Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday!! Welcome to Favorite Things Fridays. Can I confess something before we get into my favorites a second. I feel like I need to get this off my chest. I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I started it on netflix last week & I’m already on season 3. I never in my life thought I would watch this show, but O my it has me hooked! Ps. for those PLL fans out there.. I just found out who A was. Wow! haha. Ok, now that I confessed my favorite show at the moment. Let’s get to my other favorites of the week. Be sure to share you favorites with me in the comments below, find me on facebook, & share them on Instagram.

Favorite antlers. 

Favorite bathroom. 

Favorite light fixtures. 

Favorite windows. 

Favorite gallery wall.


Favorite look.


Favorite desk area.


Favorite patio. 

Favorite coat rack. 

Favorite pillow combo. 

Favorite hardware. 


Favorite hair. 


Favorite wreath.

Favorite little girls room.


Favorite open shelving. 

Favorite quote.

Have a great weekend!! xx

Ps. Some of the links for my favorites were broken. If you know the correct link, please leave it below! xx


  1. For some reason the back porch reminds me of boy meets world. I think their patio looked like that.

  2. Love them all! The back sunroom with all those windows had be at hello though :)

  3. Those copper pendants! GAH! P.S. That crib is on my registry ;)

  4. I am not ashamed to say I’ve been watching this show since it came out – I turned 29 today. I’m obsessed. I have to DVR it and watch it in my own time because my husband won’t watch it with me. Just you wait until Season 4! Woo-boy!
    P.S. I love your Favorite Things Friday! I always look forward to seeing what you’ve found!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. I have also watched PLL since it came out….and I will be 40 in June….. yikes! And same as above I have to DVR and watch alone, as my hubs thinks the show is ridiculous. I’m am happy to hear a few others over the age of 20 watch it as well. :).

    Always love your FTF. I love the gold hearts wall….

    Thanks and Happy Valnetines-

  6. Love that patio! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to do something like that!

  7. It’s OK, I’m totally addicted to One Tree Hill…and basically every teen drama ever written. Maybe I’ll try Pretty Little Liars next?! Oh, and the himmeli wreath IS awesome!

  8. I am a grown woman and my obsession with Pretty Little Liars borders on unhealthy haha. One Tree Hill was also my favorite show when it was on. Theyre both totally worth getting addicted to! And like the previous poster said, just wait til next season!!!

  9. Thanks for featuring our nursery gallery wall – I’m flattered! Loving all your other FTF picks as well!

  10. Love love love the light fixtures and sun room. Want for my farm house kitchen!

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