DIY Craft Closet Office

DIY craft closet office -

As we are getting ready to pack up this house & move I realized that I had never really done a tour of my DIY craft closet office that is in the front guest bedroom. WHY? Because before a recent clean out it was quite a mess, but creativity is messy right? It’s still not a spotless area, but it’s real & this closet was a great place to store my craft supplies, blog things, & my interior design school supplies. It’s also a great desk as well. I really didn’t want to take up an entire room in the house with my craft supplies so confining it to this closet really helped control the beast inside me that wants to have craft supplies in every crevice of the house. Let’s just say it played it’s role in the house & I will be sad to see it go as we pack up this little house of ours.

DIY craft closet office -
DIY craft closet office -
DIY craft closet office -

DIY craft closet office -
I first blogged about this dresser to shelves that’s in the closet two years ago {here} when I first started this little blog. The dresser was missing drawers so we turned it into a shelving unit for storage in the closet. It also turns out that it actually works as a great desk too, bonus! On the dresser I have my sewing machine, printer, TV { I mean I’m not the only one who watches the Real Housewives while crafting right?}, & also my silhouette machine as well. The shelves hold drawers of odds and ends from burlap, fabric, adhesives, paint samples, stamps, tools, hardware, & a lot more!

Another fun thing? I used a vintage marquee light in the closet for lighting. The light has a chord going out the side of the closet to an outlet & has a dimmer on it as well so I can control the lighting in the space. Perfect solution for a closet with no light! Also on the top shelf is a tote from Initials inc, 2 storage boxes from Target, a vintage metal basket that holds magazines, & a DIY burlap bag that holds fabric scraps. The wreath was a a little craft by yours truly, the stool is from Target {I painted it with a copper spray paint}, the rug is from Ikea, & the lovely prints on the back wall are from French Press Mornings. 

DIY craft closet office -
DIY craft closet office -

DIY craft closet office -
DIY craft closet office -

DIY craft closet office -
DIY craft closet office -

DIY craft closet office -
I’m probably going to shed a few tears when I pack up this craft closet this weekend, but guess what? The rental has a cute little closet in the office so I will be able to have all the goodies in a good home over there. What do you think of the craft closet office? Do you have a craft closet at your house? Does it look something like this? I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram. xx

DIY craft closet office -


  1. This is SO SO cute Liz! What a fabulous space. And I love the DIY desk. That is brilliant!

  2. this is genius! I too want to fill my house with craft supplies but a whole room is too much sacrifice. I linked your blog on mine btw :)


  3. I love you craft space! The dresser idea is super. Enjoy your day!

  4. I love everything about this little space. It would make crafting THAT much more fun! Great idea :)

  5. Your diy desk is really cute! :)

  6. See this is why I’m such a huge fan!! You’re are an absolute creative genius!! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us to stretch our minds a bit more when we’ve hit a creative wall!

  7. I love this, what a fabulous space you’ve created.

  8. JaneEllen says:

    Guess I”m pretty lucky since I actually have 2 very small bedrooms for my crafting and sewing. Believe me those two rooms are stuffed. No kids around so might as well make good use of the rooms right? Nobody comes to stay, if they do they can sleep in our little travel trailer. Our grand daughters used to sleep on couch and cushions on floor when they came, no more tho, they’re teenagers now.
    Love your closet and shelves, so organized and tidy, clutter free. Maybe someday my rooms will be like that. They are til I do projects then it’s a cyclone all over. I”m a pretty messy crafter. Where do you do your furniture rehabing? Wish I had a small shed I could work in. Would be nice to have tidier house. In winter too cold out and summer too hot. Good luck with your packing.

  9. Kathleen says:

    We are moving in three weeks and I already had plans of turning the guest room closet into my craft “room”. This just seals the deal. I have a six drawer dresser that I painted and use for my supplies, I’m thinking I’ll just have that in the guest room and convert the closet with a desk and shelves. More room for all my stuff that way ;-) the bedroom my husband is going to use as an office has a large walk in closet, he already has plans to customize it for his 2000+ album collection and turntable.
    I think builders should put little “Cubbie” rooms off every bedroom, perfect little spots that are closed off and out of sight.
    Thanks for all the great ideas, I can’t wait to start customizing my office!

  10. Where in the world did you get that G? I need one of those!!! Love the whole craft closet!

  11. This is so cute! My husband and I are actually in the middle of transforming part of our walk-in closet into a craft room for me, since we now no longer have guest rooms as our boys sleep in all the extra rooms. I think that dresser/desk idea would make a great addition to my little craft space!

  12. I love this, so cute and cozy! I actually just built myself a little closet office a few weeks ago :)

    My husband is pretty thrilled my crap.. um, I mean “supplies”… isn’t strewn all over the house anymore. haha.

  13. Perfect! Love the dresser idea!

  14. This is a genius idea! :) I’d totally consider it for my place as well!

  15. Sarah B. says:

    Great idea! I’m moving into a new house (our first non-rental!) and am feeling so inspired to do this instead of taking over a whole room! Love your blog.

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