Michigan House Update – Cabinet Layout Choice

I wish I was back from our trip to Michigan with a HUGE update for you on our house up there. I seriously do. While we were there the house was under construction & windows were being ripped out to put new ones in, the floors are still gone, there isn’t a kitchen, but we are making progress & it will be done {livable} by November. While home this past week we did some more cleaning up around the house, but nothing to major since it was such a short busy trip. My wonderful Grandpa has painted the whole house including the ceilings & has done so much of the tedious work in there. It’s starting to look brand new. This week all of our windows will be replaced & some window will be turning into doors… the good stuff has started! We have our kitchen cabinets picked out, and we have narrowed down the flooring and countertops, but I will be back later with a post on that. For now,I need your help on a big decision! So, in our kitchen next to the refrigerator we are placing cabinets. The problem? There are so many routes we can take with the cabinet. I have three layouts shown below & want your help to decide which one we should choose!


This is the space before it was all torn out, gutted, and painted {photo taken 2 years ago}.  The cabinet will be to the left on the wall & the refrigerator will be on the right.




This is another angle of the space after the kitchen was all gutted & primed.

Galvan pantry area
Galvan 3 cabinet way3.
Galvan pantry way
A couple of quick facts before you help me decided on a layout, the cabinets will be white, we have another closet pantry, but this one will be used for lots of storage as well, the kitchen is very small so the more storage the better! I feel like I have a choice already, but I want to hear your thoughts, opinions, & experience! Let me know if you would choose 1,2, or 3 in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Instagram! I can’t wait to hear what you think! xx