Spring Branches

Remember when I blogged about that awkward decorating phase when you take down the Christmas decor. Well, we are already at another crossroad in our decorating adventures in our home. The time between the last days of winter & the first days of spring. This is the time when I start adding spring details into the home when there is snow on the ground & frigid temperatures outside. I’m writing this post in hopes that it motivates me more to start decorating for spring. So far my “decorating” has been sticking spring branches in a basket in our entryway, but hey, it’s a start right? Can I just quickly say something with out you hating me? I’m going to miss winter. There, I said it. So now that half of you clicked out of my blog, let me explain myself. I know a lot of people are getting hit with tons of snow & ice & the driving conditions suck, but I’m talking about missing the snuggly weather, the warm drinks, slippers, heated seats in the car, layers of clothes, boots, warm jackets, & just all the loveliness of winter.

Winter to me this year is the calm before the storm. Winter is before we have to put our house on the market. This is our last winter here in North Carolina. So I guess the main reason I will miss winter this year is because I’m being sentimental. Winter ending is symbolic that this life we have now will be changing dramatically soon. While I’m going to miss winter, I am looking forward to the trees budding, having the windows open in the house, fresh breeze, warm days with cool nights, & the excitement of newness in the air. I’m looking forward to the changes too. New home, new life, new state.


So as I start to decorate for spring in the next couple of weeks, it will mean more to me this year than budding flowers in our home. It will be the last spring in the house & the weeks will start to be counted down to when this home that we built four years ago sells to another family that will hopefully love it as much as we have.


I have decided that I am going to welcome spring with open arms. I am going to embrace the change. I’m going to trust that the changing of the seasons will be a blessing to our lives. I keep reflecting back on my word for the year, adapt, & really applying it to every area of my life. Are you looking forward to spring? Does spring have a deeper meaning to you as well? & are you one of the crazy people that will be missing winter too? Leave me a comment below, find me on facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.


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  1. I’d so much rather see green and hear the birds singing! I can easily say good by to winter – even though I don’t wish for days to pass too quickly. Bring on spring!

  2. This was the first winter after my mother-in-law passing and she loved the snow. We have had one of the coldest and snowiest winters. I’m thinking she is up in Heaven with her hand on the snow button, grinning from ear to ear. So, yeah, I am totally ready for spring. It’s a new year and June will complete this very rough year and then the healing can begin!

    • I’m so sorry for your loss :( & I get it! Loss is so hard & sometimes seasons make it harder. I hope your healing goes well & that you have peace in your heart. xx

  3. Winter is such a love hate relationship for me. I love the cold weather and the clothes that winter brings. I love the white snow and coffee.. lots and lots of coffee. But this winter has been brutal, especially with 3 kids and one of which is 6 months old. Carrying all that through this beautiful snow just isn’t the same. I will miss drinking my coffee and looking out the window from under my blanket. But I always enjoy welcoming the next season : )

    • I was just talking to my friend about lugging her kids through the snow the other day & she was explaining how hard it was…. I get it! I’m applauding you to through this crazy brutal winter! & yes I think that’s one of my favorite things too coffee and cozy blankets :) xx

  4. I like the little branches – it’s a wonderful transition between winter and spring. I like winter when I’m decorating for Christmas, but after that, well bring on the summer! Of course, in the Carolinas, we can expect 70-degree weather next weekend :)


    • Thank you Katelyn!! & yes I’m finding I’m the odd one out here in the south as far as what weather I like, but what can you expect from this Michigan girl ;) & yes 70 next week… spring is here! :) xx

  5. The springtime is also turning out to be incredibly symbolic for me and my family. Instead of going somewhere new, we are returning to our roots and making a big move back home on the East Coast (which happens to be getting buried in snow right now). The decision came about suddenly and we are setting out in just a few days… best of luck to you and yours while you get ready for your transition :)

    • Best of luck to you as well Amanda!!! Such a big move.. I hope it all goes well for you & very smoothly. Moves are fun/scary. Such an experience. Thank you for your sweet comment! xx

  6. I definitely think I’m ready for spring. We had a good snow the past two days, even though I didn’t get to go out and enjoy it, and I’m just done. Time for green and flowers!

    • I know all my friends who keep getting pounded with all the snow I’m wishing for spring for them too! I think next year when we live in Michigan I will truly be wishing for spring too haha ;) xx

  7. I love winter too, Liz. I love the cozyness it creates with warm fires to sit close to, layers of cute sweaters with boots, and beautiful fluffy snow. Every season has its perks!

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone Charity! & you are so so right.. every season has it’s perks. I was looking at photos of outdoor patios tonight & craving warm summer nights. So crazy ;) haha Hope your weekend is going well!

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