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Hi guys! I hope that you are enjoying these posts on the first look into our rental. We have been here for a week now, & things are starting to look like home! You can see our front sitting room first look {here} & our office {here}. Today I wanted to show you a tiny little space that is off of the dining room & the stairs leading upstairs. This room is pretty small, has two windows, connects to the downstairs bathroom & some stairs leading downstairs & to the basement. It’s pretty awkward, but it was the perfect place for our daybed & I have actually napped here more than I would like to say already this past week. Moving is tiring! This is what the space looks like a week after moving in….


From the front door of the house & looking in from the sitting room you can see this little daybed room in our home. There is also doors that can be shut as well.

& here is the view of the room from the dining room through the other set of doors. Again the doors can be shut to this room from the dining room as well so it could be used for guests. We use it to nap in & o man it’s a cozy little nook!

A dear friend of mine gave me these tall mirrors. I honestly didn’t have a place for them so I tucked them behind the daybed & I kind of love it. Since we are renting this house we are not hanging much on the walls & this gives me art  with out putting holes in the walls. Perfect! Not sure if they will stay here, but I’m going to paint them, what color do you think I should use? I’m thinking a gray or a creamy white. Thoughts?


There is one window above the bed & one window at the end of the room. To the right is the stairs leading to a door outside & also the basement. To the left is the one bathroom that is downstairs.

I altered my DIY card catalog side tables to make it into one table for this little room & I’m kind of loving it & it’s a handy little table that was free to me!


So what do you guys think of this little room? It’s kind of an awkward space because it connects to so many parts of the home, but we have surprisingly made some use out of it. To me, this space is like a large hallway. A very cozy hallway. What do you think we should call this room? Let me know what you think of the space in the comments below, on my Facebook, & on Instagram! xx


  1. I love the coverlet! Where is it from? I think the mirrors would be beautiful with a tad bit of eggshell blue in the grey or a hint of the eggshell in the white :)


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