Front Guest Bedroom Makeover: Card Catalog Side Tables

This DIY project was kind of a happy accident. A while back I did a blog post on how to spray paint where I showed how I spray painted & I used these filing cabinet drawers that I had picked up at a garage sale. You can see that blog post & the filing cabinet drawers {here}.  After I painted them I loved them, but I had no place for them in our house so they ended up in my craft closet. Fast forward to this past week when I got the urge to clean my craft closet out {O my goodness it was a hot mess!}  & get rid of all of the things I wasn’t using. I couldn’t part from these drawers though & set them aside in the keep pile. When I was about to put them back in the craft closet I remembered the DIY chair seat side tables that I had made this past summer for our front guest bedroom makeover & how awesome these drawers would look on top of those little side tables.


Here is one of the little chair seat side tables before adding the card catalog drawers to the top. This was part of the makeover the front bedroom makeover that you can see {here}. To make the DIY chair side tables we simply removed the backs of some dining table chairs & painted the remaining seat of the chair. & voila we had some simple end tables for the front guest bedroom.


Here the little tables are now. To make the changes I simply spray painted the DIY chair table with a matte black spray paint similar to the spray paint that I used on the on the drawers. I didn’t attach the drawers to the chair seat because the drawers are heavy enough that they do not move. & because I change things so often, it’s easily changeable.



The front guest bedroom is coming along very nicely & I will be back soon with more photos of these tables in the space when they are styled. Last week I showed you a sneak peek of the new curtains {here} & I’m loving them more & more each day. I will have a full review on those as well soon. What do you think of the card catalog side tables? Do you think it was a good idea? Let me know in the comments below, find me on facebook, & chat with me on Instagram! I hope you are having a great day! xx

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