I Have PCOS, I Am Not PCOS

I have PCOS- Things you should know before you start trying to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant.

This one is a hard one for me to write. It’s me coming on this happy little blog of mine to tell you that I have a syndrome. A syndrome I found out I had a year ago at the age of 25. You see after trying to get pregnant for a year & than getting pregnant with our first baby, losing that baby, & than not being pregnant again 9 months later, I knew there was something wrong. I guess looking back I always knew something was “wrong” with me. I had a gut feeling as a woman that something wasn’t right, but I happen to be one of those people that likes to live in my happy bubble. I avoided the bad news that I knew was looming over us & chose to keep living happily. Ignorance is bliss right?

I have PCOS- Things you should know before you start trying to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant.

I eventually put my big girl pants on and finally made the appointment which happened to fall on the week of our first babies due date. The appointment was to run a bunch of tests and do some ultrasounds to see if there was anything causing issues with my fertility. Sure enough as I was lying on the table for my ultrasound the ultrasound tech told me that I had some cysts on my ovaries that were concerning to her. The words complex, cancer, PCOS, & a few other scary terms came up & I left that appointment in tears. I was referred out to fertility doctor #1 that day & I was anxious for my first appointment with her. Thankfully by the time that appointment rolled around the cyst they were concerned was cancerous had disappeared, but the diagnosis was final. I HAVE PCOS. I couldn’t decide how I felt. I mean, we had our answer as to what was wrong & why we were struggling to get pregnant & have a healthy pregnancy, but at the same time, we had an answer & there was something wrong with me. The first fertility doctor was a waste of our time really. We were not really checked & just given pills and told that was all they could do. Thankfully one day we got the call she was no longer working there & we were sent to Fertility doctor #2 about an hour away from us. This is all over a year time, nothing with this has gone fast. By the time we got to our first appt. with Fertility doctor #2 I was pregnant again. He was so thorough and we had lots of baby appointments with baby #2 & saw him or her grow. Of course if you know our story you know we lost baby #2 & than baby #3. I shared that loss here on the blog & I though it was only right to share the cause and reason for all of this going on in case anyone reading this was going through the same thing, or anyone struggling to get pregnant. In case I lost some of you at PCOS…

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Abbreviated PCOS. Polcystic ovary syndrome is a condition in women characterized by irregular or no menstrual periods, acne, obesity, and excess hair growth. PCOS is a disorder of chronically abnormal ovarian function and hyperandrogenism (abnormally elevated androgen levels). It affects 5-10% of women of reproductive age. PCOS is also called the Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

I have PCOS- Things you should know before you start trying to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant.
PCOS is so common in women in their childbearing age. 1 in 10 women have it. That means a few of your close friends could very well have it. That can be comforting knowing that I am not alone in this struggle, knowing so many women have it, but it also makes me sad for my fellow PCOS women. PCOS doesn’t always mean you will have problems getting pregnant or that you will miscarry so please do not stress or worry yourself, but being aware of your body, doing research, getting checked & remaining healthy is key. Some symptoms of PCOS are being overweight, acne, hair growth, irregular cycles, & so much more. PCOS is not always 
pleasant & can be rough with the hormone imbalance & the struggles that come along with that. Doing research and getting checked by a doctor as early as possible is something I encourage. It makes me a little sad & disappointed that I didn’t know I had PCOS until I was 25 even though we were not trying to grow our family until then. I just wish I would have been aware so that I could have prepared myself & my body. This is why I’m sharing our story on here today. I hope it helps someone out there with their fertility & helps people who know they have PCOS to know that they are not alone. I know God gave me this for a reason & maybe that’s sharing my heart here.

I have PCOS- Things you should know before you start trying to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant.


How are Mr. LMB & I doing? Amazing. I will blog more on this later about our life after miscarriage & how we healed, but life is good. I am so proud of us & how well we have healed from what we have gone through. I am so thankful for the strength it has given us. Strength & love I never thought was possible. We have planted the roots of our marriage stronger in the Lord I am grateful for a marriage rooted in The Word. We are finishing up our “7 year honeymoon” here in NC before we move back up to Michigan when he get’s out of the military in November & we are so thankful for this life that God has given us. Every part of it. Being a family of two is what God has planned for us right now & we are living life to the fullest daily. I’m really glad God is in control of all of this because he knew that being a family of two is the awesome life we needed right now. I want to truly cherish this time as “us” before we welcome children into our lives & not wish these days away. We decided at the beginning of the year to stop trying for a little bundle of joy so that we could move home & settle in before another huge life change occurred. After making that decision to just be us for a little while longer it got me excited again for our adventurous life of two again. All of the sudden it was like I was able to see what I had been taking for granted while I was so worried about my diagnosis. Married life rocks & I’m thankful for these years with my best friend. I’m so thankful for the time to grow together, get stronger, & to just enjoy each other everyday. I can’t imagine life without him & I can’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else. I hope that if you are a family of two, three, four, six, or seventeen that you are happy in this moment & that you don’t let your fertility not enjoy the now. My biggest advice to a couple going through this is just be each other’s best friend. Listen, love, support, & encourage each other, just like every married couple should no matter what you are going through. 

I have PCOS- Things you should know before you start trying to have a baby or if you are struggling to get pregnant.
10 things I want you to know about PCOS, my fertility, my miscarriages, & you

1. Your eating habits can change {not cure} your PCOS. Eat right, exercise, & relax.

2. I am now gluten free to see if it helps with my symptoms. Do your own research & see what is best for you. There are many articles online that can help you see what are some good lifestyle changes for you. Of course your doctor might make some suggestions for you as well. If you want me to post on this let me know in the comments below.

3. We are currently {& haven’t been for a while} not trying to grow our family because of all of the changes coming up {getting out of the military & moving home.} Of course if we accidentally had a bundle of joy we wouldn’t be mad. Not one bit. Remember to relax & not stress because stress can spike PCOS symptoms.

4. I am healing, growing, & recovering from our three miscarriages, but I am forever grateful still for this journey that God has put us on & thankful for who I am because of it.  Read more about that {here}. Remember to take time for yourself to heal whether you just had a miscarriage or diagnosed with something. Take life in strides & stay calm.

5. I LOVE hearing success stories of people getting pregnant & having beautiful babies. I have had a few people say “sorry” for telling me they are pregnant & that makes me sad that they feel they have to say that. I NEVER have been jealous or angry from someone getting pregnant & if it were up to me everyone would have beautiful healthy babies {including us} & live happily ever after. So please never feel sorry for me or us. This life I live is so beautiful & I wouldn’t change a thing. Now, go have babies & tell me all about it. As long as you let me snuggle them! If you are struggling with this, I pray you find peace & know that it’s all in God’s time.

6. PCOS is the most common cause of infertility in women. If you are struggling with getting pregnant, again just go to a doctor you trust & get checked.

7. There is hope! Just because you have PCOS doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. Some people will not struggle, some who do can easily get pregnant with medicine, & some IVF. There is hope, there is always hope. Never give up & be sure to stay calm, don’t let PCOS ruin this life you love.

8. My symptoms you ask? Well to get personal I have never struggled with weight gain, but miscarriages, irregular cycles, not ovulating, & hormonal breakouts have been a struggle for me in my 20’s. Everyone’s symptoms are different, but those are mine. For breakouts I have used {this} natural skin care routine.

9. I have been on Metformin, clomid, Provera, & a few other medicines to work with my PCOS. Again, everyone is different, every case is different, & your doctor can go over your options with you. I have also been trying a lot of natural things as well & if you want me to blog about that let me know in the comments below. Ask your doctor what the best plan for you is.

10. Hey you, you sitting there with PCOS. You are not alone. I know some days you feel like you are the only one struggling with these symptoms, but I promise there are many of us beautiful women out there that carry this burden & I’m praying for you. I pray that your body becomes healthy & functions like it’s supposed to. I pray that you feel beautiful, & I pray that you feel like the awesome woman that you are!


I AM NOT PCOS, I have PCOS, but I will not let it ruin my life. I don’t allow myself to be sad about it. I don’t blame myself, I don’t blame God, I don’t blame my parents, & this diagnosis doesn’t rule my days. Do I struggle sometimes & wish that I didn’t have it? Of course! I am only human {cue the Christina Perri song}. I think we all have one thing that we would change or that we struggle with, & this is mine. I am a child of God, a marine wife, a mother to three babies in heaven & two puppies here on earth, an interior designer, a blogger, a friend, and many other things, but I am not PCOS, I simply have PCOS & I will continue to overcome it daily. I would love to hear from you about PCOS or any other fertility questions, comments, in the comments below, on Facebook, or find me on Instagram. xx

Read our miscarriage story {here}

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50 thoughts on “I Have PCOS, I Am Not PCOS

  1. Kelly

    Hi, Liz Marie! 🙂 I recently came across your blog and noticed this posting! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. I am so sorry about your losses, but so happy, inspired, and encouraged that you have found such peace and courage! I am 26 and, although my husband and I are not yet trying to start a family, I am nervous about what the future might hold! Thank you for sharing your heart and for sharing more information about PCOS. Please let me know if you have any questions about PCOS, too! I am happy to help! 🙂 -Kelly

  2. Jade

    This was especially moving to me. I am a 31 year-old mother of two. I am divorced and found the most amazing man and he is wonderful to me and my children. I would love to have more with him but just recently had a string of difficult news regarding my reproductive health. I had a feminine surgery this past May, followed with a diagnosis of PCOS. I am faithful that there is a greater plan, and beyond blessed with what I have in my life thus far. I am inspired by your story, and sending prayers to you through your journey. It is amazingly strong to share the stories you have shared on your blog! Thank you!

  3. Morgan

    Thank you for posting. Sometimes PCOS is so hard to explain. I’ve had it for years, and I’m still struggling with how to live with it. I especially needed to read #10. Thank you again.

  4. Ashley

    Thank u. I come from a very fertile family and I was beginning to think no one understood my trouble. Thank u again for your uplifting words.

  5. Justine

    Hello Liz Marie, I’m so glad I came across your blog while doing a little routine Pinterest feed visit – truly! Thank you for being so open and for reminding me that we can trust God throughout all of our experiences! Your grace and beauty on top of your strength are such testaments to God’s work. I know that you have tried natural methods and are settling into your home, but I feel compelled to ask if you have considered ‘natural family planning’ (NFP)? (Please forgive me if you already have and/or don’t find it suitable to you and your husband!) My husband and I started a NFP method after hearing about it in our marriage prep classes during our engagement: to this day, we have a ‘practitioner’ who guides us through my fertility and how to avoid or achieve pregnancy without any contraceptions. Of course, if any patterns of possible infertility are noticed, I can be referred to a professional doctor who is trained in my method and can advise what treatment is needed. I can’t say it has been successful in achieving pregnancy because that is not our intention at this time in our (newly!) married life, but it has opened our hearts and minds to the intimacy that God had planned for us as husband & wife. —Whew!— Sorry to be so lengthy, but again I felt the need to ask and I do apologize if NFP is not for you both. I pray that you continue to have a beautiful life together!
    All the best.

  6. Catharine Slover

    I hope and pray you will keep up your good attitude about your marriage and that you will be blessed with children when the time is right. I just wondered if you had looked into the paleo diet. It means eating what we were designed biologically to eat. It’s very simple: meat, fish, chicken, pork, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate. No grains, beans, soy, or industrial oils such as canola and corn oil. The good fats are olive oil and coconut oil, butter and other good saturated fats. A great website for beginners and advanced pupils is marksdailyapple.com

  7. Colleen

    I was diagnosed with this as well. My doctor prescribed Pregnitude. It is only vitamin supplements so there are no side effects. Studies have shown that it can significantly improve PCOS symptoms. I have only been taking it for 2 months but have had two normal cycles in those 2 months which is extremely rare for me.


  8. Kelly

    Hello! I found you by searching for floating shelves…. I LOVE your style! I was so surprised to see your PCOS section. It’s odd how PCOS is the leading cause of infertility for women, but it seems like no one has ever heard of it. I’m glad you’re working through it and are able to take time, relax and take care of yourself. “Trying” can be so taxing and emotional. I lost my first pg at 9 weeks too. It was a blighted ovum. I remember calling my mom and telling her that I got a dud. I’m happy that you can find a way to have peace with the losses. I wish the best for you and your family in the future – no matter what it holds. I like to think that we have a destination in our minds, but the path is uncertain and you have to be able to navigate to your destination. PS. Love your blogs – thanks for sharing!

  9. Lindsay M.

    Hi! I am so glad you shared your story. I love your positive outlook on coping with PCOS and not being consumed by it. I have PCOS as well and was on Metformin for treatment. My husband and I tried to conceive for two years, without anything, not even a “chemical pregnancy.” My doctor had given me a timeline that if I did not conceive by the time I was 26 (I was 24 at the time), then we would start Clomid. I am 25 now so, I haven’t had to do that yet. In June, I bought the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, with plans of starting that method in July. Well I ended up not needing it just then because in July we found out we are expecting for the first time! I was blown away and in shock because my previous cycle had been very long and so I figured that was happening again! Then I was about to go have blood work done for my PCOS checkup and took a test on a whim and to my surprise I saw 2 lines for the first time ever! I was very cautiously excited at first because I had heard so much about miscarriage risks, but now I am 20 weeks with a little boy and so far everything is going great! I just wanted to share a positive experience with you from someone who also has PCOS. I pray that when you and your husband do start trying again, you will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  10. Alli

    Love your blog! The more I read it the more I find out we have so much in common! I too am a marine wife my husband is stationed at camp lejeune! We recently found out that I have pcos and your posts have been truly inspiring for me. So crazy that you are from michigan! My husband and I are from frankenmuth! Love love love your style your are truly inspiring!

    1. Jessica

      Hello Liz your story is a sad one and I wish the best for you and all of us women of pcos. I too have pcos only I found out after I had my first LIVE baby. I always had irregular periods because of it I thought I would never have children. My first year of college I was blessed with my baby girl. It wasn’t till 9 months after I had my daughter I found out I had pcos..we also found out we were blessed with another baby.. when we found out that we were pregnant the first thing i asked was if this condition would cause any harm to the baby.. I am sad to say that my doctor lied. If you have pcos you have a large percentage of miscarriage… I lost my little miracle two weeks ago. Everyday I keep thinking of what could have been and how unfair this is for us. But we must be strong and stay hopeful. One day we will get our chance. I will always love my baby. I am grateful that I have one healthy baby. I hope that you too will have a child. Good luck I wish nothing but the best for you and every woman with pcos!

  11. Hilary

    Hi Liz. I stumbled across your PCOS story while looking for DIY projects. I too have PCOS. I have always struggled with my weight, even though I ate very healthy. I always wondered why and it was very frustrating. Then, when I was 32 and we decided to have a baby. I got pregnant right away after stopping b.c. pills and then miscarried. I didn’t get pregnant again for another 1 1/2 years and then again, miscarried. We decided to seek fertility treatments and after many appointments and procedures and tests, I found a wonderful doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS. So, I finally had an answer to my weight struggles and my fertility issues. He also ran a bunch of tests that the other fertility doctors didn’t. He referred me to a genetic scientist who explained to me some other issues that were going on in my body. The first thing he told me is that I had been pregnant many times but miscarried early on, so I never even knew. However, my body was having an auto immune issue and my NK cells were spiked so every pregnancy, my body was attacking the embryo as if it were a tumor. Then, he also told me I had a recessive gene (2 actualy, one from my mother and one from my father) that increased my chances of blood clots. Once they got this figured out and I took the medicine required to get my NK cells back in check and started on blood thinners, I was able to proceed with IVF. I am happy to say it worked the first time and we have a wonderful daughter (she is now 8 years old). It is nice to hear that you have such a positive outlook. That is so important. I hope that one day you too will be blessed with a little bundle of joy.

  12. Stephany

    Hi Liz Marie,

    Thank you so much for your informative and personal blog on PCOS. My husband and I have been married for over a year, but we have not yet started trying to get pregnant because of our current careers. However, we do intend on trying in a year or so. Unfortunately, I too have PCOS, and I have been terrified of what the future holds for us, since I know that getting pregnant won’t be easy. However, I thank you for your positive attitude regarding this issue because it has pushed me to be more positive. I will pray for your family. Like you said, God has a plan for all of us, so we need to trust him. Again, thank you for your blog and good luck with everything.

  13. Haylee

    I was very recently diagnosed with PCOS and I have been looking at website after website trying to learn what it is that is going on inside of me, when I came across your blog and your post about PCOS. Your story is very inspiring! I am greatly thankful that you shared it. I started birth control (I am not currently trying to get pregnant) and Metformin and I must say I am a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am sure this will pass hopefully soon. Its nice to hear that I am not alone and I truly feel a little less worried about this diagnosis after reading your story. God has planned everything out for me already and I have to remember this. You have reminded me of this! So I want to say thank you for sharing your story!

  14. Alicia

    Liz I am so very sorry to hear about all of your hardships you are going thru. I myself am trying to start a family. But it makes me so so sad to see that you think God gave you this situation. God does not send pain and sickness He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. I know people always throw the question around why did God do this to me, but God does not send you sickness. Yes bad things happen to good people but God is not the one that sends the bad things he’s the one there to help you get through it and grow from from it. He is our healer ,deliver ,comforter. Why would anyone want to serve a God that would send you cancer, pain and sickness?so please please please don’t believe that God gave you this to teach you something he is there to help you through it. My prayers are with you and your family

  15. Amanda from White & Wood

    Hi Liz,
    Been a follower since October, but just read your article about PCOS. I was diagnosed at 20, and my husband and I have been trying since Spring of 2014 (I’m 29). I am currently on Clomid (I couldn’t stomach Metformin) and I am so very hopeful something WILL happen when God intends it to. It can be very discouraging, and I think you have more support than you know. Thank you for speaking so honestly, it truly touches your readers, especially those who can personally relate. Merry Christmas to you, your hubby and furry babies.

  16. Lexie

    Thank you so much for this post! It gives me so much hope for the future. Tomorrow I have an appointment to confirm if I have PCOS. To be honest, I am worried but hoping to at least find some answers. Recently I have just gotten engaged and my fiancé and I want to have a family someday, I know God has it in His control though. Also, I’ve been reading about certain lifestyle changes to help with PCOS symptoms and Paleo seems to be like a good option to start with. Any comments?

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  18. Crystal

    I was just diagnosed with PCOS, and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. We have been trying for children for some time now and I realized something wasn’t right. Thank you for this post, it has truly helped me and lifted my spirit a little.. To just enjoy my husband and pup and do anything to help myself get used to a different lifestyle.

  19. Ashley

    I just came across your blog because I saw your house on Instagram. Then I stumbled upon your story. It really spoke to me. I don’t have PCOS but we have been struggling with infertility for 2 1/2 years. It is unexplained infertility so were just trying to hold on to the hope that it’s just not God’s timing yet. I loved that you said “God just wants you to be a family of 2 right now”. Thank you for sharing your story.

  20. Rachel

    Hello Liz, I love your post. I too, have PCOS & have had 4 miscarriages, but I also have 2 healthy, beautiful babies. I had fertility dr #1 tell me I would NOT get pregnant… ever on my own. Thankfully I’m hear to say that was a LIE. You are right, stress is a key factor IMO. I also used a natural progesterone cream in combination with Metformin & that is what finally worked for me.

  21. Jessica

    Hello. My name is Jessica, and I am fourteen years old. I have PCOS. I am overweight because of it, I am getting skin discoloration on the back of my neck, and I have irregular periods. All three of them make me extremely self conscious. I am called fat, I can’t wear my hair up, and most of the time and I’m deathly afraid an incident will happen at school, and I haven’t gone swimming in like a year. Reading your post made me tear up, knowing that this is a lifetime thing. To tell you the truth, a while ago I was prescribed Metformin. I took it normally like I was supposed to, along with birth control for regulation, but I didn’t feel like it was actually helping me. The metformin gave me diarrhea and made me dehydrated, which just added to my stress. So I stopped taking it. It has been on and off since then, which my parents constantly scold me that it’s bad, so then I stopped taking it all together. I am going to the doctors in April to talk about it finally, and maybe see if there is a smaller version of the same thing. But what I really want to know is, will it actually help me? If I continue to take now, will it stop things from becoming worse? I don’t exactly know what this is, and everyone is being so vague about it! Especially my mother, who also has it. She’s been evasive when I bring it up, and all the tidbits I hear are about cancer, infertility (which isn’t a problem right now), type two diabetes (what happened to type 1) and body problems. I’ve tried looking this up online, but the websites I’ve read never really explain it fully either. I’m scared really. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Katie

      I don’t know if you have had your questions answered yet but no on responded on here. I thought I would chime in. You are very young, things are often terrible at your age regardless of health issues! But I can PROMISE you that everything gets better. It WILL get better. PCOS is basically a hormone disorder centered around your ovaries. Hormones control nearly everything your body does – which is why there can be so many side effects. You will find a way to manage your symptoms and the right doctors will take care of you. If you are unhappy with your doctor, you have to have your own voice and speak up. Find another. Then another. You are far too young to be worrying over having babies – wait a good 10-15 years. Then when you are ready – go see a reproductive endocrinologist. At this point, you have to focus on your health: mental health, eating right and working out. Take a hard look at your life and get rid of the things you know are harmful. That includes bad attitudes. I am sorry to hear your mom isn’t as supportive as you need but I am willing to bet she also doesn’t understand the disease. People are born with Type 1 Diabetes. People develop Type 2 Diabetes over time – this is the type that affects many women with PCOS because we are often overweight. You can’t blame being overweight on PCOS. It makes things more complicated, yes, but you are in charge of your weight. You have to take control – your future is up to you. Good luck and think positive!
      Good luck!

  22. Haley

    Hey girl!
    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog while I was on Pinterest! I am 18 and a Freshman in college and I was diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year. It was hard news to accept, considering I am already under enough stress with school as it is. I started noticing something was wrong with my body about a year ago when I just completely stopped having a period. In a years time I gained over 30 pounds, and I started noticing facial hair and I knew that something was wrong. So I went to the doctor, and low and behold I have PCOS. From there I have been to different doctors and trying different medications but I haven’t found the one that is right for me yet. I have been worrying and stressing about it a lot, and wondering why God has put this obstacle in pat, but I know he has a plan for me and PCOS just happens to be part of it. Nevertheless, I wonder how the future will be when I start trying to have a family. But your blog has given me hope. You have shown me that what ever trails are thrown my way from this syndrome I can overcome them with God. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  23. Heidi

    I’m so sorry for all of your losses. I was diagnosed w/PCOS when we were trying to get pregnant. I went through many fertility tests and after several years of trying I got pregnant w/a combination of Clomid & a hcg injection in the dr’s office. We just celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday 🙂 We did attempt pregnancy again, using the same method several times, but had no luck. When my daughter was 7 I had an appt. w/my ob/gyn. I had been having a very heavy menstrual cycle (having PCOS made that a common occurrence for me) but I wasn’t worried. He sent me for an ultra-sound to get checked out. I knew during the ultrasound something was wrong & it was confirmed 3 days later in my dr’s office when he told my my right ovary was significantly enlarged and he wanted me to have a CAT scan & see a gynecologic oncologist. It turned out I had stage 3 ovarian cancer, a rare type called dysgerminoma or germ cell cancer. This cancer normally affects women in their teens & twenties (child bearing age). I was 39. It has been 4 1/2yrs since my diagnosis. After having had a complete hysterectomy & chemotherapy I have had no evidence of diseases. In March, God willing, I will celebrate 5yrs of being cancer free. I share my story not to scare you or your readers, but to bring awareness to this type of cancer. Of course we don’t know for sure how my cancer came about, but there was consideration as to whether my PCOS or use of Clomid played a role. Listen to your body. The signs of Ovarian cancer are subtle: Abdominal bloating/pain, heavy periods, weight
    gain. I had all of those but I attributed them to PCOS, not exercising, etc. I am so thankful that my dr was pro-active and sent me for an ultrasound. I’m sorry for such a long comment. I wish you and your husband all the best. Your faith is strong. I believe God will bless you with a child(ren) when the time is right.

  24. kacie

    I’m 19 and I was diagnosed when I was around 16, and I don’t plan on having a baby at this moment. My doctor gave me birth control to get my cycles under control. I was going 6 months at a time in between periods before I saw a doctor. The one thing that worries me now is that I may have issues getting pregnant when that time comes, and honestly it is kind of a scary feeling. because of the birth control I don’t really notice many symptoms any more but that may just be because I Am used to it and was diagnosed young. I don’t know any different. I guess what I’m really trying to say/ask is if I should look more into it now, wait till the time comes or what? I don’t want to let it bother me and your story has been an inspiration to me, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

    1. Katie

      You have an enormous advantage in that you know in advance! You don’t have to experience years of fruitless effort. In many years, when the time comes to start your family, make an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist to assess your needs and begin treatment. Medical science is amazing and is improving all the time! Until then, take care of yourself and don’t worry. Just relax and enjoy your youth.

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  27. Katie

    I have PCOS; we didn’t know it until I had a miscarriage then couldn’t get pregnant again for a several months. Luckily my diagnosis was fairly quick and the doctors I needed to see were readily available and we didn’t have to wait long to get the care we needed. (I encourage people that if the first doc they see is too busy or something is off, there are more reproductive endocrinologists out there – DON’T SETTLE! and don’t wait!) I took dexamethasone, estradiol, and clomid and I conceived on the one-year anniversary of my miscarriage. I have had two freaking awesome kids since we started treatment in 2011. We are just now starting to try for #3.
    Several of the women on “I didn’t know I was pregnant” admit they have PCOS and were told they’d never have kids. That miseducation is a tragedy. I hope talking about it will at least educate people to the point that they know there is help out there!

  28. Tatiana

    I am so glad that I found this post. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21. My doctor at the time said I didn’t need to worry about it until I wanted to start a family so after momentary panic ( my biggest fear since the age of 6 had been to be told I would have a hard time or would be unable to get pregnant) my mom and sisters soothed my fear and I didn’t think about it much for a long time. Fast forward 6 years, I am now 27 and as of June 27th of this year I am a happily married woman more than ready to start a family. The problem? I haven’t had a cycle since March. I finally decided to do my homework, after several negative pregnancy tests, and the reality hit me hard. Because my previous doctor really did no other testing beside hormone levels and a questionnaire I have no idea how serious my case actually is. I can’t say I have handled it as gracefully as you have. I am the second oldest of ten children and first down the aisle, mom and dad are anxious for grandchildren. I have three sisters and of those sisters I am the only one who wants more than two children, my one sister doesn’t want any, and I guess from time to time I feel a little resentful. Resentful that I, the one who has always wanted a larger family(not ten though please) , would be the one to get this syndrome. I know that that is a terrible thought and no I would never ever wish this on anyone but I can’t help but feel a little cheated. I guess the worst of it though is feeling so alone. Though I know this is a super common condition, if I personally know anyone with it they are not yet ready to share that info. I see all my friends getting pregnant and having babies so easy and I feel frightened that that won’t be me. I am taking steps though. Seeing my current physician for his opinion, changing my diet, and starting a prenatal vitamin. I hope in a few months I’ll find out I am pregnant and have nothing to worry about but I am preparing myself for if that is not the case

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  30. Yasmin Lima

    Hello Liz. I treatment for PCOS since I was 13 years old (now 23 years), unfortunately here in Brazil we don’t have much information on the internet. Many of the websites in my language make me sad and hopeless, find your blog was wonderful, thank you for sharing your story.

  31. Melanie

    Hi Liz,
    I stumbled upon you on Instagram and instantly fell in love with your simple and beautiful design. I’ve been following you for quite some time and recently read about your miscarriage. My heart was crushed for you. Then when I read your blog and see that it is your 6th, I was just pained for you. You & your husband are a beautiful couple! I have a fourteen year old
    daughter and still try to wrap my head around what a blessing she is as she was a surprise to me when I was 24. My husband and I didn’t prevent and then tried to conceive which took years and then one day I was pregnant. 10 weeks later I had miscarried due to a very big cyst that had developed. . I’ve always had trouble with cysts since I was a teenager. We also went to a fertility doctor. Never was in God’s plan for me to have another one. Fast forward a few years and o ended up having a hysterectomy at 34. I kept my ovaries and STILL get cysts to this day. Well I did. I see you’ve changed your diet and have tried other natural & holistic approaches. I have to ask…have you tried essential oils? I ask because my gynecologist was adamant last year she would have to go ahead and remove my ovaries because of the size of the cysts I had. I began using Young Living oils and I used frankincense on my ovary vita flex points on my feet. When I went back the X-ray technician performing the Sono couldn’t believe they were gone as my Dr. Had already scheduled surgery. I’ve seen stories on PCOS and YL oils on http://www.oiltestimonials.com You may have already began using oils or do. But I just wanted to share my story and I am praying for you. I wished I had known about the oils years ago. However, I know It’s all in God’s timing. Blessings!

  32. Lyndsay LaPointe

    Thank you for all you have shared. I have had some similar struggles, as we also have 6 babies in heaven. Good blessed us with a beautiful baby girl (#7) that He is giving us the joy of raising here on earth and are currently pregnant with # 8. My blog is posted above if you’re interested. God bless!

  33. Kalee

    Hi, I met you yesterday at painted farm girl. I had no idea what you were going through, and like I mentioned I hadn’t been in your booth or on your blog in a long time. You are inspirational and I just want you to know that I’m touched by your strength and your willingness to praise The Lord through this storm. You are so right about not knowing the struggles others face because we tend to put on a brave face. I deal a lot with anxiety and fear of the unknowns. Thank you for affirming the verse I read today, Philippians 4:6-10. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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  35. Sueli Collaço

    Dear Liz Marie, I have just come across your blog and this touching post. I’m from Brazil. I’d like you to know how I appreciated your courage in sharing such experiences. I’m 64 by now, mother of 5 wonderful children and grandmother of 8 adorable grandchildren (plus one to be due by December). My second son got married to a girl who also has PCOS – this was a real challenge, especially for him, who loves kids. To make this story shorter, they had been married for ten years when, after ‘comes and goings’ and lots of treatments (some quite painful), she finally got pregnant, and their long-waited son was finally there. And now in 2015 they got another miracle: another baby boy has come into their lives. I know – and am pretty sure of that: God has His own and mysterious ways, and His timing is not ours; if we put our faith in Him, like little children, we will go through any storm, trusting that His will shall certainly be brought to us in due time. I definitely believe “that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.”
    Enjoy your life, cherish your wedding, trust the Lord, and carry on – one day you shall understand His purposes!

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  37. Amruta Mahamuni

    I am so glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago. Like you, I wasn’t overweight, but I had practically no menstrual cycles. When I was diagnosed, my testerone levels were through the roof, but you would never know it looking at me (thank goodness!). Dr.Ganpule(www.yashivf.com) said he had patients with much lower numbers and obvious features. When I got married we tried on our own for a year and a half to get pregnant, but when you don’t ovulate it doesn’t really work well. We started CLOMIDand on the 3rd round had a successful pregnancy! Our little boy is 18 months old and we are at it again. I hoped that things with my PCOS would work its self out after my pregnancy. This had happened for a friend, but unfortunately not for me. We are ready for another round of Clomid. Praying for another success story!

    I wish you all the best!

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  39. Mae

    OH lady, I am so glad I have found your blog and this post. I was just diagnosed with PCOS and I am having such a hard time mentally wrapping my head around this. But it all makes sense, having the answers makes it easier to cope. I love that you have stated you are not PCOS, I need to think like this.

  40. Rachael

    Hi Liz! I stumbled onto your post on Pinterest. It truly is inspiring. I just wanted to recommend trying ginger. Every morning I eat a smoothie with 1 Banana (to manage potassium levels and also tones down the hot in the ginger a lot), 1/2 cup blueberries (to increase insulin sensitivity and for sweetness to help the ginger go down, 2-3 Tbsp ginger (minced and frozen ginger root to help control my blood sugar and reduce cysts) and enough almond milk (to avoid the hormones in dairy) to turn it into a smoothie. I used to put 1/2 kale or spinach into it and some flax seeds which are also good for PCOS but taking that in my smoothie every day with it’s yucky taste was just tedious so I am looking for other ways to put the spinach and flax seeds back into my diet without ruining my smoothie. This really has helped to keep my cysts down and with regularity. I was on Metformin which helped with the regularity but not the cysts but the Ginger counteracted with the Metformin bringing my blood sugar down too low so I got off the Metformin and am on the ginger instead. One thing that did help with the pain when the Metformin did not control the cysts was not wearing tight pants anymore. I know it seems like such a small and common sense thing to do but it has made a world of difference.

  41. Ritu

    Hi there, Love Your blog…..
    Very much soothing and giving out positive energy. Thank you
    god bless you and your family…

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    We wish to thank you again for the lovely
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  43. Samantha

    Hi Liz!
    I often reread your posts about your ttc journey with pcos. I also struggle with pcos and this past year was the first it really affected me as my husband and I would like to get pregnant. I went off the pill last October and still haven’t gotten a period (almost one year). We’re going to start treatments next month, but I also allow myself to get too worked up. I google every hormone level of mine and google miscarriage rates and how to make my hormones be a tad more normal.

    I’m also not overweight, have some acne but my testosterone is high 82, LH is 24! FSH is 5, from googling this is bad news in terms of having miscarriages and a healthy baby. I try a lot too but it’s hard not to wallow, I look at other girls who are fertile and pregnant and wish to be them and to swap bodies. BUT I know women who have had so many miscarriages and eptopic pregnancies and kept trying and it works out!
    Don’t give up, we’re strong women we will persevere. I pray for us all PCOS is NOT fair!

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