DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves – Master Bathroom

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -

This DIY project was seriously done last summer & we are just now getting around to blogging it. It happens right? As many of you know we are getting ready to sell our house & we have been doing a few things around the house that we feel will help stage our house & make it stand out in the crowd. I’m not saying these DIY floating bathroom shelves will be the top selling point of our house, but hopefully buyers see them as a charming addition to the master bathroom.

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -
I have to say first of all now that I am looking at the photos while I write the post I feel like the baskets should be on opposite sides & not on top of each other. But let’s not allow that to bug us for now ok? I’ll be back later when the shelves are styled how I want them with an update. Let’s take a little look at the water closet in our master bathroom before & after the shelves were installed…


DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -

To see how we installed the shelves head on over to Mr. LMB’s blog {here} to see how we did it! Well, more him while I handed him the tools. I decided that I would leave the toilet room projects to the husband & I’m pretty happy with that decision.

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -
What do you think of the DIY floating shelves? Do you think it adds something to the water closet? I’m happy because it looks better & we have even more storage now. I’m thinking I might hang something above the toilet between the shelves, what do you think? Leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.  Click the photo below to head on over to for the complete tutorial…

DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves -


  1. I was just talking to John last night about storage for our ‘potty room’….It’s good to have some handy things in there if you know what I mean. Anyway….it’s small…and floating shelves are perfect! —BUT WE HAVE A WINDOW ;( I dunno what I’m going to do! :(

  2. I like the shelves, and have put something very similar in my master bathroom toilet area. Very nice!

  3. Love them! And yes, I think you could hang something between the shelves and toilet.

  4. Very cute! I love your little glass jars too!


  5. I’m in absolute LOVE with your blog! I love your style, I’ve just recently picked up decorating and am thinking about possibly changing my major and your blog is such an inspiration!

    • Thank you so much Holly!! I’m so glad you are loving decorating & that means so much to me that you love visiting the blog. I wish you so much luck in your new venture on whatever you decide!! xx

  6. While looking at the images, you already gave me an idea on what will be my next project in our house, and this time a bathroom shelving. This is really what I need, a shelving where I can place all our bath towels, hand towels, tissues and other stuff that can easily be grabbed. Thanks for this very informative article.

  7. Margie Smith says:

    Hi….love your blog, love your projects.It encourages me to go and do something!!!
    Re your backyard patio makeover. Your couch and cushions and rugs……are they special outdoor
    fabrics/ materials?
    I have been wanting to do something similar, on the cheap, but hesitated on using indoor materials cuz of rain and racoons in the summer, and too much snow in the winter. I am from Canada.
    I also have a big old tv armoir that I got from Restore, cheap, and want to paint it with outdoor paint and put it outside, to hold garden/ patio stuff. Again, not sure how well it will hold up to weather. That is why I am curious about your outdoor furniture.
    Thanks and God Bless You

  8. Տaved as a favorite, I really like youг աeb site!


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