entire face – I find that a 4 oz bottle lasts a few months – it’s really nice.

  42. This is such great advice! If you’re looking to try tips like these, you should also check out the Blueberry Face Mask or the Acne Soap at – all of the ingredients are non-toxic and naturally sourced, and each product is formulated for people with sensitive skin :) If you’re looking for all natural skin care in general, their Roll On Deo is awesome too!

  43. I know you have mentioned a few times you have oily skin, but I was curious if you had any recommendations for oils good for dry skin? Or if the oils you mentioned are okay to use on dry skin? Also, which vitamins do you take? Thank you! :)

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    My boyfriend is the sweetest guy ever so he tells me he hardly even notices my acne and profuse scarring from past acne but even if that’s true I don’t want to go through the physical and emotional pains of acne! I want to feel beautiful and have a lot of problems feeling this way when my face is covered in spots.
    I, like you and many others, have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried countless systems and ‘miracle products’ that promised to end my woes over my skin forever (which, of course and without fail, they didn’t and some actually made my skin worse–Proactiv). I’ve always had good eating habits (and I eat clean about 80% of the time) and I exercise 4x a week and while those are great for me and I’ll keep doing them but even doing these things wasn’t helping my hormonal breakouts much. After reading your post, knowing about the profuse usage of witch hazel for treating acne as well as the benefits of oil cleansing (which has worked pretty well for me in the past—less angry skin), though I hadn’t even heard of grapeseed oil, I decided I had to give this a try. I had to start feeding my skin good things and stop throwing harsh chemicals at it.

    I already had coconut oil so the Friday night after reading this I used that to cleanse. The next day while picking up the groceries I picked up Dickinson’s Witch Hazel and La Tournage (I believe this is the brand’s name) 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil. This whole weekend including this Monday morning I have followed this procedure:
    -(wash hands)
    -rub quarter-sized amount of coconut oil all over face, including the eyes/eye lashes
    -leave oil on skin while I brush my teeth
    -rinse off with a pea-sized amount of traditional cleanser (Bioré Charcoal Cleanser) (I live in CA and we’re in a serious drought so I don’t want to sit with the water on waiting for it to get warm enough to take off the oil)
    -soak a cotton pad with witch hazel and disperse all over my face, avoiding the eye area (though I don’t think it would be bad if I didn’t avoid my eyes because the witch hazel doesn’t sting the broken skin I have)
    -let dry/soak into skin
    -pour a maybe 3-4 drops of grapeseed oil into my hands and then rub/press into the skin all over my face (including the eye-area, down onto my neck, and I also use on my chest/breasts because I hear it’s great for tightening/anti-aging) (have also been using it as an all-over body moisturizer after showering–I’m SO soft and my boyfriend even commented)
    -if I’m doing this in the morning I finish off with Aveeno sunscreen (currently using up the last of my ultra-calming moisturizer with SPF 15) because I have sensitive skin and have found that Aveeno products fit my skin well. I find that this step helps me not to feel that I’ve used oil on my face…not sure why
    -if I’m doing this at night I’ll finish off by using a spot treatment on any active/recently active spots. I generally use Dermoxido (a spot treatment from El Salvador, where my boyfriend’s family is from) or I use the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion.

    Now that I’ve already typed too much, let me tell you more (because I’m actually just so excited)! So…After only a few days of using this system (I had 8 active spots when I started) I have noticed huge differences:
    -My skin just seems generally more luminous and healthy-looking in tone and in texture
    -The spots that I had when I started have healed significantly and most don’t even stick up from my skin anymore, they’re just darkened spots
    -I CAN EVEN SEE ALL THE LITTLE BLACKHEADS ON MY NOSE GOING AWAY whaaaaaaat??? Seriously…I truly and completely believed that nothing could get rid of blackheads. Now, I look in the mirror and the pores on my nose (every single one of them clogged by a blackhead) look smaller and cleaner. Truly miraculous.
    -And guess what else? I haven’t gotten a single pimple since beginning this regimen. When I started I was getting (quite literally) a new pimple every day.

    With all these miraculous things happening I really do not have any complaints—the products are FAR cheaper than any system I’ve ever used, they’re working far better than any system I’ve ever used, and I feel good about myself for using all natural products on my face (and having much clearer skin because of it). I do feel that I should just list some ‘eh’ things that I’ve noticed:
    -Sometimes getting the coconut oil out of the jar is annoying (especially when I need to cut my nails) so I’d suggest storing it near a computer or something that gets hot so that when you use it it’ll already be in a buttery consistency
    -Using oil to moisturize your face, while extremely effective, does feel a bit odd. From the beginning of the day you feel like you face is oily BUT it doesn’t feel like the same kind of oily as you would feel from your skin just producing it throughout the day. It feels like a good, moisturizing oil (and you know it’s not full of yucky skin bacteria that will cause acne so once you realize that the feeling of having oil on your face doesn’t make you feel bad like it normally does). Plus, I find that using my sunscreen afterwards cuts down on this feeling a bit (again, not sure why…I’m sure it has something to do with chemistry which I’ve never been good at hah).

    So, thank you for letting me expound on this. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing my scars heal as they’re one of my largest skin insecurities but I know this kind of thing takes longer to accomplish. I’ll comment again once I’ve been using this system for a month or two because if I’m this excited about the short-term (while my face is still, essentially, covered in spots/scars) I can only imagine how I’ll feel in a month or two!

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