Natural Skin Care Routine – How I Healed My Skin!

How I healed my skin the natural way!

So I will be the first one to admit that I don’t have perfect skin { Even though lately it feels pretty perfect compared to what it was.} I’ve been on this journey for a few years trying to clear up persistent breakouts & I am not lying when I say that I have tried EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I am finally at a point in my journey where I have found a routine that finally works for me & has kept my skin super clear & healthy. I know that I can’t be the only one who has struggled with hormonal breakouts & oily skin so I wanted to share what has worked for me in hopes that it can help someone else as well. Remember that I am not a dermatologist so I have to say do your own research & your own caution when changing up your skin routine. I just have to say when I went natural with my skin, my skin started loving me back & I finally got the results I had been wanting for so long.


Here’s a little back story about my skin. When I got into my twenties I started noticing lots hormonal breakouts on my jaw line & chin area. My skin became very oily & the breakouts wouldn’t stop. Ummmm seriously? Wasn’t this supposed to happen when I was a teenager? Apparently not. So forever I was using makeup wipes & products with harsh chemicals in them. My skin was just getting worse, I had large sore breakouts & they would never really go away. I would use makeup & concealer to cover it up, but you can still see bumps through makeup & if you know that the breakout is there you become self conscious & it can effect you emotionally. I would have maybe a week with clear skin & then another large breakout would start again. I was thinking that I was just stuck. This was my skin and I had to deal with it. I had prescriptions, every face wash on the market, & even expensive tools Until one day when I decided to go mostly natural for a while & see what that would do. I mean it couldn’t hurt right?


First things first I cut out the makeup wipes. They were causing my sensitive skin nothing but irritation and adding unnecessary scents & chemicals causing breakouts. In place of the makeup wipes, step one of my skin care routine is to use coconut oil & a wash cloth with warm water. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial so it combats all of the bacteria that can be on your face from your long day. I use ogranic coconut oil {you can find it practically anywhere!} I rub a tiny bit all over my face & then with a wash cloth that is damp with warm water I wipe all of it off. This step removes almost 100% of the makeup & my face feels so soft and clean. Coconut oil has also been known to shrink pores, fix fine lines, & it’s a seriously amazing moisturizer. After a week of cutting out the makeup wipes I noticed that my skin was no longer red & irritated. I think coconut oil is one of the biggest factors that has made my skin better these days.

Second step changes from day to day depending on what I feel like. I’m usually only wearing tinted moisturizer these days so sometimes I will repeat step one & then move on to step three. But, if I’m feeling a little dirtier or that my skin needs some more love I will use the Pacifica sea foam complete facewash which is sulfate free & super gentle. I love the smell of this stuff & it foams up so nicely that I feel like it makes my skin so clean & fresh. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser I for sure recommend this one.

The third step in my nightly skin care routine is Thayers alcohol-free Rose petal witch hazel {I purchased mine at GNC}. This toner is seriously so gentle & one of the only ones I have ever used that calms my skin down. It refreshes, shrinks pores, & is a great last step that ensures I have removed everything off of my face. It has aloe & vitamin E so it soothes my skin perfectly & preps it for moisturizer.

& last but not least I moisturize with grape seed oil { I purchased mine at GNC}. I place a tiny bit in the palm of my hand & use it all over my face. Grape seed oil has anti-oxidents & anti-inflammatory properties that really combat any breakouts & soothe the skin as well. It also tightens pores which also helps prevent further breakouts. Grape seed oil is great for people with oily skin. You may think you need to dry your skin out if you have oily skin, but that only causes your skin to think that it needs to produce more oil. Therefore you will just be an oily mess. So after washing your face add a great moisturizer to your routine. The grape seed oil has changed my life. I have noticed fading of my scars, smaller pores, less breakouts & my skin is not a hot oily mess anymore like it once was.

For when I do get a breakout or a pimple I have been using tea tree oil {mine is from the Body Shop}. Tea tree oil is a great alternative to other topical acne creams with lots of harsh chemicals. for my dry lips I have been loving this hemp oil chapstick that I got in my Birchbox last month. & for eye cream when I’m feeling like I need it I use all about eyes from Clinique.  For nights when I want to put a mask on my face or I feel a breakout coming I will make a mask with honey, nutmeg, & cinnamon. All the ingredients combat bacteria, help with scarring, fight breakouts, & much more. The mask is amazing. Try it ;)


In the morning I use oatmeal to wash my face. Don’t laugh. It seriously works! Oatmeal contains this scientific word called saponins which is known for it’s cleansing properties. Oatmeal also contains lots of vitamin E & is recommended for those with sensitive skin {i.e. my sensitive acne prone oily skin} To cleanse with the oatmeal I put a tiny bit in my palm & run hot water over the oatmeal to soften it. I then use it as a scrub all over my face and rinse with warm water. You can blend the oatmeal so it becomes finer, but usually I just use the whole oats that I store in a small container in our bathroom. I seriously just use regular oats, I mean any brand out of the grocery store.

After I cleanse with the oatmeal in the morning I use the Thayers alcohol-free rose bud witch hazel as a toner with a cotton ball all over my face just like I do at night. For day lotion these days I am OBSESSED with boots number 7 beautiful skin day cream for normal/oily. It is non-pore blocking & it has zinc in it which controls oil. I seriously don’t know if I ever will switch from this lotion. If you have oily skin I would try this!

I should also add that I have tried to add more water to my diet & cut back on the caffeine a little which are both factors in healthy skin & hormonal breakouts. I also take daily vitamins {I have always done this}. As many of you know your skin is not only how you treat it on the outside, but the inside as well!

My skin has been so different lately! Less oil, minimal breakouts, scars are diminishing, & my overall skin tone is healthier. Like I said before, I am no expert & I still get breakouts. I mean, I’m only human. But I do feel like I have become an “expert” at my own skin recently & for that reason I felt pushed to share what I have discovered by using all these natural products. It’s funny, now that I am 25 I have completely changed the way I view products from food to my skin care & I really wish I would have know about it sooner! If you want me to share more skin care & natural masks I use leave a comment below.  I would love for you to weigh in! Do you have a natural skin care routine? What products work best for you? Do you have a certain line or brand you like? What skin issues do you have? I would love to here your opinions and experiences. Leave me a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram!



  1. Kristi Bellas says:

    Before I even read the whole post I must say -Coconut oil seems to be the go to for EVERYTHING these days including to clean and moisturizer baby with! The marketed products for baby are full of harsh chemicals too even aveno so the doctors are saying to stay away from most of them now. I’m thinking abt switching to coconut oil for Gavin! I use it for my KP/eczema that’s all over my body already. I have awful skin myself I never would have thought to use it on my face though.

    Te grape seed oil sounds perfect for me I have been thinking I need to moisturizer since I was at a nerium show recently and the lady was like so what do you use I was like I don’t put anything in my face she’s like seriously you need to moisturize… Ever since I’ve been thinking I need to lol especially to avoid fast aging… I’ll have to try this! I have a very oil prone face and still have breakouts also! I just had one after having Gavin and I can’t wear make up around him so it really sucks waiting for it to heal.

  2. Before I even read the whole post I must say -Coconut oil seems to be the go to for EVERYTHING these days including to clean and moisturizer baby with! The marketed products for baby are full of harsh chemicals too even aveno so the doctors are saying to stay away from most of them now. I’m thinking abt switching to coconut oil for Gavin! I use it for my KP/eczema that’s all over my body already. I have awful skin myself I never would have thought to use it on my face though.

    Te grape seed oil sounds perfect for me I have been thinking I need to moisturizer since I was at a nerium show recently and the lady was like so what do you use I was like I don’t put anything in my face she’s like seriously you need to moisturize… Ever since I’ve been thinking I need to lol especially to avoid fast aging… I’ll have to try this! I have a very oil prone face and still have breakouts also! I just had one after having Gavin and I can’t wear make up around him so it really sucks waiting for it to heal.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I love hearing what works for others. It keeps me hopeful I will find something that works for me!

    Does it matter what kind of oatmeal you use? And where do you get you grape seed oil?

    Thank you!

  4. I’m trying your routine. Our skins/issues sound so much alike. Mine’s super sensitive and oily, and the past 4-6 months I’ve been prone to jawline breakouts. Drives me crazy! I never had skin issues as a teen either! Excited to see if this helps me as much as it has you! Thanks, Liz!!

    • Wow!! We are so much alike! that is exactly what I had.. Jawline breakouts that hurt so bad I could sometimes feel it when I talked. I sincerely hope this works for you! I know the pain & emotionally how it can effect you. Keep me updated! xx

  5. Thank you for sharing what you have been doing! I love that this is all natural! I’m definitely going to be giving this a try :)

  6. I love this Liz! I have to say, I’m most scared to put coconut oil on my face for some reason! I’m silly! It’s like this unreasonable fear! I know plenty of people that do it..but it looks so oily..and I imagine it clogging my pores! hahahaha. I know it DOESN’T do that..and your gorgeous face is a testament to that! TONIGHT—I’m using coconut oil to remove my make up! Here we come! :)

    • Seriously the first time is really weird. It’s squishy and oily & then you realize how good it feels haha & omg no coconut oil does the clogging of pores, take it from a girl who will break out from anything & EVERYTHING. Let me know how it goes!!! ahhhhh! haha ;)

  7. wow i totally have noticed how crappy my skin feels after i use makeup wipes on it! im so doing all of this thank you so much for this post!

    • You are so welcome Ellen! & yes makeup wipes were killing my skin… Us sensitive skin girls just need to stay away from them. I hope this helps you!! xx

  8. Do you use the coconut oil to take your eye make up off as well? Great post!

    • Yes! I should have added that. I will do do that now. Coconut oil gets my makeup off my eyes quickly & it conditions the eyebrows & eyelashes :) Hope this helps!!

  9. I’ve also switched to all natural makeup-I had always used Bare Minerals before-but it turns out it’s got lots of skin irritants and chemicals! So I’ve now switched to Elegant Minerals–all natural and is really great makeup! I’m still struggling with oil-so I may steal a few of your tricks! Thanks for sharing, it’s always nice to know we’re not alone in skin struggles!

  10. This fantastic! I had horrible skin in high school and it cleared up dramatically when I turned 20. I live in the northeast now, so it’s crazy dry and prone to breakouts again. I’ve heard a lot about using coconut oil, but I was waaaay too leery of it. I’ll have to try this stuff out! Thanks so much!

    • You will love it Caitlin!!! I was too, but my skin feels amazing. I mean rinsing it with a hot rag gets all the oil off and you are left with moisturized & clean skin! Let me know how it goes for you… I’m obsessed with coconut oil so I hop you are too after you try it! ;)

      • So it’s been 3 days & I’m obsessed. After washing the first time all of my dry skin was gone and it hasn’t even thought about breaking out!! I even got my boyfriend to put it on his (cracked and bleeding) hands & after a few uses, they look and feel better too!! I’m so glad that I finally tried it!! Thank you!!

  11. Liz I feel like you might be reading my mind! I never had problems with my skin until a few months ago. I started talk biotin and have had terrible breakouts ever since. I stopped taking it after about two months but my skin hasn’t recovered. I have used the Clinique system for year but I think I’m going to try your natural skin care tips to see if that helps!
    Thanks so much!
    Jacalynn @

    • Wow Jacalynn! That’s insane that biotin made you break out.. I tried taking biotin for a while, but felt that it was something I didn’t really need & I wanted to figure out a skin routine that would work from the outside. Seriously I hope this works for you!! Please keep me updated!!! xx

    • Ok you young chickadees, I’m about to turn 54 & I have mild rosacea that I didn’t get until about 7 yrs ago when I moved from San Antonio to Dallas (wasn’t happgoy about the move..stress can wreak havoc on our skin/bodies). I’m from San Diego so I spent many years @ the beach surfing etc, which sun damage is the worst. Liz Marie, what sunscreen do you use? I’ve been using Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer with spf 15 everyday on face & neck (make sure girls that you always apply your moisturizer on neck area) & when it gets warmer I use Neutrogena healthy defense liquid moisturizer with broad spectrum spf 50, it’s really light. I’m going to buy all the products today you mentioned, thank you!! A note from an elder: make sure you teach your children the importance of sunscreen @ an early age, my mother died when I was 3 so I had no one to teach me:( I have a 17 yr old daughter & it’s been drilled into her from day 1. It’s so refreshing to read your blog LM, y’all keep me young & I am thankful for that! Have a blessed day….am off to my pure barre class!

  12. Nicole Matteri says:

    I’ve recently gone totally natural with my skin care too. I’ve had acne half my life and I now approach 30. I’ve tried everything and spent tons of money to help my acne. But everything seemed to either help short term or make it worse. I now use coconut oil and an all natural locally made serum as my moisturizer and apple cider vinager as my toner. I also use a bentonite clay mask 3 days a week. It’s amazing! Super cheap too! I’ve also been taking fermented cod liver oil daily. My skin has never been this clear, soft and balanced. I’m going to try adding the grape seed oil to my moisture mix!

    • Nicole Matteri , Wow my exact skin care routine, too. Bentonite clay mix with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, as a mask, for 12 minutes. I’m 48 and because of this routine, my face stays clear. Age spots have dramatically diminished. I also use oatmeal to wash my face and then I apply coconut oil as a moisturizer. I use coconut oil as a toothpaste, too Two times a week, I add baking soda to the coconut oil and gently brush.

  13. I’ve heard a lot of great things about cleansing with oatmeal! But I wonder… does it clog up the sink over time?

    • Great question! Ok, so I have never noticed an issue in our sink, but in our shower when I used it I did notice that it clogged it up a tiny bit. Not sure why they are different, but I’m guessing it’s because the shower has hair {gross!} going down the drain as well. I have heard of some people washing with the oatmeal in the kitchen sink, but our bathroom one works great & has never clogged. Also remember that you are not using a ton.. it’s just a small amount. Hope this helps!! xx

  14. Liz Marie, thanks for sharing! My 17 year old daughter battles so much with acne, and I feel so bad for her because she is drop dead gorgeous! She uses Retina A and she just bouht proactive. I pinned this and read it to her, so hopefully she will try your skin care routine!

    • I feel so bad for her! I know how it feels. This past year my skin was awful & I actually went on a blogging thing and met other bloggers & I didn’t even want to look them in the eye. Please tell her about this… I always thought that I needed the strongest medicine out there & that nothing else would do, but going natural has changed my skin so much for the better! I sincerely hope this helps her & I hope she feels beautiful no matter what. Now when I get a pimple I don’t freak out and I stop thinking that everyone is looking at it.. I know they aren’t. It’s a hard lesson to learn for sure! Keep me updated!! xx

  15. Hello! How do you make the mask with honey, nutmeg and cinnamon? Mix with a little bit of water? I want to try that asap it sounds great!

    • Hey! I simply mix honey with the nutmeg and cinnamon. No water at all :) Just mix and put it on your face for about 15-20 minutes and rinse of with warm water. So easy & it helps with breakouts, scarring, and pores! Hope this helps :)

  16. I so needed to read this today Liz! Over the last year I have had so many breakouts and acne that I’ve never had before. I think part of it is due to moving to a new city, getting engaged and then getting married. So I think a lot of it has been hormonal. But now that things have settled, it still hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve gone to the dermatologist but none of the fancy and expensive things they prescribed worked. I have also had micro dermabrasion facials, changed my eating habits {went as far as doing a detox} and tried every skin care product under the sun lately. I desperately want it to go away. I’m like you, it’s usually along my jawline and I do have oilier skin. I’m seriously going out today and buying all these things to give it a try. At this point, I’ll try anything! Thanks so much for sharing! :) Oh and I love the idea of natural skin care, and going natural in general. Would love any additional natural skin care recommendations you might have!

  17. Jessica R says:

    I’m 25 too, and I’ve definitely heard a lot of good things about coconut oil My question is, do you use makeup on a regular basis? Also would you recommend using the clarisonic? Everyone says that it works wonders. I just recently bought it, so I still can’t give my opinion on it.

    • Hey! Yes! I am a lover of makeup.. it’s part of my daily routine. I am going to do a separate post on that, but lately I have been wearing a tinted moisturizer daily, but if I do wear foundation I use a natural one by Tarte. I will do a whole post on my makeup routine soon. I also do own a clarisonic, but I can’t use it a lot because it breaks me out. I know when you first start using it it purges your skin and causes you to break out in the beginning, but I still think my skin might still be too sensitive for it all the time. I will use it once in a while when I need extra exfoliating. I hope this helps!!

  18. joanne marks says:

    I’m 37 and have always had oily skin. For the past few years I’ve been having terrible hormonal acne on my jawline, neck, and around my hairline on the back of my neck! I can’t stand it because I like to wear my hair up as I live in south Mississippi! I can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for sharinng!

  19. Christy M. says:

    Liz, you are a such a blessing for sharing! Im 29ys old and have struggled with oily skin and pores for years. I just went to a dermatologist and spent a lot of $$$ on products that im currently using but I feel it’s to muh chemicals on my face. I really think I’m going to try your routine as it seems a lot less harsh for my skin which is my main concern. Thanks again for sharing!

  20. Great post! I have cleansed my face with coconut oil for a while now, but need to give some of the other things you mention a try. Thanks, Liz!

  21. Thank you for sharing your routine! About 6 months ago I changed my skincare routine to all natural as well. Cancer runs crazy in my family so I’m doing everything in my power to watch what I eat and put on my skin because I truly believe there are so many environmental factors that can effect us. I use a natural face wash by Arbonne and Braggs apple cider vinegar as my toner (it is amazing) and then follow up with coconut oil as my moisturizer. I also just discovered the “no shampoo method” on Pinterest (baking soda & apple cider vinegar) and will never purchase another bottle of shampoo or conditioner again:)

    • All of these things sound really great and I have begun some of it so it is a bit early to tell how my body responds. Coconut oil is supposed to be really healing for the teeth and gums (according to some pretty good vidieos on YouTube…some by Doctors) so using it for cleansing and moisture should be wonderful.
      I would really like to know more about the ‘no shampoo method’ mentioned. How is it done? And what have been the results?

      Thanks so much.

  22. I too have struggled with acne along my jawline. It was very big, painful, and sometimes cystic. It would get so bad at times that it would even hurt to lay down on my face at night. This has been going on for years. I’m 28 and finally feel I’m seeing some results using all natural products. About a month ago I changed my whole skin care routine. I now simply wash my face with homemade soap and water, use coconut oil as a moisterizer and tea tree oil about once week at night. And every morning I’ve been drinking a shot of Apple cider vinegar mixed with a little bit of honey and water. I haven’t had a “big” pimple since I started this! I can’t believe it! I think it might be the ACV. Thanks for your post!

  23. Wonderful…. I have been fascinating with homemade skin care products. Though I haven’t tried making it at home. Thanks for the inspiration. .

  24. Auntie Lulu says:

    Lovely Liz! This post is one of those little serendipity moments that I LOVE :^) I have been researching this also and just bought some coconut oil last week for moisturizing! Really love it. Even at my old age of 57 I am getting breakouts again on my jawline and around my mouth due to what I am guessing are all the hormonal changes. UGH Had been using Clinique products but they are just not doing the job and I also was getting uncomfortable with all the ingredients listed on the bottles!! Natural just makes more common sense to me. Started cleansing with oatmeal after I read this and want to try the Witch Hazel you recommend also. I have been reading a lot about the No. 7 products ~ are they only available thru Target stores? Also am really interested in the tinted moisturizers so I can get out of the makeup rut ~ don’t need it at my age and with my lifestyle! Thank you so much for this post ~ so helpful and can’t wait to totally change over to a more natural regimen. Trying the honey mask this weekend also! Love you Liz ~Auntie Lulu

  25. I don’t normally post comments on blogs, but I have to thank you for sharing this! It was the catalyst that I needed to break out of my humdrum routine that wasn’t really working for me. I use coconut oil as an after shower body moisturizer but had never considered it for my face! I tried it last night and am in love. Used my CoQ10 Toner still, although I’m excited to test your rose water suggestion. I used the honey mask this morning and my skin is glowing! My skin is sensitive and dry, but this combo was still fabulous! Anyways, thanks again for pushing me to make some positive changes!

    • This makes me so so so happy Melissa!!! I hesitated on sharing, like are people really going to want to hear about this? THANK YOU for your encouraging comment & I am SO HAPPY that you loved the tips. They work amazing for me and in a way have changed my life. Thank you again for your comment! xx

  26. I’m definitely going to try this. Somehow my acne got worse in my 20′s also. It’s pretty embarassing. I’ve tried everything except going natural. My boyfriend recently got me a juicer for Christmas (all the way from Afghanistan ;), he’s pretty amazing) and there’s a recipe for juice that helps with acne. So far I’ve seen a huge difference. Look into that as well.

    Peachy Keen


    Basil (fresh) – 3 leaves 7.5g
    Carrots – 14 medium 854g
    Lemon – 1/2 fruit (2-3/8″ dia) 42g
    Peaches – 5 medium (2-2/3″ dia) 750g

  27. What a great post. I’m bookmarking it! I’ve struggled with acne and i’m 40 something. I’m going to give your way a try and see what happens. The only thing that seems to hellp me is proactiv but I’d love to find a natural alternative. Thanks again!

  28. Mary Hannah says:

    This question may seem strange but how do you keep the oatmeal from running into the sink and clogging the drain? I loved wading my face with it! It was perfect for my oily/ dry skin!

  29. I have been using coconut oil, castor oil, baking soda for exfoliation and tree tea oil for a couple years now. While I still do get the occasional pimple or two (especially around THAT time), my face is much clearer. Plus I am spending WAY less than I previously did on cleansers.

  30. I too used to have breakouts on my chin and along my jawline. I’m 38 and have had oily skin for years. I also have large pores, which is the worst mix with oil. I’ve been using Aveda purifying cleansing wash for ten years and absolutely love it. I use greek yogurt as a mask, for it’s lactic acid benefits (on weekends). I never use makeup foundation or moisturizer of any kind…with my oily skin, moisturizer only fuels the fire. I do, however, use MAC studio fix powder when leaving the house and I sleep with my hair up every night. This routine works for me.

  31. I already use coconut oil and honey on my skin daily, and I can confirm that it does wonders to switch to all-natural products on your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive and acne prone. I too went through acne once I hit my 20′s, it sucked and I was so confused as to why it was happening then rather than in my teens! Now I don’t use chemicals on my face and it completely makes a difference. I think I’ll try to add some of the things you have suggested too, like the rosewater toner.

    I also use baking soda on my face occasionally: I mix it with honey to make a mask if I feel a breakout coming and it always does the trick for me.

  32. Question for you…did you have any breakouts when you first started this routine? I’ve been doing it for a few days and feel like I am breaking out all the sudden :-(

  33. Thanks for this great post! I am extremely interested in trying this, I really frustrated with my current skin situation. Do you put SPF on your face during the day?

  34. Hi Liz, thank you so much for sharing what works for you! I read this two nights ago and am waiting on the products to get here (I ordered from Amazon). Anyways, I will be turning 24 this year and have struggled with acne since I was 11. It’s never been extremely bad but just enough to feel like I’ve never been good enough. It really is amazing how acne can cause a girl to feel like that. My whole life I have been told by my momma that moisturizing was not good for oily acne prone skin and I have tried a lot of chemically products that never worked. Last February is when I was introduced to coconut oil, and have not used any drugstore face wash since, I have used baby wash a couple times though. I used it to take make up off then used baking soda to scrub then used the coconut oil to moisturize. I never saw great improvement (hormonal breakouts started not long after starting this method:)) I did notice my skin felt better just didn’t look it. But after having the baby I did more researching and dropped the banking soda and started using honey. Let me tell you, honey is amazing, my skin feels so freaking good it should be illegal. It’s helped with the ance but not cleared it up all the way. I’m really hoping what you have shared will seal the deal for me, I have a lot of faith it will. I really want to show my momma that drugstore crap is just that… crap lol! I’m also dropping my body wash and have ordered the lye soap, next will be my hair but I am admittedly scared to go natural because my roots get so oily after a day. Eventually I will swap though!! Again, thank you for sharing!! Your skin is absolutely gorgeous!

  35. I have just started using make up wipes within the past few months and have been having breakouts in places I have never had before, I will definitely try switching to coconut oil instead! Also I have been looking for a great tinted moisturizer, any suggestions my go to has been discontinued!

  36. I love this post I’m crossing my fingers it helps me as well. Now in my late 20s
    I am getting acne around my jawline it’s awful .One question what do you use for spf? And brand of make up? Thank you ;)

  37. So I was excited, like others, to find this post as I am intrigued by all things natural. I’m 33 still dealing with acne and I’m over it!! I feel like I’ve tried everything. So I picked up your ingredients and have been using them for about two weeks. My question is how long until you saw results? I feel like I maybe have increased in the amount of blemishes, but is that because my skin is healing or because it’s not reacting well? I guess my other question is did it get worse before you saw improvements?

  38. Hi Liz! Cannot wait to try this routine. I am ordering some of the products you use today. I have been taking off my makeup with coconut oil for quite some time and will never use anything else! What brand of tinted moisturizer do you use? You mentioned using a foundation by Tarte. Do you use powder to set your makeup? Thanks so much for this post! Hope it helps my oily, acne prone skin!

  39. I was wondering if you wash your face after putting on the grapeseed oil? My face is very oily to begin with. This is my first time trying grapeseed oil and of course, my face is greasier! Should I wash it off after a certain amount of time or leave it on all day/or night?

  40. Hey Liz, I wanted to stop back by and let you know that I’ve been using your regimen for a month now and LOVE it! NO MORE BREAKOUTS! It has really worked great for me and I’ve been telling everyone about it. Thanks for sharing again!

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  43. I’m so excited to try this! I started breaking out at 17 and im 24 and it hasn’t stopped. I’ve tried everything! I have really bad scarring and I still break out. I feel like the majority of my skin issues come from the bad air quality in my state as well as hormonal. Is there anything you recommend for someone trying to fight against the air quality?! Once I moved to utah I broke out and it hasn’t stopped. Also, will using normal make up, counter the effects of going all natural with my skin care? I need full cover and mineral make up doesn’t cut it for me. Please help!

  44. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait to try this routine! I actually just started using coconut oil to remove my foundation about a month ago and it is by far the best method I have found so far. I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin, it is oily and dry and it does not cause any additional breakouts, I highly recommend it!

  45. I’ve been using this for about a month now and my skin is the best it’s ever been! Thanks

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  47. Hi Liz! I just recently found your blog and came across this post! I too have oily acne prone skin and feel like I have tried everything! I decided to go out and buy the items you recommended and I used them for the first time tonight, and I truly feel like my skin already feels better!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information and I can’t wait to see the change in my skin a week from now!

  48. I’m so glad when I finish to read your blog and I’m so interested to apply your rotten and used the coconut oil but I have an a question on you .. How about the black spot in my face can you recognize and have an idealistic action on it??

  49. It takes me 2 to 3 times to finish one whole bag of coffee.

    You become good at doing things, but very bad at prioritizing what needs to be done.
    Otherwise, your coffee can absorb odors from the other food in the fridge.

  50. Thank you so much!! I have been using coconut oil in my hair and just rubbing it on my face every night, but never thought to use it as a cleanser. I have also heard good things about oatmeal, honey, and cinnamon…will also attempt using them (I am horrible at keeping a routine, any tips??). Again, thank you so much for helping people out like this…..and just for the record, this is the first time I have commented on a blog (woohoo!) Lol but thanks :D

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  52. Niki Schmitz says:

    I am so very excited to start this routine. I am 20 and have had acne since the 7th grade. I started Accutane when I was a sophomore in highschool and it cleared up my face dramatically. After a year or so I started seeing my breakouts come back (luckily not as bad) and I can never find something that truly works. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of blackheads and deep pores. I pray this works for me!!

  53. recently shared Skin Care Routine Tips, i Used just Last 2 month then My Skin is Glowing and Right Now i Dosent Have Face Skin Problem.

  54. Hi thank you for this info I am going to stsrt this regament this weekend.. I have been trying to find something all natural that may help. Just one question could I still wear make up with routine? Thanks again for the great post!!!:-)

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  58. Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two
    different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  59. Am I the only one who can’t stand the smell of tea tree oil? I’ve been collecting all the products on the list and just bought the tea tree oil. I really want to try it out on my skin but everytime I try I have to wash it right off because of the smell. Is this normal or did I buy a weird brand?

  60. I have read your blog post very thoroughly and i really love it. hanks for sharing such a nice tips about the natural skin care routine. Thanks!

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  62. I’ve had acne since I was 10. It has brought me down for years, as I am now 26 and pregnant with my second child. Lately my skin has become very oily, more so than normal. I cannot wear fingernail polish because even my nails have become oily. I started mousturizing years ago, but I think the harsh chemicals in it keeps my face from feeling….clean/good/happy. I have tried everything also, including Accutane (sp?) which is the most severe and painful medicine a girl can use. My jawline and Tzone are the worst areas, and I can hardly wear makeup without breaking out from it. My upper body has begun to breakout due to pregnancy hormones, it’s super funtastic! I’m going to try your regumine, hopefully it will help me out! Where can I find the products called no 7 and that sea foam wash? I noticed the others can be bought at GNC…?

    • You can get No 7 @ Target & Ulta. I buy the Pacifica sea foam wash & witch hazel @ Sprouts. Google to see what is in your area. My daughter & I who is 18 & I’m 54 have been using this regime for 3 mo & it has made a difference

    • You can get No 7 @ Target & Ulta. I buy the Pacifica sea foam wash & witch hazel @ Sprouts. Google to see what is in your area. My daughter & I who is 18 & I’m 54 have been using this regime for 3 mo & it has made a difference

  63. I struggle with the exact same acne issues, – they definitely got worse in my twenties. I am so excited to try your skin care routine and see if it helps clear that up. But, I also have terrible blackheads on my nose and chin, which are also really embarrassing. Plus, if I try and get rid of one of the deep blackheads, it ends up turning into a whitehead :/ Does this routine seem to clear up blackheads?

  64. Stephanie says:

    Reading the first paragraph about your skin problems I felt as if I could have written it myself. I’m 27 years old and in the past 2-3 years just started having problems with my skin. Like you, I have tried EVERYTHING! I am definitely going to try this regimen and excited in hopes to finally see results. I have already made the list of products on my phone’s memo pad :-) I was curious to know which tinted moisturizer you used? Is that an alternative to your usual make-up? I have been using Bare Minerals for a few years now and love it. I had never worn or used makeup before because I didn’t like the caked feeling of concealer. (I also didn’t need it because my complexion ‘was” clear) But the Bare Minerals is very light and natural looking. However I’m not sure if it just make the skin situation worse. It’s a never ending battle because I want to keep my skin clear but use the make up to cover up the imperfections. Do you still use other make-ups or just the tinted moisturizer?

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  66. Suldelka says:

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  68. Stephanie says:

    Wondering where you found your coconut oil!

  69. Amazing.. When it comes to n natural skin care routine nothing works better than essential oils… Thanks for sharing :)

  70. Excited to try this, thank you so much for sharing! I never had acne until the birth of my second baby at age 21 and am still suffering at 32. Totally hormonal and all around my jaw line and perimeter. I have been to the dermatologist and that helped but at $100 a month in chemical creams, 4 kids and 1 income i just can’t do it. I have found desert essence blemish stick (has tee tree oil) works great on the cystic acne. Excited to give your routine a try!

  71. I just found your blog and I’m already addicted :D I have tried a lot to make my acne go away, but I’m always left so discouraged. I hated that I was washing my makeup off at night, drinking lots of water, not touching my face with my hands, etc etc, and STILL breaking out. I thought I was hopeless. Just recently I thought that maybe my “gentle” cleansers were not actually helping my skin. I stopped using them as well as a ton of other so called “good for you” products. And, like you, I have stopped using makeup remover wipes. I’m doing a similar routine as yours, but I switch up the oils I use to remove my makeup. My skin is DEFINITELY improving! I could not be happier! I will never go back to the things I was using before. It just makes sense to keep things simple and natural… xoxo

  72. Has anyone tried products by Mission Essentials?
    I have used their all natural bug spray and chemical free sunscreen and they are fabulous!
    Their site is

  73. rebecca says:

    The honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg mask worked really, really well!! I just found your blog on pinterest and am already obsessed. I am trying to go natural in all aspects of my life and am so excited to try your routine. I already love coconut oil! Im almost 20 and have ALWAYS had the cystic acne that leaves scars and almost never goes away, and my skin is always super oily. I’m very fair so it stands out and many products make my skin red and blotchy, ugh.
    Hopefully this routine helps!
    Thank you so much!

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  75. Love the blogs!! Bought all the skin care routine products tonight and hoping they help. Thanks so much :)

  76. krisynda says:

    Im 43 and I switched to coconut oil as a cleanser/moisurizer a year ago. LOVE IT!! The only thing I have to contribute…When I need to exfoliate I use baking soda mixed with either coconut oil or water. Over all I have less breakout problems and get all kinds of compliments. That never gets old!!!

  77. This all sounds great! I didn’t know you could wash with oatmeal. I’ve been using hemp oil to wash with and apple cider vinegar to tone, and now your honey mask for happiness lol

  78. Any new updates for how this is going for you and if you are still doing this routine? I was thinking about starting a similar one. I didnt know if it would make a difference that I am a guy though? … I have oily skin, workout all the time which means sweat a lot and eat higher protein meals, have tried every medicine out there to prevent and treat breakouts, I dont have terrible skin but I do get some breakouts and it is enough to where I would like to do something about it. I am 25 about to be 26, and after years of throwing money down the toilet on product after product I have yet to try the all natural route. Also, do you really go to all those different stores for the items or is that just a product placement(hence the links and name drops)? Thanks in advance,


  79. Arianna Stewart says:

    Thanks soooo much for posting this…seriously. I’ve always used makeup wipes to remove my makeup, and after reading this, I NEED TO PURCHASE SOME COCONUT OIL! xox

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  81. I am almost 16 and have had the “normal” teenage acne since I was about 12. I have tried all sorts of skin care products– Paula’s choice, Proactiv, neutrogena, and all work for a little while and then stop. I also have insanely oily skin. I am soooooo glad that I found this, because I have been considering going natural with my skin care for a while but didn’t know what I should do. I can’t wait to try all of these products because I am so sick of painful breakouts. I am really hopeful about it helping my oily skin, too, because nothing else does!

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  89. marisol says:

    I just finished reading this and i am so excited to try thus skin care routine, ive been struggling with hurtful brea kouts

    • I use the herbal face wash by Mission Essentials and my skin never looked better….
      The 4 oz bottle lasts for months and it is full of natural and organic herbal ingredients.

  90. I just wanted to let everyone know. You need to be carful with coconut oil. It is actually comedogenic. And can clog your pores. Hemp seed oil and grape seed are two of the best for acne prone skin. That said I use coconut oil to remove my makeup too, it works great. But be sure you are washing your face with something else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Myia is correct, SOME coconut oil will clog your pores. If you use an organic virgin coconut oil (virgin/unrefined) it actually will not clog any pores. If you use refined, it will cause problems. Your skin may purge your acne for a couple of weeks after starting any new regimen, but after that you should be fine


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