DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves – Master Bathroom

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -

This DIY project was seriously done last summer & we are just now getting around to blogging it. It happens right? As many of you know we are getting ready to sell our house & we have been doing a few things around the house that we feel will help stage our house & make it stand out in the crowd. I’m not saying these DIY floating bathroom shelves will be the top selling point of our house, but hopefully buyers see them as a charming addition to the master bathroom.

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -
I have to say first of all now that I am looking at the photos while I write the post I feel like the baskets should be on opposite sides & not on top of each other. But let’s not allow that to bug us for now ok? I’ll be back later when the shelves are styled how I want them with an update. Let’s take a little look at the water closet in our master bathroom before & after the shelves were installed…


DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -

To see how we installed the shelves head on over to Mr. LMB’s blog {here} to see how we did it! Well, more him while I handed him the tools. I decided that I would leave the toilet room projects to the husband & I’m pretty happy with that decision.

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -
What do you think of the DIY floating shelves? Do you think it adds something to the water closet? I’m happy because it looks better & we have even more storage now. I’m thinking I might hang something above the toilet between the shelves, what do you think? Leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.  Click the photo below to head on over to for the complete tutorial…

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -

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