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A very long time ago I had these random dresser drawers lying around & I made some dog beds out of them. Well, my dogs are such little clingers that they didn’t want to lay in the dogs beds, they only sleep with us & sit with us wherever we are sitting. Well, fine then! I guess they didn’t like my generous DIY gift to them. I’m hurt. I joke! I simply just made something else out of the drawers. I wanted to make some DIY under the bed storage for our front guest bedroom & it was seriously the most simple project ever.

I first painted the drawers & distressed them for an antique look. I added an address metal number to the front for some added decoration. After that I added some wheels to the bottom of the drawers in all 4 corners for easy access & so that they would roll with ease across the floor. You do not have to add the wheels to have the under bed organization, it’s just a nice added detail. You can purchase wheels at a hardware store or a local tractor supply store.




Moral of the story? Save those drawers you see discarded, or if a dresser is trashed, take the drawers out to use them. What do you think of the under-the-bed drawer organizers? We store different things in ours from time to time like blankets, craft supplies, & more. These would be great for any room in the home to store things from shoes, clothes, blankets, craft supplies, toys, & so much more. Let me know what you think of the organizers in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram.


  1. Interesting idea, but I do not like that much the drawers. I would have chosen rattan ones and taller.

  2. Nice! I especially like the chenille spread on your daybed. Is it vintage (it is so white!)? Do you mind sharing your source for this?

  3. Love this idea! I have thought of using old dresser drawers for storage before but never thought of using casters – genius! I think I might have to try this in my kid’s room for under their cribs to hide toys :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Virginia Martinez says:

    Great idea! Where is this quilt from?

  5. I must try this idea – I like under-bed storage my daughter has a great unit from Ikea but these kind would look fabulous under my bed.

  6. I remember seeing this done years ago. Something I would do is add some Velcro to the back and front and find a piece of fabric to use as a cover so the items inside don’t fill with dust. Simple to,do I’m the chenille bedspread. It looks so full and fluffy. Hope it’s new and you will share your source.

  7. I love your DIY under the bed storage idea! It is just what I needed. I’m currently turning an old dresser into a tv stand, and was wondering what I should do with the unused drawers. This will be perfect for extra storage under my kids beds and even mine. Thank you!

  8. Love these awesome storage drawers and the bedding is lovely!


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