NC Rental – Master Bathroom

This is one of those rooms in our rental home that we have not touched really in the 3 weeks we have lived here. The one thing that we did in this space is add a dresser, a bench, & a picture that isn’t even hung on the walls yet. Basically this room gets used daily, but decorating it hasn’t been the first priority. We needed to add the dresser because with out it we had no storage what so ever, & the bench didn’t have a place to go in the house & it fit pretty perfectly in the bathroom under the window. Something that’s new for me? A lot! I mean there is always the claw foot tub, but the biggest “new thing” to me is the air-condition window unit. They are not the best home decor accessory, but oh so necessary in our two story 1909 built home here in the hot summers of NC. Oh, and did I mention we have a really old toilet?



That’s our simple master bathroom for now. I have taken many baths in this space already. My plans for this space are not very extravagant. Adding a new rug, hanging some art, accessorizing, & some linens. I will be back later with an update on the space. What do you think of our master bathroom so far? What would you do with the space if this was your rental? Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram. xx


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