A New Chair & Spray Painted Legs

There has been an ongoing search in our household for quite sometime now for a new chair for our living room. We went through a few chairs in the corner in the living room, but always knew that they were temporary. This past week Mr. LMB & I  suddenly got the urge to really start looking for a more permanent chair for the living room & we thought this it was going to take a lot more searching. We wanted a wing back chair that was tufted & possibly a grayish taupe color. After going to Target for a cherry coke & coming out of their with some barstools {Target gets me every single time. Check my Instagram to see the barstools} we went to our local mall where we wandered into the TJ Maxx {Also never a good idea!}. While in the store I spotted a wingback chair that made my heart skip a beat I knew it was the one.

Before we look at the new chair, let’s take a trip down memory lane of the chairs in this corner in the living room…


This black beauty was the original chair in this corner of the living room when we first moved in our home. I actually picked this chair up at a garage sale when I was in high school. My love for re-doing furniture & vintage finds started very early on! We still have this chair, but it currently no longer has a place in our home.

The next chair in the corner of the living room is this lovely wicker chair that I thrifted from a local flea market. It’s a Pier One wicker chair that was missing a cushion when I got it. After purchasing a new cushion & fixing the chair up a little, it was as good as new. This chair is now in our front guest bedroom & I’m still loving it.


& here is the new chair! Isn’t she pretty? I am loving this new chair & this little corner in the living room a lot more now. Also, notice how that throw never changes. It’s my favorite throw of all time that I purchased at Meijer before we even built this house. The chair is really comfortable & I’ve already sat here countless times since purchasing the chair a few days ago.  The only issue with the chair when we bought it was the legs of the chair. They were a light pine color & I knew that wouldn’t go well in our home. Luckily for us we all know I like to paint everything I get my hands on.


Please excuse the awful cell phone photo I took in our house when it was getting dark outside, but you can see that the legs were just not going to work. For a temporary fix I spray painted them with my favorite bronze spray paint. You can read more about that spray paint {here}. We are actually wanting to replace the legs on this chair in the near future with something very different, but for now they are much prettier in bronze.


What do you think of our new lovely little chair & it’s new spray painted legs? It’s fun to look back at all the changes our living room has been through & I’m really happy that we finally found more of a permanent chair for this little spot. Do you play musical chairs in your home & switch chairs around a lot? Talk with me in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “A New Chair & Spray Painted Legs

  1. NK

    Hi Liz, I was do excited to purchase this chair at my local Marshall’s yesterday. Only to discover when I got home, that the chair had a warning label to say it contained a chemical known in the state of California to cause cancer! Does your chair have such a label?

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