DIY Honey Cinnamon Nutmeg Face Mask

DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask - A natural face mask that brightens skin, clears breakouts, & evens out skin tone. A must try for any skin issues!!

I recently shared my natural skin care routine that cured my face from having chronic breakouts to being perfectly clear. Nothing ever helped my skin until I went all natural. My skin is generally very clear since I started the natural skincare routine, but once in a while I will get a blemish {one just popped up this morning in fact. Yay!} So I made my favorite skin clearing mask & I decided to quickly share it with you. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s life changing. It helps moisturize, clear blemishes, even skin tone, exfoliate, brighten your complexion, & so much more! I usually try to do this mask once a week, but I tend to do it when I feel like my skin needs some love. It’s a mini DIY facial that is easy to make & you most likely have all the ingredients in your house! Here is the DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask that I have loved for so long.

DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask - A natural face mask that brightens skin, clears breakouts, & evens out skin tone. A must try for any skin issues!!
First let’s talk about why this mask is so amazing. It has honey which is a humectant, which is a natural moisturizing agent. Honey is also naturally antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention. Cinnamon is an antiseptic which will help reduce the bacteria on the surface of your skin to aid in the prevention of pimples and even help dry out existing pimples. It also stimulates and revitalizes the skin by drawing blood, oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin, leaving your skin healthy & glowing. Nutmeg exfoliates the skin which in turn reduces blemishes & the look of blemishes. The nutmeg also helps reduce those pesky blackheads… yuck! Try not to lick your own face because this mask smells divine!

DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask - A natural face mask that brightens skin, clears breakouts, & evens out skin tone. A must try for any skin issues!!
Making this mask is super easy & customizable for your skin needs.  Gather your honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, & you can even add other items like oatmeal or turmeric if you feel like getting crazy.  start with one tsp of nutmeg & one tsp of cinnamon. These measurements do not have to be precise & are only there for a guideline. After that mix in two tablespoons of honey & stir it up!

DIY honey cinnamon nutmeg face mask - A natural face mask that brightens skin, clears breakouts, & evens out skin tone. A must try for any skin issues!!

I usually wear the mask for about 2o  minutes. Sometimes more & sometimes less. You can do what you feel comfortable with. I have never felt any tingling or burning, but if you do and it’s uncomfortable I would rinse off & maybe this mask isn’t for you. Have you tried this mask before? What do you think of it? Have you had good results with it? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.

How to clear your skin naturally!! -

To see my full natural skincare routine click {HERE].

105 thoughts on “DIY Honey Cinnamon Nutmeg Face Mask

  1. Liz Q

    Hi! I just tried this minus the nutmeg. The stickiness was more than I could bare for 10 minutes, but my face feels nice and smooth!

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  5. Mrs. Smith

    Love this! Found it on Pinterest and I use it every so often. I like that all ingglredients are natural and not chemicals. It can get a little runny and messy, but its worth doing to quickly clear a blemish. Bonus: great exfoliate for your lips too when you scrub this mask off. Def worth a shot before going crazy on products like proactive and acne free.

  6. Mrs Smith

    Love this! I originally found this recipe on Pinterest. I use it every so often and like that all ingredients are natural and not chemicals. It can get a little runny and messy, but its worth doing to quickly spot treat and clear a blemish. Bonus: great exfoliate for your lips too when you scrub this mask off. Def worth trying before going crazy on products like proactive and acne free.

  7. Mrs Smith

    Jennifer, I think you could save it and use for awhile. Look at expiration date for cinnamon and nutmeg, as honey doesn’t ever really expire. You could prob make a batch and get a few uses out of it.

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  9. Cinnamon Vogue

    Liz very nicely done. Love the rustic photo effect using that background. The instructions are really clear and simple. Readers might also want add drinking a cup of Ceylon Cinnamon Tea to their regimen treat bad skin issues from the inside out. Of course cutting out the sugar and dairy will be really great help for great looking skin.

  10. Kailee

    Hi there! I tried this for the first time and my skin feels wonderful!!! But, how often should you use it? Like, once a week or month?

  11. Amanda Abernathy

    I love this stuff it makes my face super soft and I notice less scars 🙂 I use it every day of the week and it works great! Should I cut down on how often I use it? Does anyone think I could be damaging my skin from using it more than once a week or so?

  12. Caline

    Love this! Feels nice on, smells like holiday backing, and left my skin
    Only “con” – my dog is freaking out because I look funny and smell like food.

  13. Caroline

    I followed the recipe exactly and I had to wash the mask off within 30 seconds of putting it on. My skin was burning and some areas of my face were welted up and swollen. My face was bright red for hours afterward. On top of that, it totally dried out my skin. I am not allergic to any of the ingredients, otherwise I would not have tried it in the first place. Please, if you are thinking about trying this recipe, DON’T. You will end up looking and feeling like you just got really bad sunburn.

    1. Sam

      I think your skin was just sensitive to the ingredients. I have used this mask numerous times and every time my skin feels and looks great.

    2. Laura

      My skin is sensitive also, so I go easy on the nutmeg and cinnamon (about 1/4 teaspoon total) and add 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1/2 tsp white sugar. Still get great results without the sting.

    3. Gemma

      I have used this mask for a while and have had no problems whatsoever. Only be wary if you know your skin is sensitive otherwise this is an amazing treatment.

  14. Crystal

    I am looking for a mask to help with my black head break outs do you know if this is good for African American descent?

    1. Laura

      Skin is skin, no matter what colour. The only difference is the amount of pigmentation it has. This should work well for everyone, if your skin is sensitive, go easy on the spices, and substitute with white sugar.

  15. Katie

    Oh my god! I just tried this and was amazed at the results!! My skin feels so fresh and clean and is softer than ever! This mask is amazing, I even used ground cloves instead of nutmeg (we were out of nutmeg) and it worked beautifully. My skin looks clearer already, and unlike some of my store bought exfoliate and cleansers, it did not leave me with red irritated skin. Definitely will use this often!!!!

  16. Kat

    I would recommend that a small part of the skin be tested first when using cinnamon. It’s ok for the body, but on the face it can be extremely drying. I tried a mask using yogurt and honey and just added a pinch of cinnamon, and when I rinsed the masque off, my face looked like it had aged at least 20 years and was burned and irritated. It left my skin looking swollen, very porous and lined. Never again! This apparently happens to many people who try it, yet seems to help many also. That’s why I suggest the patch test on the face.

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  19. Tiffany

    I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. Turns out that I don’t have any nutmeg so I substituted a bit of sugar. I will definitely be picking some up tomorrow. This mask smells amazing! I hope it works. It is a little runny after a couple of minutes, maybe too much honey. I decided to make it and put it on after my son went to bed. He walked out after and ran away lol Hopefully this does something. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Ignácz Mária

    Thank you so mutch for this idea! I tried out it today and my skin feels so soft and moisturized! <3 <3 <3

  21. Meg

    I’ve done this recipe before, and boy, it burns like crazy. Like. Crazy. Anyway, we have a saying in portuguese that’s a bit of a health version of “no pain, no gain”: What doesn’t burn, doesn’t heal. Not entirely true, of course, but it’s what our grannies tell us when we’re working out a bad flu or disinfecting a wound, and what I told myself for 15 fiery minutes (christ, it burns. Did I mention it burns?) letting this potion of hell work. My skin got a little (a lot) red and raised. I soothed it with coconut oil for another fifteen minutes, and voilá! No pain no gain indeed. Maybe a bit aggressive to use regularly, but the results are worth the burning (oh god, the burning!). Smooth as a baby’s ass.

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  24. Tayla

    i recently started using this mask and i love it!! its going to be part of my routine now! my skin was so soft and glowy after. it also helped to clear up my breakouts! love love love, especially because i know exactly whats going into it

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  28. Mandy

    Tried this mask for the first time this morning. Left it on for 20 minutes & I love it!!
    I get pimples on my chin with my hormone fluctuations throughout the matter what I have tried they take forever to go away & I scar really easy so then I am left with the scars for weeks or months.
    My skin feels really clean, soft & smooth 🙂 I am hoping this mask will keep my hormonal pimples at a minimum….
    I always have these ingredients on hand so I am determined to do this at least once a week.

  29. Serena Morales

    I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try this and it was so easy to make. Next time I will add sugar with less cinnamon. My face feel so soft, I hope using this every other day can help my acne go away. It also smells soooo good!!!

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  31. Melissa

    Thank you for posting this mask! I tried it today and although it does sting because my skin is sensitive resulting in me only being able to take the burning sensation for 15 minutes, it has made a noticeable difference in my skin. It’s brighter and softer. I may tweek the proportions a bit next time to minimize the discomfort I felt but I’ll be trying this again!

  32. Nadiya

    Hi I used this mask before because it was a gift and I honestly like it. It’s just that the first time I used it my face broke out after I wondering if this is supposed to happen? My face usually breakouts from trying a product for the first time but this time it was more then usual.

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