DIY Industrial Pendant light Hanger

DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger -

It’s monday. & not only is it monday, but it’s the monday after a holiday weekend. & let’s face it mondays are a little rough & even more rough after a holiday. I call it a holiday hangover. So, I’m back today with a super easy, but super cute DIY so I wouldn’t overwhelm you while you are recovering. This DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger is part of a larger project, but let’s just talk about the pendant hanger today. I found a door at our local thrift store the other day & wanted to do something fun with it, more on that later, but part of it was adding a light to the door. Here is what I came up with…

DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger -
The light was a pendant we already had lying around the house from Target & we built the pipe fixture that the light is connected too. To build the DIY industrial pendant light hanger we used a galvanized pipe found at Lowes, a galvanized base plate, & a 90 degree galvanized elbow. We simply attached the pipes together & mounted the base plate to the door. Right before mounting the baseplate to the door we drilled a hole so the chord could be strung through the back of the door. We then strung the pendant light through the pipe & through a hole in the door in the baseplate & we had a light mounted to the door. Now, stringing the pendant through the pipe might be a little difficult if there is a plug on one end, thank goodness Mr. LMB knows how to do electrical work because he was able to detach and re-attach the plug on the pendant.


You can do this with any pendant light & you can choose to use copper pipes, galvanized, or even painting pipes to fit with your decor as well. You can also choose different size pipes & different parts as well, but this is what I chose & I’m really happy with it. I love the mix of metals & the industrial rustic look that this door has. After attaching the pipe for the pendant we gave the door a little fresh paint with ¬†Behr Premium Plus Ultra in ultra pure white. The paint made it look fresh & made the door look like it hadn’t been sitting in a dump anymore!

DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger -
DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger -
DIY Industrial Pendant light hanger -
Such an easy DIY project & you can mount this pendant hanger to anything from a door, a board, window, & so on. So many options. What do you think of the Pipe pendant holder? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Instagram. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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