The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If any of you follow me on Pinterest than you may know my serious obsession with fiddle leaf fig trees. & if any of you follow me on Instagram than you know I finally got one!! After a lovely tip from Young House Love that Home Depot was selling the fig trees I had a mini panic attack & called the Home Depots in our area. Come to find out the only one that carries them near us was two hours away. Within an hour we were in our car on our way to get one. Yes, I’m that crazy. It was actually an excuse for the hubs and I to get out of the house & take a little day trip so we were excited to go & do some shopping. It was a rainy day on Friday so I threw on my boots & ended up at Home Depot about two hours later & thankfully there were two little fiddle fig trees left in stock for us to pick from.


Here she is. For now we have her sitting in our master bedroom in front of a south/west facing window. It’s always so bright and sunny in this room all day so it was the perfect resting area for the fiddle fig. From what we have learned about the fiddle fig it needs lots of filtered sun, not a whole lot a water but enough to keep it alive, & lots of love. I am scared. I DO NOT HAVE A GREEN THUMB. I kill any sensitive plant that enters our house. Hopefully that is not the case with our fiddle fig, but the good thing is we only spent $36 on the lovely plant. The basket we put the potted plant in is from Homegoods as well. It’s burlap and was the perfect height for the pot. To keep the light filtered {or indirect} on the fiddle fig the sheer curtains pulled in front of it should be a good solution.

O, and did you notice that buck got a makeover? You can see the before {here}. We spray painted buck with antique copper spray paint from rustoleum & I’m kind of loving his new look. This little corner of the room is kind of coming along in our master bedroom “make-under” that it’s undergoing.


Today I just wanted to introduce you to our fiddle fig & reach out to any of you who have had a fiddle fig experience & get some advice, stories, & any other comments you have about them. I mean if I have to sing to the plant everyday to make it happy, I will! The plant may move to a different area of the house, & who knows it may even change baskets, but for not we are liking here where she is at. Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or that with me on Instagram. O, & before I get a million comments that Ikea has fiddle figs for sale for $12, I live about five hours from Ikea so that wasn’t an option for our little day trip Friday, but if you live near an Ikea, run & get yourself one!!

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