DIY Tea Towel Art

DIY tea towel art

I shared our kitchen tour yesterday here on the blog. I can’t believe I never blogged the kitchen before. One piece of art I added to the kitchen a while back is a DIY project that I never shared. Let’s just come to the conclusion that I am bad at blogging things in the kitchen. As you have seen here on the blog before I am obsessed with H&M’s home line & I have made several orders from them because I have been so happy with all of the items that I have bought from them. In one order I purchased some lovely tea towels that I knew I wanted to make some DIY tea towel art for the kitchen…

That frame? I simply used 4 boards {one board cut into 4 pieces} & attached them with L- brackets. Super simple & rustic looking. Perfect when you need a quick frame & when you need a custom size like in this case with the tea towel art. To hang the art work I mounted the tea towel on a piece of cardboard & then stapled the cardboard with the tea towel on it to the back of the custom frame. I then Used some 3M command strips to hang the art work on the wall.  Here are some other tea towels that H&M has right now that may or may not be sitting in my online cart… 





So what do you think of this quick DIY tea towel art? Have you made art for your home with tea towels before? I made some other tea towel art for our middle guest bedroom that I will be sharing very soon too. So, you could say I am pretty obsessed with how quick, easy, & lovely tea towel art is. Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on facebook, & chat with me on Instgram.


To see the rest of the kitchen go {here}.


  1. arnie fe baculad says:

    hi liz! you’re idea of making tea towels to art was very adorable. ohhh how i love those tea towels of yours. will try to find something like that in the market. thanks for sharing! i love it! i really do!!!

  2. Awesome idea! I love H & M too, especially pillows!

  3. I ordered them already… waiting for them to come! Thanks for the framed inspiration!

  4. Love the textile as a print concept! And the L brackets for making a frame! Both are great ideas!!!!!!!! :) Looks good friend!

  5. Kim Dykman says:

    Awesome ! I love it and how simple! Maybe even I can do it? I really like the towel with the Earl Gray Tea logo. Due to excessive snow & ice on the roof and our dining room, kitchen and part of the living room having to be redone you have given more inspiration than you know. We also plan to sell our house after 18 great years….so I need to think staging. Even though it won’t happen for 2 or so, I need to think ahead. I want to be more neutral so a possible buyer can envision an easy transition to make it their home. Please keep the ideas coming and i REALLY appreciate the great instructions !

    • YES!! You can totally do this! It was seriously soooo easy. I can help you stage when I come home :) I can’t wait to be home & be able to do these things with you. I’m so glad you loved this DIY project & thank you for always supporting me. Love you!! xx

  6. Great idea! I love following your blog and seeing all of the creative DIY projects you have.

  7. I love this! The tea towel is so cute and your frame is genious!!

  8. I have some of those old calender towels that I had no idea what to do with–but I do now!!

    • ummm adorable!! I am a little jealous of the calendar towels! I’m sure that will look amazing. Have fun making it & if you can I would love for you to share it with me when you are done! xx

  9. I love this!!

  10. That’s so clever! Now if only I can find a super cute tea towel like that!

  11. I’m totally inspired! I love it and I’m headed over to H & M. I love the frame. I’m not too handy when it comes to working with wood, but I could possibly do this. Did you buy the piece of wood at a place like Home Depot and have them cut it for you? I’ll definitely be sharing this on my Facebook page tomorrow :)

    • Thank you soooo much for sharing Dawn! That means so much. Actually these pieces were cut at our house, but you could totally ask them to cut them for you! & yes it was so so simple. I hope you get to make one very soon! Be sure to share it with me if you do! xx

  12. Jennifer Moorhead says:

    Could you post a photo of the back of this DIY art? Thank you!

  13. Such a great idea! I am going to have to keep my eyes open for tea towels ;)

  14. LOVE your tea towel frame! Pinterest brought me here and I love your blog. I didn’t know H&M had a home line and it’s amazing. BUT the milk bottle tea towel is gone! So sad! We are dairy farmers and my kitchen, and whole house for that matter, is cow themed. Oh well. Thanks for the inspiration! Could you share what stain you use, it’s the perfect color!


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