DIY Boot Tray To Coffee Table Organizer

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -

For a long time now every time I go to Target I have been eyeing this Smith & Hawkin copper boot tray. I wasn’t in the market for a boot tray per say so I couldn’t justify it at first, but then my brain was spinning with ideas of things to do with the tray. One of my ideas was to use it as a large tray organizer on our coffee table. I had been looking for a tray for our coffee table for a while now & this large tray was perfect for less than $30.

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -
The tray keeps the top of our coffee table organized & neat looking which is always a plus. Inside the tray the items change from time to time. Right now I have a DIY terrarium I made, a b&bw candle, a frame with a picture of our beautiful God daughter, my MMS decorating book, my domino book, & a glass container from Target with beans & a candle. Also usually our coasters & remotes sit here as well.

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -

DIY boot tray to coffee table organizer -
What do you think of the boot tray to coffee table organizer? I’m loving that it’s keeping the living room organized & of course I love all things copper. By the way I still have not shown the full coffee table makeover, so here is a huge “sneak peek” of that. I will be back soon with that whole makeover process & what we did to give our coffee table a custom look. Let me know what you think of the coffee table tray in the comments below, find me on facebook, or chat with me on Instagram! I hope you have an great day!

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  1. Great idea Liz!

  2. Love it! I saw that same tray awhile back and snatched it up, thinking I could do something similar! I currently have it on our dining room table where it is corralling a “winter-to-spring” tablescape. I love your style and so enjoy watching you decorate (and redecorate) your home!! I’ll have a little extra bounce in my step today knowing I had an idea similar to yours!

    • Ummm love that idea as a dining table centerpiece too! & I loove that we both thought of that too :) :) Your table sounds beautiful & you made my day with your sweet comment.. thank you!!

  3. Great idea and those are really cute decorations. Love the lantern!

  4. Such a great use of the coffee table tray! I love that it’s a semi-focal point, but not overdone.

  5. Gosh you are good!

    YES I HAVE WANTED THAT FOREVER TOO… I roll up to it with my target cart… And roll past it every time. NOT THIS WEEKEND! Its all mine, and going on farmhouse dining table… it will be just the right look to pair with my Copper Kitchenaid Stand Mixer from my wedding .

    Yay! Thank you!

  6. You’ve done it again, this idea is ahh-mazing! I’m going to Target this weekend to pick this up! And I saw that this brand has a Cartwheel offer! Thanks to you, I’m so much more savvy at Target now!

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Great idea! That tray looks awesome!

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