10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Overnight Guests

10 awesome tips & tricks on how to prepare your house for overnight guests. Some of them you probably never thought of! - lizmarieblog.com

Having guests stay over at your house can be intimidating even though having house guests can be so much fun. Being a military family that lives in a different state than most of our family & friends, we have a lot of house guests & each time they visit we get so excited to spend time with our loved ones. Me, being the perfectionist when it comes to our house, wants to be totally prepared for the visitors so that they will be comfortable & have a nice stay. This past weekend my beautiful mother-in-law came to stay with us & before she came as I was getting her room ready I couldn’t believe that I never shared my tips & tricks for ways to prepare your home for overnight guests since we have people staying with us quite often. Here are some of my tips & tricks to make guests comfortable. If you have any be sure to share them with me in the comments below!

10 awesome tips & tricks on how to prepare your house for overnight guests. Some of them you probably never thought of! - lizmarieblog.com

1. Have a light & a nightstand by the bed. 

Guests are not used to the new space so ample lighting is great for them to be able to move comfortably around the room. Lights on end tables by the bed that they can easily turn on in the middle of the night are perfect. In addition to good lighting in the guest room, leave key small lights on throughout the house at night so guests can find their way around at night. Also, a nightstand by the bed allows the guest to be able to keep their phones & other personal items by their bed at night.

10 awesome tips & tricks on how to prepare your house for overnight guests. Some of them you probably never thought of! - lizmarieblog.com

2. Lots of Pillows & extra bedding. 

Have lots of pillows available so that the guests can choose how many they want to use at their own liking. Having an extra throw blanket at the end of the bed is also great if they get cold. Along with that you can tell your guests where you keep your extra linens so that they can grab them as they please.

Put samples of shampoo, lotion, conditioner, & other toiletries in a glass container & put in guest bedroom when you have overnight guests so they have the items they need.

Put samples of shampoo, lotion, conditioner, & other toiletries in a glass container & put in guest bedroom when you have overnight guests so they have the items they need.

3. Have extra toiletries available. 

Sometimes guests forget things, or do not have room to pack some things. One way I like to provide guests with any toiletry item the guest may need is I have a glass container filled with lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen,  & more samples in the guest room available for the guests to grab & use whenever they need them. This is also great storage for all of the samples that I receive as well!


4. Have Towels & washcloths easily available.

To avoid the whole “guest didn’t have a towel when they went in the shower now I have to hand a towel to the guest while they are naked in the shower” situation, have towels visable & easily accessible for guests. I like to have the towels and washcloths on the bed so they do not even have to ask for a towel & it makes everything really easy.

5. Provide a place for guests to unpack.

Have an area where guests can unpack their bags. We have a dresser & a closet in the room that guests can use, but if you do not have areas like this a simple stool or place where they can set their suitcase to have easy access to their items.  


6. Provide privacy & a fan. 

If you do not have a guest room, try giving them an area of the home that they will have some privacy. Whether it’s a separate living room or if you give them an area of the house for their stay. Your guests will thank you! Also, if they are in their own room be sure they have privacy on the windows with curtains or blinds so that they feel safe & secure. A fan is another great idea to have in a guest room for those that need a fan to sleep & for when temperature control in the guest room.


7. Kitchen things. 

Ask you guests if they have anything they want anything specific to eat or drink while they stay with you. Have coffee, tea, milk, water available. Stock other staples that you think your guest could need or want & have them easily available. Also, to make things easy, have a meal plan before the guests arrive. By planning out the meals you will be cooking before they come it ensures you have all of the food in the house & it will allow more time to spend with the guests.


8. Bathroom Things.

Have the shower & toilet super clean so that your guest feels comfortable using the facilities. Clear out your personal things so that they do not have to tiptoe around your items if the guests will be using their own bathroom. Along with  number 3, having shampoo, soap, & other bathroom needs available will make your guests feel comfortable & loved. & of course have extra TP & a plunger available to avoid any embarrassing moments with your guests.


9. Living Room Things.

Have this space de-cluttered because you will be fitting more people into the living areas. Have books, magazines, & other entertainment available for your guests so they do not get bored during their down time. Also, provide them with the wifi password so that they can stay connected with world wide web. Have extra pillows & throws laying around so everyone can feel cozy & comfortable in your house.


10. Relax!

It can be a little stressful at times having guests because you want them to have a good time & you worry if they are comfortable enough. If they are guests in your home they are most likely comfortable enough to tell you if they need anything. So don’t stress. Have a great time with your house guests & enjoy!


Do you have anything to add to the list? This is just what I do when we have guests at the house & I know everyone is different, so I would LOVE to hear what you do to prepare! Leave a comment below, find me on facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.

Middle guest bedroom makeover - lizmarieblog.com

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  1. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am genuinely impressed to read all at alone place.

  2. Gorgeous rooms first of all :) Secondly these are such great tips on how to make people feel extra special. I really like the big glass container filled with bath goodies. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten things and always feel bad asking the host to use something. That would solve that problem.

  3. These tips are so thoughtful! I kinda want to have a house guest now :)

  4. Everything looks gorgeous! When can I come and stay??? ;)

  5. I always be sure to ask what time they’re usually awake and then set the coffee maker to brew about 5 minutes before their waking time. We have one that keeps the coffee fresh for 2 hours! I also make sure there’s coffee cups, creamer, etc already out. Coffee is a big deal in our family. And if it’s not out and ready to go my family will search heaven and earth to find it. Lol

  6. Great ideas! I keep a bucket of toiletry samples as well as it always comes in handy. Also an extra toothbrush!


  7. Absolutely loved this post! Sooooooooo helpful!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. These are some great tips– especially when it comes to towels and toiletries since asking for those can be awkward. What do you recommend to those who live in smaller spaces? Having overnight guests in NYC can be a completely different story, haha.

  9. These are great ideas. We have moved from state to state with my husbands job. Making a guest feel comfortable and cozy is so important. When our children were young we packed for four to fly to either TX or KS. It was nice to not have to pack so much. My sweet mil would pre purchase diapers etc so that we didn’t have to pack more than necessary.

  10. Love these tips, especially since my parents are coming to visit tomorrow and there were some good reminders on there! I also like to leave a few bottles of water on the nightstand so if they get thirsty at night they don’t have to creep through the house and search through the cabinets for a glass:)

  11. Love these ideas! Your home looks very inviting and cozy. Beautiful!

  12. I love this room and all the wonderful ideas. That room looks so cozy. Did you make or purchase all the pillows on the bed? I love them. Every. Single. One. Also, that picture above the dresser. Sigh. And the wooden tray. Ok, basically I love this whole set up! ;)

    We recently relocated to Austin, TX and have three kids who come home from school, among others. I finally invested in a nice foldable suitcase stand. It’s a great item to have so your guests don’t have to keep their suitcase on the floor if they are there for a short time and don’t want to unpack. When they leave I simply fold it and silde it under the bed.

    Thank you for sharing all these great tips and your lovely home.

  13. I love your blog!!! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I just rent right now but can not wait to own my own home someday and fix it all up! Where did you find your Oat’s & Co. frame/sign? I love it!

  14. Your guest room looks so comfy and welcoming! Great tips when hosting guests or family. Love the set of windows headboard!
    Mary Alice

  15. I always have a basket with bottled water, a tin of homemade cookies, (or some type of snack) and of course, fresh flowers on the nitestand

  16. Great tips! I like to have some kind of gift (candle, cookies, chocolate etc) as well with a note saying thank you for visiting and looking forward to having a great time etc. Another thing I did recently was to set up a coffee bar in my dining room, Since I’m not a coffee drinker I hardly ever think to ask if guests would like coffee other than in the morning, this way they can make themselves coffee, cappuccino or tea anytime they want. I actually blogged about my coffee bar here…. http://bajantexan.blogspot.com/2014/02/coffee-bar.html

  17. I do most of your tips, I keep a stash of hotel toiletry and pick up a travel item every now and then, toothepaste, mouthwash, Quetips, a few cotton pads in snack baggies. The fan idea I like and will start doing. Also wake up times. I’ve never thought to ask. I am up early 5-6 a.m. every morning. I’ve had guests sleep in til noon. Coffee in the morning is a must-have. I keep a bag of Highlander Grogg on hand at all times, visitors love it. I’ve got a collection of inexpensive coffee-go cups over the years from various parts of the country, I keep six or so on hand, if someone wants a cup-to-go, out the door it goes! I keep a pitcher of water w/sliced lemons in the fridge, I just added cucumbers, it tastes so refreshing, guests like it alot.

  18. I love your ideas, I actually do most of them already!
    If there are small children coming with the guests, I make sure to have diaper changing items, bath products, specifically for small children as well as all the gadgets, fingernail clippers, baby brush, bath products, something to help a baby sit in the tub, in a bag in the guest room closet. I also like to make sure they have their own box of soft tissues in their night stand, along with a few cough drops and a small plate.
    I also make sure there are drawers available for their use in the dresser. Sometimes they just want to live out of their suitcase and I do provide a stand for that if that is their choice. I love having guests, and I want them to feel comfortable and want to return another time!

  19. Díky za tipy v béžové a šedé. Moc mne to inspiruje. Hned to použiji. Eliška.

  20. TiffanyS says:

    If my guests are bringing kids, I pull out my pack-n-play, baby wipes, diapers, etc. I make sure to have chap stick available, and deodorant (I sell Avon, or did). If it’s my sister, I just make it easy by keeping tampons and pads nearby. She’ll just look under the bathroom sink if she needs them, so I don’t have to leave them out. I also try to have some sparecontact solution and a case, just in case! As well as lense wipes.

  21. It’s also nice to leave a little card with internet information so that your guest can log on to your internet while they stay,

  22. Maddie Scott says:

    I like to make sure there’s an outlet easily accessible so my guests can charge their cell phones overnight.

  23. If you don’t mind me asking where do you get samples of toiletry items?

  24. Girl i love this!! We just bought a house, my brother is a Marine and stationed in San Diego and so I want him to be able to come home and be comfortable and then my parents just moved to Charleston so I will be having quite a lot of guests!! Thank you!

  25. Great tips!!! Guest room set-up is my favorite thing! I have several things to add: I have a drink bar set up in the room for them, complete with cups, saucers, spoons, instant coffee mix (like General Foods International coffees), tea, creamer, sugar, waters, etc. I have a nifty little gadget that you insert into the cup of water, plug in, and it heats the water in a just a few minutes (or you could just provide a little 4 cup coffee maker for them to heat their water.) I also have a chalk board to welcome them by name. Sometimes I’ve had a chalkboard over the towel rack with their names written in so they know whose towel is whose. I also have a guest book in my bathroom and it’s fun for them to sign in. I always fold the edge of the toilet paper in some cute way so they know it’s been prepared for them. A television with a set of headphones is nice for those nights they can’t sleep. Always fresh soap. And of course, candles and fresh flowers!


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