DIY Simple Green Wreath

DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!

I have this DIY chalkboard ¬†sitting in our dining room in our new rental that was pretty empty & bare. I knew I wanted to hang a wreath on it, & I looked around for one that I loved for a few weeks. I found a few that I liked, but at $40+ I wasn’t really that into them. So, what does a DIY-er do when we are faced with this issue? We make our own! This little wreath is so simple & only took me about 15 minutes to complete. Oh, & did I mention it cost around $12 to make?

DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!

Ok. Let’s get this simple wreath going! First you are going to need some floral wire {I used two kinds, the plain green floral wire and the brown covered wire} & than a strand of garland. I found all of these items in the same aisle at Michael’s. Convenient. You might already have some wire on hand & be sure to use a coupon for the garland.



` Make a circle with the brown garland wire & twist to secure the circle.

` Start wrapping the garland around the circle & secure it with the green floral wire.


`Trim all the wire & the ends with wire cutters.

`Keep wrapping the garland around the circle brown floral wire & securing it with the smaller wire.


` After all of the garland is secure tuck & trim all the loose pieces until you are happy with how it looks.


` I hung the wreath by wrapping a piece of the floral wire around a nail at the top of the window.

& there you have it! The quickest loveliest green wreath that you ever did see!

DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!
DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!

DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!

DIY simple green wreath - Seriously SO easy to make & costs less than $15 to make!

& I still haven’t advanced in my chalkboard skills. Usually Mr. LMB is in charge of all chalkboards in the house, but I gave him the week off. I’m envious of his chalk skills for real. Anyways, What do you think of my DIY simple green wreath? Have you made a wreath like this before? Let me know what you think in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram.


  1. This is seriously so darling especially with the rustic touches. Simple ,yet so charming! <3 it!


  2. Nancy, from Alberta says:

    Hi, I am new to your blog, as of tonight (almost midnight, lol) and I love this wreathe. What a great, and simply idea. I might just have a wreathe somewhere in my house soon. I came to your blog because of the tote you made and decorated with markers and pompoms. Love it too. Am excited to learn more projects but for now I should probably go to bed. See you later.

  3. This is so darn cute Liz!!! You are simply adorable! xo

  4. I love the simplicity yet the great statement the chalkboard window with wreath makes. Great job!

  5. I’ve done close to the same thing at Christmas time…they didn’t have square wreaths that were less than $50, so a hanger and soft Christmas garland became a square, Christmas wreath! Love it! I may have to make one like yours now =)

  6. So simple but so pretty!

  7. Love all kinds of green wreaths. This is just right for summer!
    Rebecca @ Sweet & Simple Life Blog

  8. I love simple greenery wreaths like this! And that chalkboard… super cute!

  9. I love this! I’m on my way to Michael’s today after work and I just might grab the supplies when I’m there! :)

  10. This is fantastic! I’ve always made greenery wreaths with fresh boxwood and they never last… this post makes me smack my forehead ‘doh’. Can’t wait to put one together!

    • I have to before Colleen! & they get yellow so quick.. I’ve just realized over time that I am a very low maintenance girl haha so fake garland it is! haha I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!! xx

  11. That is beautiful! I love how it looks!

  12. Super cute, I just made one too out of boxwoods! Love the chalk board!!!!

  13. Super cute! I just made one today using boxwoods. I absolutely love that chalkboard too!!!

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  15. Cathy W says:

    I do this too with “end of the season”" garlands. Michaels always sells their summer garlands in July. I grab them up of a song! (I wish!), but they are 50-60% off the regular price. So I can chance my front door wreath whenever the mood strikes me! Sunflower, Daisies, whatever…. Greens would be nice too!
    Good job!
    (from an retired florist!)


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