Goodbye to Our NC Home & Hello Rental!

Hey guys! O my goodness it is with great pleasure that I say WE ARE FINALLY MOVED INTO OUR RENTAL! After four very long days of moving we are finally here. Our little green house is empty & waiting for it’s new owners & our rental is starting to look like our home now. I can’t wait to show you our new place, for now be sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook to get the latest behind the scenes updates on our move & of our new home.

Since I never quite got finished showing you the final tour of the old house I wanted to share the final living room tour & than a “before & after” of the house before & after we emptied everything out. It’s so crazy to me that our little green house is empty now. I loved that house, & we are so grateful it sold so quickly, but it was a very short goodbye & much shorter than we planned. So glad we have photos & all of the memories that we made in that house. I snapped a photo of each room right before we boxed it up just the way it was in the moment. The lighting isn’t perfect & neither are the rooms, but I wanted to capture how the spaces looked in that moment. Let’s take a tour of our little green home …


A glimpse into the living room before we packed it up…

& all packed up it looked something like this…

On to the front guest bedroom before we packed up….

And after we packed it all up…

Let’s check out the middle guest bathroom…

& emptied out it looks something like this…

The middle guest bedroom before we packed it all away… 

& the dramatic change when it was all emptied out… 

On to the master bedroom… 

& empty…

Moving on to the master bathroom…

& all packed up…

& the last room I got pictures of empty was the dining room…

All empty except for the buffet we left behind…

So that is goodbye! Goodbye to our little green casa & hello to new adventures! We are here renting in NC until November, & than it’s moving back to Michigan to our home that we have there.  It’s about to get crazy exciting around here & I’m currently sitting here in bed blogging dreaming about all the things coming up. Can’t wait to start sharing our rental with you this week so stay tuned! Are you excited for our new adventure? Leave me a comment below & be sure to find me on Facebook & Instagram! xx


& here are some sneak peeks I shared this weekend on Instagram of our new rental…

What do you think so far?! Have a great day! xx


You can see more of the final home tour {here} & {here} & {here}

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